Thursday, May 14, 2009

Step by step : The Other Side of Perak fiasco

We hear and read that the "Speaker was forcibly removed", manhandled, police presence in the Hall and BN acted like thugs.

I don't care if you are from Pakatan, from Barisan or Independent. But let us all walk through this rationally.

When Sivakumar moved to suspend a Menteri Besar and 6 EXCOs, Barisan Nasional filed a Court case with the Federal Court.

Tan Sri Alauddin Mohd Shariff led a 5 man panel and ruled that V. Sivakumar did not have the power to suspend Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and his six executive council members from the assembly.

It was concluded that the decision to suspend the seven applicants was ultra vires (outside the law) and invalid.

On 7th of May, Sivakumar announced that he will not begin until the MB, 6 EXCOs and the 3 Independents left the Hall.

One phrase from V Sivakumar caught my attention. "Ini adalah arahan Tuan Speaker (iaitu saya), dan arahan ini adalah muktamad."

Note that the 3 Independents have also seeked a Court hearing on Pakatan's controversial resignation letters.

The Court upheld the Election Commission's decision that the 3 ADUNs are still elected reps and thus they can attend the State Assembly.

Given that all things were clear, no one knows why V Sivakumar kept on shouting "Selagi mereka ini tak keluar daripada Dewan, saya tak akan mula."

A Voice has argued that Sivakumar began the proceedings without himself knowing it.

It is said that Order 13(1) of the Standing Order clearly states that the order of business begins with the entry of the Speaker.

We move on from there.

Under the Perak State Constitution, Section 36 A (2) (d), the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly shall vacate his office if the Assembly at any time so resolves.

It is also said that under the Standing Orders, Dr Zambry has a right to raise a motion to remove the Speaker without needing an approval.

That time, Dr Zambry was stormed by many Pakatan reps and he was heckled non stop.

Shortly after presentating the motion, a count was carried out and 31 ADUNs voted to remove the Speaker.

At that point of time, V Sivakumar was no longer the Speaker. When ordered by YB Deputy Speaker and the newly appointed Perak Speaker to leave the hall, Sivakumar was already the FORMER Speaker.

Since he refused to budge like a little kid, he has trespassed into the Speaker's podium and he must be removed.

In other words, Assembly officials must move in to remove him.

To make a mockery of the Perak State Assembly and the ruling party Barisan Nasional, the former Speaker knew that if he sat tight, the only way for him to be removed is through brute force.

The way he was removed - I do not deny that it was forcibly done. I agree with that. But look at that smile.

However, I personally think Sivakumar was acting like when we were all young. Do you remember the days when we told our parents "I want that toy/food/chocolate" ?

If we refuse, we will stand there holding it and crying out "I want it ... *sob* Sobz* ". Our parents, if firm on refusing our demands, will forcibly drag or carry us out of the shopping mall.

This was the same for our former Speaker, V Sivakumar.

Also, I don't know why Thomas Su can throw money at an ADUN and shout "Go and die" in Chinese and get away with such a thing.

And DAP ADUNs can heckle a fellow ADUN who also happen to be the Menteri Besar of Perak (in one way or another).

Why aren't these reported in news, in blogs or in the alternative media?

I want those ADUNs to be referred to Perak's Special Privilleges Committee or if there are any Disciplinary Commitees for ADUNs.

Suspend YB Hee if you can present a clear case that her pepper spray was illegal and unnecessary.

But I hope those who acted like hooligans and jumped around heckling other ADUNs are suspended too. This leaves 28 BN ADUNs and 2 Independents in the hall, if we have things that way.

Good. Peace at last.

Anyway, if BN Supreme Council decides to seek the Sultan's consent to dissolve the State Assembly, then so be it.

We go by the law and democracy. I will have no regrets even if the Party I support loses badly just like what Tun Dr Mahathir foresees.

But allow me to also let out a warning that this must not come at the expense of the most noble Royal Household in the history of Perak under Sultan Azlan Shah.

Do not let politics go into our heads and sacrifice the illustrious credentials of DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Nazrin Shah.

Malaysia's democratic system with a Constitional Royalty must be in place, respected and uphold by all.

(Credits to TheStar, NST and Malaysiakini for the photos. Note that Sivakumar's picture was taken from The Edge and doctored with fictional quotes.)


vinnan said...

Sultan Pangkor II Gamuda. The rakyat knows that's why Najib is running scared.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Raja Azleena was already a top businesswoman in Malaysia before all these.

And if you bother checking, Raja Azleena even sold her shares in Gamuda and reduced her stakes in that company.

So, vinnan. What say you? You seem to be blog hopping around. I wonder if you are a Pakatan cyber trooper.

Jimmy Tham said...

Dr Zambry has the right to move a motion under the standing order? That's something new. Care to enlighten.

Does that standing order grants the right only for MB or member of the house as well?

So in the case of Melaka, does the member of the house too can just move a motion and that has to be tabled and see if there's a majority and the speaker of Melaka cannot just dismiss the motion?

If it is so, maybe the same can be said in Terengganu. The opposition can just move the motion and see if there's anyone from BN voting for it after all the boo haa bout their dissatisfaction with the current MB.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Well if you took time to read what I was trying to say, maybe you won't have ended up with such a conclusion.

Firstly, I am only talking about the Perak Constitution. I have no idea what the Tganu or Melaka Constitution and standing orders say.

Secondly, the motion in Perak was to remove the Speaker. Not to approve a budget or anything else. Those motions will require the approval of the Speaker's Chambers in advance.

The reference is only to the Speaker.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

What nonsense.

The more you blog, the more "holes" in your arguments become evident.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if you are from Pakatan, or BN, or Independent. All I want is a good government in Perak. If the Rakyat has chosen Pakatan in the first place, let them govern and prove their worth. Stop the frogs tactic and let pakatan go back to work in Perak.

What vote of no confidence? What majority? Count the frogs out...u are not real majority... Rakyat has the real majority...let us decide.

I condemned politicians who seize power using dirty tactics...whether you are from BN or Pakatan. I am sick of hearing Anwar trying to form federal Government using 'frog' tactics too....

Goh Wei Liang said...

At least I presented a set of arguments that can be debated. Unlike people who go around saying this is nonsensical yet do not say where, why, what.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Owner,
Can you enlighten me in which paragraph of the Standing Order of Perak DUN states that the motion doesn't need consent.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Good question. I am not so sure about the Standing Order but it seems that A Voice is confident about it just as I have said above in my article.

Order 13(2) of the Perak DUN's Standing Order is what was quoted.

However, I stand by my Constitution interpretation Section 36 A (2) (d).

Thank you.

Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said...

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Anonymous said...

no matter what your argument is - it is just plain silly cops can be used to removed someone in the legislature. more so the speaker -who is the head of the house.

is this a westminster system of democracy or Wei Liang Goh's selfstyled BN-type democrazy?

we can debate all till the cows come home but i don;'t agree with you on this one.


Anonymous said...

>>Raja Azleena was already a top businesswoman in Malaysia before all these.

yeah but with gamuda having no projects in Perak, selangor, penang, kedah etc - her holdings are dwindling in value.

she is not a top businesswoman - she is one of the largest individual shareholder in Gamuda. Get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

Right after BN took over Perak, Gamuda signed a contract with state government on building railway from somewhere in Perak to Bukit Kayu Hitam. Don't you think it was fishy.

Anonymous said...

Sivakumar is not smiling dear...he is choking! Better get your fact straight before blogging!