Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Very Sick Country Called Malaysia


Yes, a State Assembly proceeding under a tree without the consent of DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah is considered legal and thus the decisions made shall be carried out as an Executive order.

But the State Assembly session without a Royal address from Raja Nazrin Shah is considered illegal and thus the morning session of Perak State Assembly is null and void.

These are the laws of Perak in the words of one man - V Sivakumar, the former Speaker of Perak State Assembly.

Very funny.


The Regent of Perak had to sit through the shouts of his subjects who were elected as lawmakers of the State all morning and past noon, with delays after delays being in place on his Royal address.

The level of respect from both sides to the Royalty is terrible and it is as though the Regent himself is treated as transparent and non existent.

This is a total mockery for democracy and the Constitution of Malaysia which places the Royal Household as a Constitutional Head of State.

Daulat Tuanku, APOMM stands by the Royal Household of Perak.


Oh right ! These 3 ADUNs quit their parties and betrayed democracy. A by-election should have been held !

But when Nasaruddin crossed over to PKR initially, the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat including Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Nizar hailed that monumental event.

The public suddenly believed that Anwar Ibrahim's claims of crossovers to Pakatan Rakyat might be true after all.

Praises after praises continued to ring in our ears over this move and the people glorified the decision of ADUN Bota, Nasaruddin.

Surprisingly, when Nasaruddin returned to UMNO under the advice of supporters and when 3 PR ADUNs left their parties to be Independents, the people joined the Mexican Wave of topics on democracy and betrayal of votes started by Pakatan leaders or alternative media such as Malaysiakini (e.g. Vox Populi).

These were never heard before from the Pakatan Rakyat's camp during the heat of September 16's crossover Government until now.

How ironic to read and hear these U-Turns in the news !


And now, we have a fisherman who attempts to fish the Deputy President of MCA away from the BN leadership and bring his son, Labis MP, together as well.

Suspicions are around that if it is not a crossover in Labis, then it must be a by election with the new candidate being the father of the MP himself.

These are democratic but if Barisan Nasional is in the frontline, it is not. They are the demons but Pakatan Rakyat are the ones worthy of the stature of a demi-god or angels.


This is a totally sick country and has anyone ever wondered rationally which direction our country is heading into?

One blog managed to put to words what I had in mind. And I shall quote from BigDog.

" The sordid attempt to corrupt the Malaysian minds, is very counter productive to the nation building process. If ever the administration is brought down because of cyber-anarchism based purely on lies, fabrication of facts and manipulation of circumstances, then the Malaysian political scenario with continuously thread onto the viscous cycle of political assassination based on malignant figment of someone’s sordid lies. "

Sick. Really sick country with sick people.

(Credits to TheStar, Bernama, BDDC, TheNutGraph for the photos)


cY said...

"total mockery for democracy and the Constitution of Malaysia"

A bloody irony that you mention this..

Jimmy Tham said...

Well.. Let's have a recap of what had happened. The reason why the legality of the assembly was questioned is due to the way Siva is removed. It is widely acknowledged that Speaker has a wide ranging power and which speaker in his right mind would approve a proposal to impeach himself. If the speaker has been rejecting all these proposals from the very beginning then it would seem the assembly will be at an impasse and the method used by BN (and in Taiwan and Korea for this matter) is to forcibly eject the speaker. So how can the latest proceeding be legal although I too doubt the fable perhimpunan bawah pokok is legal in the sense there's no real value in holding it in the first place when the act passed will not be carried out in the first place.

To the question of cyber anarchism, judging from the hits in malaysia kini and malaysia today and compare it to pro-BN blogger, that statement is implying majority of readers have IQ that are low enough to see through the trick and such Malaysia would probably need to adopt the Thai model of democracy and limit the power of voters.

I still don't believe CSL will ever jump ship. There's no benefit at all but to make MCA and OTK look bad. Still, anything could happen and as usual if it does happen, Mkini and PR bloggers will hail CSL as hero and not zero. lol.

Pro government bloggers will have to do a better job in convincing people and not just blame reader for not believing in them. Just like how they blamed PR for being a sulker and bitch when they lost, the same applies to BN as well. Man up and do a better job.

Malaysiakini's pictures of Siva being ejected wil circulate like wildfire. A picture paints a thouand words. PR should has seen it coming, there's no way BN could lose at the end of the day else they might risk losing face and authority if things go awry.

Anonymous said...

The opposition is resorting to unhealthy tactics to come to power.
Some are truly despicable,like character assassination,false depositions,falsifying photos and videos.
Yet ,these people try to project a wholesomely clean and pure image of themselves as saviours of this country.That is not honorable.

Anonymous said...

Yo anonymous.
Who is the robber and who is being robbed. When PR was in power the state government was called apposition Gov. Is there such thing called opp gov.To me the most dishonorable is the BN gov,

Steve said...

Would Siva need to hold the assembly under the tree if the state secretary 'allowed'(he is the new boss) it and the police do not block them??

bypasser said...

C'mon, don't make a fool out of urself.

Anonymous said...

here is a piece of my mind: you are patethic.

wht about a piece frm you regarding PKFZ?