Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Malay Unity

I don't understand. Why
  • MCA and DAP can talk to Chinese educationist groups, chambers of commerce, various clans and associations as well as other Chinese based parties.

  • MIC can talk to parties like IPF and Hindraf for a united Malaysian Indian community

  • PKR can shake hands with Malay and Malaysian Indian rights groups, professional lawyers and doctors who are mainly non Bumiputeras

But UMNO cannot talk to PAS about Unity Government concept just because it means Malay unity ?

Are you not racists yourself to fear the unity of Malays ? Is it justified to see a united non Malay community but it is totally acceptable to see the Malay community split ?

This must end and Yang Berhormat Ipoh Timur Lim Kit Siang must be given a better and proper briefing about reality of politics today.

As time passes by, so is his political career - merely fading away like the sunset.

Read : Kit Siang - Unity talk IS against 1 Malaysia

1 Malaysia means a united Malaysia. It does not mean that the rest can unite while Malays are encouraged to be divided and segmented.

UMNO-PAS Unity Government talks were never about a merger of two political parties. It was just UMNO inviting their brothers and sisters in Islam to a table talk for good governance.

DAP and PKR knows that if PAS, being a strong Opposition party with 1 million members, participates in a BN Government, they can no longer scream the words of INJUSTICE, TRANSPARENCY and INTEGRITY.

Having a strong critic and Opposition on board the Government, there will no longer be stories like this and the Opposition political parties can no longer spin stories they are good at.

That is why, DAP and PKR are totally against PAS-UMNO talks.

As for the fear of Malay Unity, I would like to remind all quarters that UMNO has never said that they will leave Barisan Nasional to team up with PAS.

The spirit of Barisan Nasional remains and unity in 1 Malaysia includes everyone who holds a Malaysian identity card.

1 Malaysia, Uncle Lim.


lebai said...

Pas can never be an alternative to Umno as a Malay party because some of Pas leaders like Nik Aziz and his supporters refusal to accept the views of others.

Read here

bzz said...


forgive him. he's old already...

MD said...

Liang Goh,

How very true. Thanks mate!

Dal said...

A Malay unity spells the dry-docking rituals of PR and the dismantling PKR. For PAS, it is desirable since outside influences by erdogan elements to eliminate the Ulamak is over. For DAP, it will talk about anything under the sun except that it will not relish to lose its 'black stallion'

But why did Nik Aziz vehemently reject unity talk? His hate for Umno exceeds his for Islam perhaps, or maybe he just cannot forgive and forget. That's a bit too personal on his part and not divine at all.

Perakian said...

I have doubts over the angle in which you take towards this issue. Probably because of the way you spin this.

The point of 1Malaysia is to have a united Malaysia, regardless of your race, origins and religion. The fact that UMNO approached only PAS speaks is a direct contradiction to the concept. If they are sincere in creating a united front, why only approach PAS? Shouldn't the other parties in PR be approached as well? PKR and DAP represent a more subtle angle in which how 1Malaysia should be done, a multi-racial party where idealogy rather than race or religion is used as a political means. I do not agree with you that YB Lim Kit Siang has faulted in his comments towards UMNO skewing from the concept they conceived.

Tok Guru Nik Aziz probably has a good point in making a stand against 'unity' talks with UMNO. I've heard that UMNO screwed them over during a period of time when PAS was in the coalition. I may not be convincing in this fact, but even a normal wife would find it hard to start talking to a cheating husband again, let alone forgive and forget.

I myself would be standing against unity talks as I do not see the need to work with race-based parties over a 1Malaysia concept, which seems to me like a contradiction when you say you represent a race, and yet you champion for everyone? How about dissolving the whole coalition and forming a REAL multiracial party with a more substantial idealogy?

Nonetheless, why would PR talk to a coalition who had steamrolled itself over my state regardless of its people's voices? Remember? Why should PAS talk to a party that has robbed them of a state, my state? Is that what you call good governance? I fail to see anything worth talking to a coalition that has no respect for the Opposition.

You claim to listen to my suggestions and inputs, and yet I fail to see any change in matters you discuss, progressing even far worse than that. You fail to see the fact that this is not about Unity. It's about accountability, negotiating while backstabbing and maneuvering against those you negotiate. It may be politics, but the people can see through it. This isn't what we want.

Maybe it's time some of the readers here to realize that the are neither holy nor noble men, they are politicians. A smart one wouldn't jump off a winning horse over the other who is flogged to death. Some of you here yourselves have not embraced the true concept of 1Malaysia. When you start to see the fact that there aren't Malays, Chinese nor Indians in this country, but Malaysians, you'll get my point. If not, I do not think one is qualified to even comment on this issue.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Whatever I write, Perakian will have doubts. Whatever I say, Perakian will slam.

Isn't it clear where Perakian stands?

Haha. In your words,

"You claim to listen to my suggestions and inputs, and yet I fail to see any change in matters you discuss, progressing even far worse than that."

To me, I think this sounds more like a spin doctor !

DAP used to screw PAS around too and they still do ! How do you explain them sitting on the same boat?

Once you do, use that justification to explain how UMNO and PAS can sit together again and that will justify why the wife and husband can reconcile.

Race based politics is still relevant. Otherwise, we won't have so many race based educationist groups, race based chambers of commerce, race based education schools, and many more.

The Perak Constitution says that the Menteri Besar has to be a Malay Muslim. If race based politics is deemed irrelevant, why didn't Pakatan Rakyat amend the Perak Constitution in their 1 year of power ?

So there here is my advice and I hope you take my advice. Race based politics - very relevant !

The best thing about Barisan Nasional is, we move as a party under one flag - the dacing !

But Pakatan moves under Chinese based Rocket, Malay Muslim based PAS, and Malay-Indian majority based PKR !

Thank you Perakian for being a loyal reader and supporter of A PIECE OF MY MIND.

Pak Lebai, Bzz, Dal and MD, thanks for the inputs guys. Will take note of the comments.

Hayabusa said...

Dude, just because you see the Dacing's balanced on the flag doesn't means that it's balanced on the inside.

Ask the bottom ones of MCA & MIC, or whatever party in the coalition, the grassroots members working in it, & i can guarantee you that 9/10 of them will talk bad about the higher-ups, about how UMNO says everything & slaps anyone who don't say what they say.

Furthermore, changing the constitution ain't as easy as you think it is, even if it's a state constitution. these ketuanan shit've always been regarded as sensitive issues. imagine what happens if that menteri besar post or whatever shit is changed.

Regarding why DAP & PAS who used to screw each other & still now do to a certain level, sit on the same boat. easy. cuz both're oppositions & both use TWIGS (note: TWIG, not stick) as weapons. UMNO on the other hand, has a big fucking loaded bazooka, with infinite ammunition behind them. why bother talking to someone you know who would point the barrel right at you before you even start saying a word.

Read between the lines dude. just because UMNO invited PAS doesn't means that UMNO won't beat PAS up behind closed doors.

Perakian said...

Did I?

I sense a frustration over your words that whatever you say, I would object.

Simply because I fail to see eye to eye with your words, and you defame me as a spin doctor.

"15 Jun 09, 18:55
manifestogwl: Thank you for your inputs and everything is heard and remembered. For now, I will provide continuous check and balance to Pakatan as well as call for reforms in Barisan Nasional"

That is from your cbox. You clearly stated that you would check and balance both sides. Isn't this contradictory? You don't practice what you preach, why should I agree and see to your terms that you are in fact, what you are?

DAP and PAS do have differences. And they have played down those matters of both secular and Islamic state over the benefit as a coalition. They might have certain sentiments over that still, but at least as a front, they fight as a unit. MCA claims to represent Chinese, yet you fail to defend the very people you claim to protect by siding with the extremists. Remember? They called us what?

Reconcilitaion is always possible, but things won't be the same. A wife may never trust her man completely as before. Same as PAS, they will never trust UMNO the way they could again. Nasharuddin and Hadi Awang were trying to score easy points and not think about the big picture. And they have rectified that. PAS can always opt out, and nobody could stop them. Same as MCA and the other coalition parties.

I totally disagree with your claims that race-based politics is still relevant. Chinese dominates the DAP, but that doesn't mean the it is exclusive to them. Karpal Singh is still the President, and from what I checked, he is still a Sikh as we speak. PAS fights for the fellow Muslims, but isn't there Chinese, Indian and even other muslims? They are all muslims and share the same religion regardless of skin colour. And PKR, fights for fairness and equality for all Malaysians, and that is due to their ideology concept. Tell me, where does race play a part in those parties? A domination of a race doesn't mean that the race runs it. Then if so, UMNO fights for the Malays and the Malays form the majority of the land, therefore BN as a coalition has Malay voters based and with that as the dominating factor, means that UMNO runs the coalition where BN is actually a Malay party? Where does MCA stand then?

I clearly stand against BN. Because I do not agree that race-based politics is the future for Malaysia. I never in my words claim that I am only in support of PR. I criticize them when they step out of the line, and I give credit for BN if they champion my views(such as the PPSMI concept), but they normally don't. PR isn't perfect, and BN is far more than perfect. Tell me, is that so hard for a person to make a choice?

I don't have to be paranoid like you that with PR in power means Defamation, Intimidation and Affirmation all around. In fact, a few days ago someone showed you that BN is the same. If I fail to see my message sent through PR, I can always vote them out. That is democracy. I'm unhappy with BN, isn't that logical that I vote them out? Is that wrong?

I only see anguish and shallowness in your reply, and that you fail to see the future in which Malaysia is better off without these things. Many countries have moved past these matters and as a developing nation, we should. BN isn't going to work when one side claims to be superior than the rest and sets up oppressive policies in which disables the able and cripples the retarded. And from my point of view, this is nothing more than another form of Apartheid. All I wanted was for the country to progress and become the nation that we have the potential to become, and that even an island that was once a part of the country that is further ahead of us. Tell me, for 50 years BN has ruled, are we there yet? Yet you start to blame PR after a year in power. Is that fair?

I am disappointed and hurt that you had to answer me in such a way. I am always happy to debate with issues, but I shall not take your advice as I believe mine would suffice.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Then your senses must be wrong Perakian. The truth is I am not frustrated by any of your comments.

Yes that is true. I said that in my cbox.

If you bother to read, I slammed Gerakan Penang too for the land scam ! Where were you ?

"DAP and PAS do have differences. And they have played down those matters of both secular and Islamic state over the benefit as a coalition."

Have they really played down the differences? Haha. You know the truth.

"I totally disagree with your claims that race-based politics is still relevant. Chinese dominates the DAP, but that doesn't mean the it is exclusive to them. Karpal Singh is still the President, and from what I checked, he is still a Sikh as we speak."

He still is, but if you check properly, the power in DAP lies in the hands of the Secretary General, not the President.

And if you did read the news before, DAP President once slammed Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, only to be silenced.

"Tell me, where does race play a part in those parties? A domination of a race doesn't mean that the race runs it."

Erm, if you try checking, PAS is full of Malay Muslims, DAP is full of Chinese and Indians and PKR is full of Malays too !

In fact, DAP controls Perak and Selangor but race played a part and they placed who as the Menteri Besar ? Care to explain why they didnt change the State Constitution till today for equality ?

I agree to listen, but here I come to tell you why I did not listen, Perakian.

"I only see anguish and shallowness in your reply". Man, you really made me chuckle a moment just now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Goh,

I have been a frequent visitor of your blog but chose not to comment mostly because I got turned off by certain things I read.

I somehow wish that comments should be rational and less emotional but in this day and age and considering the on-going political calisthenics, that will remain wishful thinking.

Sometimes I observe people who are really very sore about an issue, so sore they appear demented. And sometimes unable to see the other side of the coin too. The takeover of the Perak government by BN is a good example.

Commentators have come and said that the wishes/voices of the people were ignored when BN took over the reins of government in Perak. But I didn't hear protests when the Bota rep. went over to PKR: nary a sound, and you could probably hear the proverbial pin drop! There was gloating and truimphalism instead. But there was righteous indignation when PR reps left and gave their support to BN.

I don't particularly care who rules, so long as there is real honesty and sincerity in governance and everyone is seen to benefit. Politicians are politicians and they are the same everywhere. What's there to chose between BN and PR? UMNO is supposed to pander to the demands of the Malays; who do DAP, PKR and PAS pander to? To all - Malays, Chinese, Indians and all the others alike?

When there is real "kesamarataan" and the will to demonstrate actions that show clearly kesamarataan, then talk la.

I commend you for your views and the courage to defend them whether I agree with such views or not. Keep on writing and riling.


Perakian said...

A man is not without emotions. I really do feel sad for you to respond to me like that.
I probably should've commented on the Gerakan issue, given credit to other BN-bashing posts. I'm sorry I didn't, as I didn't see the need for me to whack you for WHATEVER you have written, as you claim. Maybe it isn't too late?

I commented on this because this is a racist post. To advance only their race while oppressing others in the country and claim to be superior to others, that is Apartheid and Nazism. Remember, South Africans were once like that, they've moved on. Germany once claimed they were a superior race, but they lost the war. Maybe if they won the war or didn't lose to Nelson Mandela, your claims would be justified.

I would once again want to clarify that PAS, DAP and PKR are indeed dominated by a particular race, BUT, they have other races as well in the coalition. Which means the membership isn't exclusive to a particular race, like UMNO, MCA, and MIC. (Unless you refute my claims with the Indian Muslims in UMNO). A coalition dominated by a particular race makes the odds higher for that person from that particular 'race' to be selected; it doesn't mean it has to be necessary. We have to accept that the composition of our nation is rather unique; therefore to claim that one race is superior over the other would spark outrage over the other minorities, if the minorities were a smaller fraction, that wouldn't have been a problem to the parties’ claims. But there have been over the years, wave after wave of racist remarks from their side. But why are there still such issues after punishment? Isn't it a slap in the face to stand in a front where your 'race'’ is being demeaned so often by your allies? How much does it take for you to realize that this vicious cycle will not work?

Politics is about deception. Nobody wants to wash their dirty laundry in public. The Gerakan leader, Major Huan came out and blasted the higher-ups in public, didn’t Gerakan came to silence him because he couldn't hold back? Isn’t that similar to Karpal Singh?
On the other hand, I have not answered your comments for feeling sorry for DAP who own the majority of the DUN seat in both states didn't receive the MB title due to the 'race' factor. I'm not sure if you heard, but the Sultan of Perak chose Nizar Jamaluddin as the MB is due to the fact that since the Opposition claims to work as a coalition, the selection is not only based upon the 'race' factor, but also as a test to the coalition if they can work together. DAP still garnered the majority of the seats in the executive council, and for me, that is still a reflection of the majority owned by DAP over both states. The Opposition probably does respect the Sovereign and only wanted to take over the power peacefully. They do not bash them or call them names like BN did when Ahmad Said was chosen over Idris Jusoh. Remember, Nizar said "Patik Mohon Derhaka" means I beg to disagree, not call the YDPA a '(bi) natang’ like UMNO did.

I could be like most of the silent readers, keep silent and let you go on and give your piece of your mind. But I thought you might be a person of a greater stature in you will at least rationalize and see the greater beyond. I have time and time again emphasized that change is needed to free the nation off the shackles of racism in order to move on. Yet you claim it is relevant shows naivety over the fact that you do not believe in change by anyone but the Government. They had 50 years, what is 1 and a half to you?

Lastly, The Malay Agenda will not work as we must see the people as a whole and not by a particular colour anymore. I merely pointed out that if the Government is sincere in forming unity and 1Malaysia, PR, not PAS should be approached. Anything less than that would only show that the Government is only intent to progress their own means and 'race'. With that your side and your allies would suffer the fate of irrelevance if that happens. Do you see the danger of that now?

Perakian said...


Demented. A word I never thought I would see to describe a person who is 'sore' over a takeover. You would be if your state was illegally taken over by defections. Probably even so when your interests are directly affected by it. I for one have no personal interest in the country's matters as you can see, I may 'walk away' or 'balik tongsan' as some people claim to still be a viable option. I am born and bred a Malaysian and by Jus Soli I am a son of the land. Tell me, why must I play second fiddle to those who claim to own the country 1st? Must we go on and talk about who owns or who cares about the country? Racism is long dead in many countries where people see through skin colour and start to debate over idealogies and governance. We are still here, after 50 years. Is that what we must continue to do?

You were right when the Bota rep crossover to much triumph and glory of the Opposition and indignation came when PR reps crossed over. That does speak double standards and I should be ashamed for being sore, as you claim. But I didn't ask for a takeover, nor did I celebrate because of it. I was unhappy because the takeover was illegal and could be made legal by another election in which the Government was reluctant to perform. What does that tell you? Are they afraid to face the public wrath?

I never in my writings said PR is the best option, but a lesser evil of the two. Governments aren't built to last forever and once you lose support of the people you have to change or get voted out. I chose PR because they wanted to potray themselves as a champion of my ideals. I was not an Opposition supporter before 2008. I became disillusioned by BN and their governance and thought 50 years is enough. I wanted a fresh start, a change to government. My state managed to do so and BN took it away from me. I should be 'sore' when my power to choose is stripped away from me.

Indeed, a good governance is crucial for further progress, but I believe that BN will not take us further. You may disagree with me, but what choice do we have? Unless a 3rd and better option appears. It is a straightforward matter to me.

Thank you, Ayah for letting me explain myself.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Same over here Perakian. I feel so sad and sorry for you because you fail to understand the true meaning of unity.

A journey towards complete integration and unity begins with a step. And a step from the Malay community to unite before joining hands with other races to call themselves a united Malaysian society is still ... A STEP.

Although you have the deepest sympathy sincerely from my heart, I envy you for being able to manipulate situations and arguments that well.

There is no Malay agenda here - just UNITY, Perakian.

I hope I can help you more, but perhaps you need to get back to basics to have a vision and clear the hurdles of short sightedness within you.

Change is needed and never have I been an anti change person unless you have misinterpreted my articles.

To free the shackles of racism from our country, we first need to free individuals like you to be able to explore the meaning of unity and the concept of "a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step".

It is also indeed wonderful how you can articulate the Perak MB matter and your answer is indeed very diplomatic when I asked why didn't Pakatan amend the State constitution.

You know the answer better than I do and you surely know that your answer has every essence of diplomacy and clever articulation of arguments.

Cheers to you, Perakian. May the best be with you and our country.

Malaysian Justice said...

I too would support a United 1 Malaysia.

However I am doubtful of the sincerity of BN and UMNO.

I still remember UMNO at the height of their powers where their leaders commented on things like if anyone was found to be against UMNO they can never join back UMNO and etc. etc. etc.

Now they are receptive to a unity talks with PAS???

Answer me this honestly!
In the previous, previous GE, when UMNO was still very powerful, and PAS nearly lost Kelantan as well, "WOULD UMNO BE AS RECEPTIVE AS THEY ARE NOW TO A UNITY TALK??"

The asnwer is probably not!

So why now???

Waki said...

People are leaving BN now.....

Ketua Pemuda Gerakan ketinggalan zaman, kata MB Kedah
ALOR SETAR, Jun 25 — Menteri Besar Kedah, Datuk Seri Azizan Razak menyifatkan Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Kedah, Tan Keng Liang ketinggalan zaman apabila terus mengajak orang menyertai BN.

"Semua sekarang nak tinggalkan Umno dan BN untuk menyertai PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat. Tiba-tiba dia pula ajak masuk BN, pelik sungguh," kata Azizan kepada media dalam satu majlis di Gurun hari ini.

Azizan mengulas gesaan Tan yang meminta DAP dan PKR menyertai BN bagi membentuk kerajaan baru di Kedah dengan meninggalkan PAS.

Ini kerana, kata Tan, kerajaan Kedah dibawah pimpinan PAS sekarang meminggirkan orang bukan Melayu di Kedah.

Menurut Azizan, Tan ketinggalan dalam banyak hal termasuk isu kouta 50 peratus untuk orang Melayu apabila tanah rezab Melayu diambil untuk projek perumahan di bandar Alor Setar.

Tan juga, kata Azizan, ketinggalan dalam isu pusat penyembelihan babi di Mergong.

Sebelum ini, Azizan berkata, yang tidak adil adalah kerajaan BN sebelum ini yang telah meluluskan tanah rezab Melayu untuk projek perumahan tetapi menetapkan hanya 20 peratus sahaja kouta untuk orang Melayu.

"Ini tanah rezab Melayu, bukan tanah pegangan bebas. Untuk tanah pegangan bebas, mana ada syarat itu," katanya.

Dalam isu pusat penyembelihan babi di Mergong pula, pusat yang terletak di Pasar Mergong ini, walaupun telah bergerak selama lebih 30 tahun, namun ia tidak pernah mempunyai lesen yang sah dari pihak berkuasa tempatan.

Aktivitinya pula mendapat bantahan orang Melayu yang turut ke pasar ini kerana bahan-bahan buangannya dibuang dalam tong sampah yang sama dengan penggunaan lain dan sebahagiannya dialirkan ke sungai berdekatan.

Ekoran bantahan itu, Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar telah mengarahkan pusat penyembelihan ini dipindahkan ke tempat lain.

Ekoran itu, persatuan peniaga babi ini telah membuat rayuan kepada Menteri Besar Kedah untuk memberikan tempoh kepada mereka sebulan untuk mendapatkan tempat baru.

"Menteri Besar telah menulis surat kepada Datuk Bandar Alor Setar agar rayuan mereka ini diterima. Jika selepas sebulan mereka tidak dapat kawasan baru, itu masalah mereka kerana mereka yang meminta tempoh sebulan," kata Setiausaha Akhbar MB Kedah, Helmi Khalid yang dihubungi hari ini.

Menurut Helmi, satu kawasan baru telah dikenalpasti untuk dijadikan tempat penyembelihan babi ini iaitu di satu kawasan dalam Kampung Cina Pendang.

"Pejabat MB telah bersetuju dengan tapak baru ini jika mendapat kelulusan khasnya dari Jabatan Veterinar. Surat juga telah dihantar kepada Yang Dipertua Majlis Daerah Pendang agar permohonan ini diluluskan jika mendapat sokongan dari jabatan-jabatan berkaitan," beritahu Helmi.

Sementara itu, hubungan antara parti-parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat di Kedah sangat baik, kata anggota Parlimen Jerai, Mohd Firdaus Jaafar.

"Oleh itu, saya yakin pancingan Tan itu tidak akan dimakan oleh sahabat-sahabat saya dalam PKR atau DAP. Orang sekarang nak tinggal BN dan nak masuk Pakatan," kata beliau.

Tentang isu-isu yang dibangkitkan, Firdaus yakin ia akan adapat diselesaikan dengan baik Oleh MB Kedah.

"Sabarlah, isu babi ini sensitif dan tidak siapa mahu babi diternak atau disembelih di sebelah rumah mereka sekarang dengan wabak selsema babi ini. Jadi kena bersabarlah supaya kawasan yang dijadikan kawasan ternak dan sembelih itu nanti benar-benar sesuai," katanya.