Monday, May 11, 2009

Judiciary is hailed by Pakatan? Very funny.

The news goes on day after day.

I think the newspapers are selling like hot cakes. It makes me wonder if this is perhaps a conspiracy among politicians and the media to create stories so that their revenue keeps going up.

Anyway, I respect the Court's interpretation and judgement just like everyone else. I think the DAP trio - Sivakumar, Ngeh, Nga - are the happiest men on Earth now because they will be back in power.

However, I hope Pakatan Rakyat leaders and the supporters bear in mind something very important.

Remember the words you utter today. If you forget, A Piece of My Mind will "bite" really hard next time.

Today, the Court is praised for impartiality and their separation of powers from the Executive arm was labelled as "very clear" by Pakatan Rakyat.

Tomorrow, if any judgement goes against them, I hope no one will start saying that it is a conspiracy!

Since the beginning, Pakatan Rakyat has complained that the judiciary is tainted. Some even went as far as claiming that the Attorney General is a man who abuses his power.

The Court proceedings heard from the man said to be in control of the Courts, our Malaysian Attorney General - Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail.

All these while, the rakyat have been misled to have a grave perception that our Courts are merely kangaroo Courts under the thumb of Barisan Nasional's Government.

I don't know how BN's powerful thumb failed to direct the judiciary to certify Dr Zambry as the legal Menteri Besar of Perak.

Do you ?

I wonder if I can claim conspiracy that the judges might be linked to Pakatan Rakyat and already have in mind a pre determined judgement.

I don't have that liberty like Pakatan Rakyat supporters, right ? Never mind. You guys are just a group of yes-men and hypocrites.

Judgement goes against Anwarisme, you say
  • it is a conspiracy,
  • Lingam tape,
  • AG corrupted,
  • fishy judiciary and many more.

If the judgement goes to your side, you say
  • democracy, an independent judiciary,
  • there is law and Constitution in our country upheld by the Courts.

Whatever. Sick country with sick people. There ... Pakatan Rakyat wins an award from me.

I have said it earlier and I will say it again. Read Malaysian laws are lopsided.

" ... Even before Court cases are in trial, the public has already delivered their verdict in newspapers, blogs and alternative media which the Judges read as well. ..... "

(Credits to TheStar and NST for the pictures)


Anonymous said...

The probem is DAP and PAS have said something favourable about working with BN to solve the Perak situation.

Even Anwar has said something similar before the court verdict.

Was that a back-up in case Bn finally wins this case?

I am sure, BN will go all out to woo only PAS and realise the dream of the 'ketuanan' supremacy at the expense of DAP and PKR.

Pakatan guys better be more assertive instead of falling into such traps.

Ever notice how BN/UMNO has been praising PAS of late while whacking away DAP and PKR?

They (BN) have not given up. They are trying to still get PAS to break away from PR coalition.

Yes, BN will do anything....

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Dear Bro,

Exactly what is in my mind. The PR bloggers all around the sphere are hailing the judiciary. May be for today. I wonder what will happen if the court of appeal and federal court's decision is not favor to them. Gheesh!

Saya Rakyat said...

i can't agree more. double standard.

Jimmy Tham said...

hmm~ =) I still think there's conspiracy at work. Things are not what it seems. Those PR dungus rejoiced too early, counting the chicken before the egg hatches. BN could now use the legal way to oust Nizar, through vote of no confidence or another appeal, one way or another, it will be legal this time and PR will have the cock stuff into their mouth the next time. IF these are the best "materials" PR could present to the rakyat, as their rep, we will all go down to drain.

I for one think hypocrutes are better than racists. Some racist bloggers go to the extend of claiming this and that (pkr kafir, pas is dap's puppet, dap komunis, cina balik and etc) and at the same time chant the 1malaysia slogan. A form of hypocrite too i would say.

All in all, this scenario depicts the highest order of hypocrisy in PR and possibly their low IQ as well but let's not forget, fellow commentators, a bandit and a thief are no different, both calling each other names, end product is, they still fuck the rakyat left and right senseless. The difference is, one of the crooks has less bad track record to speak of, that's it.

Anonymous said...

One good judge does not make the whole judiciary clean.

If other judges make biased unjust judgements like the Judicial Commissioner from Perak(Ridzuan?), all of us, including PAS,DAP and PKR, reserve the right to criticise them.

Also, this judgement means that all that derhaka crap is nonsense and libellious.

Please apologise to MB Nizar in your blog as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Your title post should read

"Judge hailed by Pakatan"

Why? For bringing back some confidence in the judiciary.

Remember, Judge.

Jimmy Tham said...

LOL. take that pr supporters. Foot in your mouth now. 1 moment you hail the judiciary system and now you have to live up to your words too after the court granted zambry his wish =)

Low IQ people simple can't see through the clever ploy by BN. Now they will be like a kiddy crying and bitching.

Anonymous said...


I am a PR supporter.

Who hailed the judiciary? We hailed the JUDGE! Please get that into the thick skull of yours.

Nobody is crying or bitching because we fully anticipated this would happen.

I mean, the fact that the court immediately heard the case when there are soooo many other cases still pending is reason enough to suspect something amiss.

Do not insult people by calling them low IQ. Its not like you're very smart.

The longer this Perak thing continues, the better for PR.

The faster fresh elections are held, the better for PR.

The way I see it, its win-win for PR.

All thanks to our great leader, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Say bye bye to 1Malaysia!

Say hello to Ketuanan Rakyat!