Monday, March 02, 2009

Malaysian Laws are Lopsided

  • Bloggers, alternative media and many politicians have long infiltrated the minds of Malaysians with mind boggling articles and theories that plotted the downfall of Barisan Nasional and promoted the rise of Anwar Ibrahim.
  • Ask yourselves sincerely.

  • Remember reading certain blogs which initially provided black and white evidences of corruption, abuse of power and misuse of public funds?
  • These blogs continue to command attention from readers and internet savvy folks in this modern age.

  • As time passes by, it does not matter anymore if there are evidences. The evolution started from cold hard evidences to reports with mere "Deep Throat" and "High Level Insider Information" terms.

  • Now, not even "Deep Throat" or "High level Insider Information" is needed. All we see today are plain theories or stories.

  • And yet, people continue to believe. Why is that so?

  • The foundation laid by these bloggers have been so solid and highly credible, that people tend to believe whatever they say now, even without evidences.

  • A simple question of "where is the proof?" now is no longer necessary as the Malaysian society mentality has truly evolved into what once Malaysia's top leader said "The world likes conspiracies".

  • Malaysians will brush aside any suspicions of these bloggers creating stories or conspiracies against certain politicians, especially Barisan Nasional.
  • The Police cannot take action either because we do not have adequate laws to prosecute those who spread lies and half truths.

  • Any action, if taken, will be agreed initially on those who broke the law. But the cards can easily be turned around in favour of bloggers if they say they are arrested because:

Those in power are afraid of what I write
I was manhandled - POLICE BRUTALITY
Tainted judiciary. REFORM THE JUDICIARY!

  • The law have become so lopsided that I have never felt injustices in Malaysia at such a level before in my 23 years of life.
  • Malaysia's law cannot be used at all to prosecute those from the Opposition but can only be used to prosecute those from the ruling coalition.

  • Some politicians are immune to the law because the immensed strategy by bloggers and alternative media have placed them among the people's minds.

  • Any move against these politicians, especially the Opposition, as long as they claim they are for the rakyat, the judiciary are puppets and they were manhandled, then there will be a rise of public uproar.

  • Even before Court cases are in trial, the public has already delivered their verdict in newspapers, blogs and alternative media which the Judges read as well.
  • These will directly influence the judgement of the judges, if not fully control the minds of these judges.

  • Malaysian laws have become lopsided. They are now for Pakatan Rakyat.

  • Of course, after writing this, Pakatan Rakyat supporters will say "Justice is in place now". But is that true?

  • Tepuk dada, tanya selera.


commoner99 said...

To my observation, the general public political mindset has changed from smart to fanatic.

There was once when politician are being 'used' by the public to indirectly help them govern and perform check and balance in the administration of the country.

If the politicians don't perform, the public will vote them down, if they do, they will get subsequent support.

Now is different, there are people, a lot of them, just don't care what certain politicians do, they just fanatically support them. For what I see, it is more than supporting, it is like 'sembayang'.

When people changed to the fanatic mindset, what can you expect from the country ahead?

After last year General Election, I read a lot of articles and news proclaiming something like: people have woke up, people are more mature, ... etc. I personally think these are just rhetoric and misleading, I honestly think it is actually in the opposite. How can a fanatic mind be mature?

Chinese has a saying: wealth not able to pass through the third generation. I personally think this is like a curse which is very hard to overcome. The history of civilizations have shown a lot of truth in this.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that these cases are made up?

20 kes rasuah Khir Toyo:

RM300 "gift" for reporters:

Anonymous said...

This is how Malaysia's law works:
Snippet: Kadar, who was elected a delegate to the assembly and Mazlan, a former Umno Youth executive committee member, had also lodged two reports last year with the then Anti-Corruption Agency against Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and Najib for alleged involvement in money politics.

To date there has been no action on either report. There has also not been any apparent action on the more than 1,000 reports of political graft and other abuses sent to Umno’s Disciplinary Committee, as acknowledged by its chairman Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen,” said the duo in a joint statement.

They also slammed Abdullah for his remark recently that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had closed the investigation on all reports regarding money politics in the party as they found no evidence.

“How can they declare the cases are close if none of us were called to give our statement?” said Kada.