Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aminah Tape - Duo to be sacked ? (updated)


Deputy Chief Minister of Penang should not be a guaranteed prize for Dr Mansor Othman. If Fairus had to go due to his incompetency when serving as DCM, then why should Mansor be allowed to stake his claim on the post?

The PKR duo and Aminah were said to be talking about Dr Mansor's incompetency.

These were all reported and discussed in many news portal which we all categorize as the alternative media.

Remember Guan Eng. CAT - Competency, Accountability and Transparency. You don't need an unwanted baggage in Dr Mansor Othman.

Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng should not appoint Dr Mansor as the new DCM even if he wins. CM Lim Guan Eng - Say no to Mansor, say no to Anwar !

Read more from The Nut Graph.


Malaysiakini carried two headlines that seemed like the opposite of the pieces written by The Malaysian Insider.

1. Aminah wanted to retourn to party, says PKR duo
2. She set us up, claims PKR duo

The Malaysian Insider had different headlines (especially the 1st one)

1. Tape suggests PKR wanted Aminah back
2. PKR leaders admit they met with Aminah

Is this the Aminah Tape scandal now ? Does anyone have a copy of this audio clip? I would love to hear it too and do send a few copies to PAS, DAP and PKR leadership.

Since Cheah Kah Peng and Peter Lim went on their own capacity, they ought to be sacked or suspended till further investigations have been concluded.

They can also be suspended for acting against the Party's struggles and misconduct. Will that be the right move, YB Lim Kit Siang ?

Consult Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Also, Law Choo Kiang is a Penang State Exco and his aide Peter Lim acted against the principles of the Party.

Perhaps YB Law Choo Kiang should tender his resignation too for a scandalous affair on the part of his aide in Penanti.

Before the tape was released, many were vocal against Aminah's claims.

The two PKR leaders should understand something and Malaysiakini should have hammered the logic into their heads.

Whether she invited you over for lunch or not, why did you even bother to pay RM 80,000 for her to return to the Party and the Deputy Chief Minister's post if she wins?

So just because she invited you over for lunch (if it was true), does that legalise your offer of money and positions (based on text version of TMI) ?

I am interested to hear from the hardcore Pakatan supporters. Somebody got political boomerang-ed in Penanti.

(Credits to The Star and The Malaysian Insider for the photos)


Jimmy Tham said...

true. sack tohyol too for meeting up with those pas leaders after the 8 march election.

cikgu said...

My perception: They were invited for lunch and as good friends they are oblighed to take a good offer as a gesture of friendship and that politic is not a barrier to it.

They went to Kak Mins house not on their official capacity as office bearers on the Penang state gov.

They were set up and I an sure it is without their knowledge.

So they should not be 'prosecuted' on whatever ground because it will be a bad implication and setting precedent.

Pakatan BerBelit said...

PKR stop bullshit us.

You mean the 2 PKR fler dunno Aminah is going to contest in Penanti!!!!

You merely go for lunch and some jovial conversation!!! Come on, lie intelligently lah.

Just like what Anifah, the foreign minister said, " Anwar just dont call him (Anifah) to say hello"

The problem now Aminah is smart enough to have the conversation tape.

I was expecting Anwar, Kit Siang, Elizabeth, Hadi Awang and all the Pakatan cybertroopers and bloogers to cry for "Privacy Intrusion".

FYI, the specialist for Privacy Intrusion is Low Gwee Bourne (pls spell ckeck), the famous cameraman turned Kelana Jaya MP:))

Anonymous said...

Go to
to hear the recording.
This is what i heard....

Offer of position if she Aminah withdraws.

If she does'nt and win,offer of reentry to PKR and position.

Discussion of how it is easier to engineer downfall of your own party people than people from other party.

There were criticism that some party members cannot do their jobs.

DR Mansor has poor public relations attitude.

There is doubt about Dr Mansor's work ethics.

There will be manipulation so that nomination could be disqualified

Only Anwar is strong in PKR,the rest are weak.

After agreement,must proceed as if Aminah is contesting,after that all expenses will be repaid by Dr Mansor.

When asked about budget spent,Rm80000 was mentioned,this will be repaid if withdraws from election.

3 days after nomination,decision or announcement will be made to withdraw.

It was mentioned that nominating day is 10 days away.

This offer will be discussed with DR Mansor and other top guns for their agreement.

Dr Zahrin is said to be arrogant.

The presence of a Malay woman in Penang government would be good to attract Malays to the party.

Kak min was blacklisted by PKR before this.

Some PKR men 'Makan duit'

After agreement,"wayang" is to proceed.

Malik is said to be arrogant.

Again,this is what I heard.Hear it yourself for confirmation.

My conclusions.
There are elements of inducement with monetary and official positions.
This is corruption.
Those 2 goons should be prosecuted.
Lawyer should be disbarred.
Higher PKR officials are in the know and complicit.

genesispassion said...

i am for it these 2 clowns be sacked ..keeping them around mean pk r dont have any more calibre people !


Anonymous said...

Believe me more to come and more things to happen because Bro Anwar is not so clean and not honest in his dealing with rakyat. He is like a pot calling a kettle black

Jimmy Tham said...

lol~ BN on the attack. But still, on the wrong front.

Jimmy Tham said...

btw~ i wonder why thse duo did not rebute by saying it sounded like us, look like us but it is not us =) that way they can escape punishment

Anonymous said...

Transcript of the Aminah CD

'Kita itu hari cadang kepada Tian Chua and Kah Peng, Tian Chua sokong dan terima'

Personal capacity?????????

Anonymous said...

From Star transcript

'They also talk about two possible by-elections in Kedah, about Anwar allegedly offering Fairus the DPM post and their plan to fight Zahrain.'

So more planned by elections!