Tuesday, June 09, 2009

RPK and the blogosphere

Recently, a shocking article with a picture appeared in Malaysia Today. It was an article that supposedly reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger accompanied by a photo of Mr Rusdi Mustapha (DS Najib's aide), his wife and his beloved daughter in the blog.

In that article, RPK claimed that Barking Magpie and Seri Menanti blogs are managed by the same person - Rusdi Mustapha.

This was subsequently denied by both Rusdi Mustapha and Pasquale.

Whatever it is, I wonder why RPK who has always defended his "anonymous" sources and "Deep Throat" chose to disrespect the anonymity of bloggers this time.

RPK is just one of the many pro Opposition blogger promoting a dangerous trend of values in Malaysia.

As I have said before, the tenets of Pakatan Rakyat are based on intimidation, defamation and affirmation.

Take a look at the comments section in RPK's website or any pro Pakatan site. All these promote hatred, anger and extremism.

RPK's recent article that apologized to Rusdi was indeed a gentleman's act. Read My apology to Rusdi . But the damage has been done, RPK.

You owe an apology not only to Rusdi but to his innocent wife and daughter whom you placed on the political table.

My country is living on a thin thread. One side tends to sow the seeds of hatred, intimidation and seek only affirmation. When criticised, they rise like thugs and unethically against the critics.

Whoever speaks out against Pakatan leaders or policies, they are to be intimidated, ridiculed, discredited and name callings as part of the script.

If this continues in the free and least regulated blogopshere, one can imagine what will happen if Pakatan Rakyat leaders become our Federal Government and their supporters come out in droves daily to support them.

By the way, what did RPK mean with this sentence ?

I had also written that my son was beaten up and asked to confess to all sorts of crimes

If RPK doesn't mind, I hope he tells us which crime his son did not commit. The Star covered the story including the charges as well as confession of crime by RPK's son.

Perhaps the IGP should also take a look at RPK's claim. Read more : Raja Petra's son pleads guilty to theft.

(Credits to The Star and BBC for the photos)


donplaypuks said...

Blogosphere, unlike the MSM, is a level playing field. Ther is no barrier to entry. All that is required is that you are computer savvy and have the ability to write. Any language will do, perfect command of which is not a pre-requiste.

This is as near to real free speech as we are likely to get. Having it all out in the open is infinitely better than covering things up and putting people behind bars under the Unconstitutional ISA if they have a dissenting point of view!

For once, we have a better barometer of public opinion than the top-down "We know best" pronouncements of Big Brother Govt's. The blogs are a better source of up to date info than the MSM.

The public's outrage over events in Perak is one such event. As to DSAI's conviction for abuse of power, the recent RCI has revealed that corruption in the Judiciary is so deep that all these previous decisions during the Mahathir era are truly suspect!! Yet, like that other RCI on the Police, the Govt and AG have taken no steps to prosecute or respect the RCI's thus literally smacking the King in his face! Should we continue to support such a Govt?

So, your tirade against 'Pakatan' bloggers has no merit whatsoever. Have you visited the UMNO extremist bloggers' websites like Big Dog, Parpukari, Barking Magpie et al? What's the difference?

Let the bloggers release cyber steam. That's infinitely better than anyone taking to the streets in Taliban fashion and causing racial and political riots and deaths!

And don't forget that it was UMNO/BN who took to the streets in Trenggani=u with banners calling the KIng 'Natang!!

beaver said...

haha 'goh wei liang' -comment moderation has been enabled.All comments must be approved by the blog author " man..u r a joke..did you learn anything b out freedom of speech while in australia?? i might be wrong, but you are out for some chinese pussy no? btw fuck simon cowell and american idol!

Goh Wei Liang said...

Well, perhaps the level of your knowledge will send you into dooms if you attack people base on emotions.

If you have time, do surf the "champions of democracy" blogs from the Opposition side. For example, beaver, the famous lawyer cum politician who got his degree from University of London, has comment moderation on his blog too !

xyz Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

This was copied from YB Lim Kit Siang's blog.

As I said, moderation of comments is necessary but if you have time, do surf the comments posted on my blog. About 70% of them are against me.

A PIECE OF MY MIND only moderate comments that are either seditious or contain defamation and false allegations.

Write with a real name, Beaver. I blog and comment with my name Goh Wei Liang and my signature name manifestogwl.

Your words of profanities just show the clear definition drawn between gentlemen and professionals with those categorized as thugs and emotional critics.

May the best be with all of us in our quest for peace, freedom and neutrality.

Jimmy Tham said...

bloggers shouting among themselves. I either see it as uncivilised or bitches whining on which slut snatched their bf from them.

PR only talks about corruption, unjustice & inequality. Not a single thing to proof that they know nuts about econ 101.

BN talks about anwar and his gay voyeur and RPK.

Sometimes the news get a little boring by the day. Where's my topless britney discussion?

Confucious once said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”.

Does PR's intimidation and recklessness are a result of greed for power or a resentments that had been suppressed for time.

BN blamed US for invading Iraq post 911. They said US is wrong, you don't fight a war with force. Understand the core of them problem that bred terrorism. I wonder why they don't see it here.

Anonymous said...


Another interesting read about RPK

Mat Cendana said...

To Mr Goh Wei Liang,
I was doing some research about this matter of "tit-for-tat among bloggers that's turning more people into cannibals" when I stumbled onto your blog. I'm pleasantly surprised by a few things...

I've mentioned your blog at the end of my last post of Bloggers: Cannibals, Pigs and Monkeys and has included this blog in my RSS feed there. Not that it's "of Rocky's Bru high traffic" but simply for the fact that your blog is worth following.

TheGulliblyGallivanting_AlwiEndot said...

Mr Goh Wei Liang,

Your posting not only smack of one fair and approportioned treatise, but contain many truths irrefutable as well. But nowadays in the Malaysian SOPO blog universe, truth takes a back seat and is definitely unheard of whenever voices that speak not of dissent are written, and a red-flag is semaphored everytime such voices, yours a prime example, is heard: as if to alert that here now is another “gomen-supporting voice” to be attacked.

To be fair, I don’t think you are a government supporter at all. Like me, we criticize the injustices, the wrongdoings, the slippages that occur like in all of the ruling governments of the world (which doesn’t? and some are even worse off) but we don’t succumb to an idea that because of these, we have the right to profanicate each and every move that the government makes. To profanicate and criticize what you write here is a testimony to the existence of such dissenting-at-all-cost mentality.

This mentality is clearly evidenced by the thoughts of this commenter Dontplaypuks whereby he mentions that the only pre-requisite one needs to get on the “free-speech bandwagon” is just a computer and an internet connection. Yes. According to this infantilistic thinking, no matter if you spend untold amount of hours to shoot up aliens from Neptune or surf websites of ladies who are scantily-clad, but once you are equipped with a PC and an internet connection, the “free-speech” adage-of-the-righteous entitles you to become a socio-political commenter already. You can see not only the feebleness of such thinking, but the detriment of any society should such ideas be taken to fruition, unchecked. And of course, we haven’t even considered those voices that could, and should, be heard of but are too scarce in resources to own a computer and an internet connection. Or too computer-illiterate to do so.

There is also talk of “barometer of public opinion”. Now I really feel like laughing but you know what. You want a barometer? Well go ahead and join Malaysia Today. There is this little “Up” and “Down” arrow at each commenter’s writings. Write something agreeable to the current dissent thinking, and up go the numbers of your “Up” counter. Write in disagreement of it: you are wayyyy down, man. I occasionally visit the site and count the arrows for laughs (oh, never bothering to read those one-sided views and comments therein). But with RPK’s admission that he used to delete about 500-600 pro-malay and pro-government comments daily, I feel saddened thinking the depth to which my fellow countrymen have been duped, into thinking that present dissenting views are the popular voice of the rakyat.

So when you say your commenters consist of 70% disagreeing in you, I can feel that you have the potential to become a serious and to-be-read-daily blogsite. Because I have seen one or two commenters (and bloggers too) whose anti-establishment views and writings have been demolished in some blogsites that do not confirm to their ideas, come running with their tails between ther legs and get INTO MalaysiaToday, and thereat getting renewed vigor and support by those soothing supporting arrows.

Yes I know. It’s sad, isn’t it?

Goh Wei Liang said...

Great words there TheGulliblyGallivanting_AlwiEndot. Very mature thoughts. However, we all must be ready that there are people out there who disagree with us.

Our opinions might not be always perfect and differing opinions can be reconstructed into an ideal one to form a better nation.

I will be on my toes. :)

Anonymous said...

>>>Take a look at the comments section in RPK's website or any pro Pakatan site. All these promote hatred, anger and extremism.<<<

Really??? Have you been to Parpukari, Bigdogs & the similar ilk websites? Have you examined and reflected upon your own website? ARE THERE ANY ELEMENTS OF HATE & BIAS?

do not throw stones if you ive in a glass house.

ah tiam

Anonymous said...

Pro-UMNO bloggers are even more dangerous. They incite racism. They create fallacies saying that Malays are in danger. They threaten non-Malays not to question on their special rights. They also say that Chinese vernacular schools have caused national disunity.

Why more than half non-Malays and almost half of the Malays support Pakatan This is because in Pakatan Alliance, none of the parties in the alliance is dominant just as UMNO does.

Most Malays may have placed their supports on UMNO or Barisan Nasional, but national unity will always in jeopardy as long as UMNO is in power.

Internet blogging is how we express our resentments towards the ruling government. All the media streams are controlled by the government.

Anonymous said...

This is the only chinese "pro-umno"
blogger so far.

Anonymous said...

This is the only chinese "pro-umno"
blogger so far.

Anonymous said...

promoting your site hah! u so smart hah! using malaysia today site (spamming your comment all over the site) to promote your website? very cleaver! whats your website rank? dont think u are too holy then others! we have freedom to talk and if u dont like it go and minum susu and tido! nobody cares about your stupid and cheap opinion! anyway nice try! try harder ok!

Mat Cendana said...

@ah tiam, icon & the Anons,
Firstly, as expected, when "Umno member/supporter is mentioned, the examples would be... all those on the extreme - ParpuKari, Big Dog etc. These are the people whom ah tiam mentioned. He forgot Barking Magpie... Oh, what about KijangMas of the Demi Negara blog?

BTW I'll vouch for KijangMas - if anyone says he's "a racist", then I'll say he didn't read enough of his posts AND replies there. Or that the accuser has been selective with what he had written, and not taken things "on a whole".

But if anyone still wants to call him that; well, he'll have to include me too... because he's one of two persons who had convinced me to leave Pakatan and help support the ailing Umno instead.

Ah, someone might say, "This is a propaganda guy, claiming to be from Pakatan previously." Would you believe that I was with Anwar Ibrahim LONG before you?... I doubt you were with him in 1999 as I was. So with whom were you then?

Truth be told, I was with PAS since 1983/4. Yup, that long... and until October 2008. Guess what the main reason was? The fear there will be chaos and racial conflicts should ever Anwar and Pakatan come into power.

And the behaviour of "some people" towards the Sultan of Perak earlier had served to confirm my fears.

It's different when you lose states and when you lose *the country*. The same people who had insulted a SULTAN would certainly have no qualms about challenging *kampung Malays*, right? And guess what these kampung Malays would do? Turn the other cheek?...especially the Kelantanese?

You can hurl a lot of sarcasm and cynical remarks at Goh Wei Liang. But you also have to remember this - most of you can SHOUT all you want, CONTINUOUSLY too, but people would just ignore. But when someone who is regarded as "reasonable" says something, even softly, PEOPLE LISTEN... and possibly do something.

Tze Horng said...

To Mr Goh,

When a person write an article, they have their own agenda. Be it good or bad, it's their own opinion. I will not judge your agenda but looking through the whole article, I would say that it is bias in a way. I don't side the government and slightly more to the opposition, but what's important for me as a political reader is accuracy of information. If you compare both the mainstream media and RPK's blog, it is day and night. What I found in the mainstream medias are all positive news, or maybe just a few negative news about the government. While RPK post news that we don't get from the mainstream medias, though some articles are craps. What I would like to ask you is, if covering up some important news from the readers is not a dangerous trend of values, then what is it? Please comment on this.

As for the comments section in RPK's website, the writer did not ask the reader to comment with hatred, anger, and extremism. It is based on how the reader infers from it, not the writer. Make it clear, different people have different opinions. If I were to judge someone based on my moral values, it is unfair to him/her. Why? It is because everyone is different. What seems to be right for you might not be true for others. Just let him be. It is not our duty to judge a person's action because we think that he is wrong.

To Jimmy Tham, please visit Tony Phua's blog. He wrote articles regarding the economy.

Last but not least, those who failed to concede in an argument is a weak argument.

Anonymous said...

dear gwl,,

i agree with dt shafei when he said that rpk is bankrupt of idea, dignity,self worth and financiallly..

what i do not understand there are malaysians who believed ubquestionably..sad episode in malaysian politics..