Saturday, June 13, 2009

March 08 revisited : PAS betrayed by Pakatan supporters

If we look at the news headlines and the "free speech" corner of the alternative media like Malaysiakini over the past few days, we can see that many are against PAS and their leaders.

Of course, even Tok Guru Nik Aziz is against it as he does not want to see PAS sitting in the same boat as BN anymore (they once did).

There seems to be a misperception of the Unity Government concept however.

The proposed idea is actually to see power sharing in States and perhaps the Federal Government. It will provide a chance for PAS to perform in their allocated Ministry and State Exco portfolios.

PAS will be able to make use of this opportunity to shine and implement their ideals. Also, it will place their appointed Executive leaders in the State Exco or Cabinet of Malaysia weekly meetings.

If there are any abuse of power or corrupt practices, PAS will have first hand information and can of course go out and feed it to the people.

Given an opportunity to govern, to execute their ideals and to sit inside Executive meetings, PAS face a win-win with the Malaysian people.

Undeniably, BN will also "profit" from this as they will be seen as friendly, people first performance now, and transparent (since PAS can sit inside the meetings and expose any wrongdoings).

When election comes, it all then depends on how people judge the political parties in Malaysia. It will all then be performance based and Malaysia can also take a step further to combat corrupt and abuse of power practices.

PAS seems to be a two leadership headed party - one from Kelantan, one from Terengganu. I can understand why Kickdefella, Datuk Husam and Tok Guru are against the Unity Government agenda.

However, the party voiced out and voted for Datuk Seri Haji Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin Isa. If the top two's manifesto are so heavily rejected, I suggest a re-election in PAS because a party cannot be governed by two sets of leadership as the party will hit the wall one day.

PAS must now come to their senses. Was March 2008 for them or not ? PAS membership list boasts a respectable number - approximately 1 million Malaysians.

Pakatan supporters are now slamming PAS with accusations of being power hungry. PAS must reach out to them and ask whether they are accepted in Pakatan as the dominant party if they win the most seats in the next election.

PAS must also bring it up with the Pakatan Rakyat Leadership Council and ask their fellow leaders if PAS will be given the democratic rights to lead Pakatan or the Federal Government if they turn out to hold the most number of seats.

The truth must be seeked. Otherwise, PAS will continue to be a stepping stone to power only and I am sure the 1 million members in the Party will not be happy.

It seems to me there are many BN partners who are unhappy too. If PAS talks to UMNO about unity, I don't see any reasons why that is hated and objected.

If we recall, IPF and Hindraf were invited to join MIC and the MCA receive support from various clans and Chinese associations, why can't our Malay friends sit and talk together for the sake of our people ?

The Unity Govt concept was never about PAS joining BN, as far as I understand from the statements among the leadership. It was about PAS and BN forming a joint Government - a practice common in Western democracy.

This move will help reduce the level of politics and be more people-centric. It won't mean that it is the end of BN either.

Perhaps we should also hear it from both sides about this idea. However, I think we can call this issue "sealed and buried" as I don't think the Unity Govt concept will materialize since Kelantan PAS is heavily against it.

(Credits to The Malaysian Insider, The Nut Graph and The Star for the photos)


Cucu Tok Selampit said...

A very good analysis from a non-Malay blogger. Indeed, this is concrete true. Why TG Nik Aziz is so afraid of that. He would rather be with Hindraf and DAP instead of MCA and MIC?

Anonymous said...

Tok Guru knows the snake that is UMNO.

PAS has been bitten once by this venomous snake and will not be bitten again. Once bitten - Twice not shy but DEADLY.

Work with BN? NEVER AGAIN!!


Jimmy Tham said...
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Anonymous said...

Hidup Anwar!!

Anonymous said...

Hidup Roket!!

Anonymous said...

hidup the spirit of opposing evil forces