Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chin Peng's return

Anwar Ibrahim has finally politicised Chin Peng's quest to return to Malaysia. If we look at the Court judgement, Chin Peng was said to be unable to produce proper identification of himself.

A prominent historian, Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, further added that Chin Peng is technically a British national based on the reasons he gave here -Chin Peng a British national, says historian

Chin Peng's return was also supported by Dr Teng Hock Nan (Gerakan Penang) but drew criticisms and objections from Barisan Nasional coalition members - except for MCA. I am not sure if MCA made any comments on this matter, but as far as I know, the party seems silent.

Darshan Singh, Chin Peng's lawyer, had strong arguments and the points he made to justify the return of Chin Peng is quite touching.

"Chin Peng only wants to visit his ancestors' grave in Sitiawan and also to meet up with his two children who are in Kuala Lumpur. The children are all Malaysian citizens, so are his brothers and sisters."

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak officially announced that Chin Peng's homecoming is not possible - further substantiating the Court ruling.

Lately, many NGOs especially the families of the CPM victims have voiced their objections against Chin Peng's return - which were swiftly met with counter arguments that other communists like Rashid Maidan and Shamsiah Fakeh were allowed to return.

As expected, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim took the opposite stand on Chin Peng.

Just a thought impassing here, if Chin Peng is to be allowed to return to Malaysia, will the surviving member of the Communist Party Malaya be exposed to lawsuits by families of the victims ?

A permission to return to Malaysia does not mean immunity of any sort. Are there laws that can be used to file lawsuits on compensations and criminal killings against the former CPM leader and are there laws that Chin Peng can use to protect himself from these ?

This is merely a question posed to discuss with my readers. Hope to hear opinions on this especially the technical part that he is a British national (Khoo Kay Kim) and the legal exposures if he returns.

Also, will a conditional return be a possible solution to this long standing and heavily politicised case ?

MCA's silence on this matter is eerie !
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donplaypuks® said...

None of UMNO/MCA/MIC or Barisan component parties will support any move to repatriate CP.

They are already in deep trouble politically and their continuity on the M'sian landscape after 2013 is iffy at best. So, agreeing to CP's return, even a conditional one, would be akin to asking them to commit hara kiri!!

I don't know for sure, but apparently all those Malay commies were allowed to return home when they renounced violence and Communism. CP absolutely refused.

Mind you, had CP done as his Malay cohorts did, would they have accepted it as sincere or self serving?

lebai said...

The CPM had agreed to disarm but not to disband. Thus the party organisation remains intact and so also is its ability to conduct subversive underground and United Front activities in which Chin Peng was involved.
Read my article on CPC and Chin Peng at http://paklebai.blogspot.com

Mr Yawn said...

As a chinese, I couldn't care less if Chin Peng returns. Why is this even headline news is beyond me. As if we suddenly grew tired with the recession and crime rate. So instead of debating on how to fix the economy. We have fashion parade in the parliament and talk of Chin Peng coming home.

Raja Petra said...

I’m disappointed in you, Anwar
Posted by admin
Monday, 15 June 2009 16:44
Raja Petra Kamarudin

At this point you may be asking what is the point of this long grandfather’s story? The point is this. The Malay traitors from Negeri Sembilan helped the Imperialist Dutch to kill a Malay warrior, Raja Haji, my forefather. So I am very sensitive about this just like some Malays are sensitive about Chin Peng.

I have no choice but to admit that this time I agree with what the son of Malaysia’s Third Prime Minister has to say. Anwar Ibrahim just does not understand the issue of sensitivities of children and grandchildren. And Hishammuddin has very aptly reminded us that we should at all times be sensitive to the feelings of children and grandchildren of those brutally killed in the past.

The problem is, Anwar may have gone to university but he did not major in history. If he did then he would have taken note of history before proposing anything as sensitive as calling for Chin Peng to be allowed back into the country. And to suggest that the government is denying permission for Chin Peng to return because he is Chinese while the others -- meaning Malay Communist leaders -- have been allowed to return -- and therefore this smacks of racism -- is not a valid argument. Read what the Menteri Besar of Pahang said about this issue.

"It’s different for Shamsiah Fakeh and Rashid Maidin, who were allowed to return as they were used by him.”

So there you have it, Anwar. Chin Peng was the user while Shamsiah Fakeh and Rashid Maidin were the usees. We can’t blame the usees as in most cases the usees allowed themselves to be used because the user tricked them into being used.

Issue is Chin Peng Not UMNO/MCA/MIC or Barisan component parties will support any move to repatriate CP.

They are already in deep trouble politically and their continuity on the M'sian landscape after 2013

talking crap as usual from this joker .

Anonymous said...

deng! deng! deng!
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CommonerNinetyNine said...

The current MCA "lines" are like "trumpets", they "talk" loud ONLY when the "wind" are strong, otherwise, they will play "silent". They have no principles, and worse, no wisdows, not like the "oldies". I saw them as "tigers" before they got their "crown", now only I see that they are "paper tiger", and worse, with "tails" like "snakes".

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with CP's return?
There will not be any revolt.. duh... that is like a 50 years back thinking and not progressing. Lame...
Malaysians are being dragged into the U.S. and USSR war without even notice it? It is just a stupid cold war after all because both sides have different ideology. That's all.. the end..

Anonymous said...

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