Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Political Boomerangs ?

BN leaders know they are facing the wrath of the people in Perak. I am quite sure of that and no one in BN is so pumped up with arrogance that they are blind on this matter.

Before the Perak story, we had the 2nd Most Influential Man (in the world) creating headlines with statements like the following

"Tomorrow is the D-day. We are ready to form the government. We have the numbers and we are ready to announce tomorrow. I believe that the government will fall in the next few weeks." (Anwar Ibrahim - Malaysiakini)

During that time, our country faced unrest. Our lawmakers were playing cat and mouse games.

Some of our Ministers and lawmakers were even said to be uneasy because Anwar Ibrahim claimed publicly he met some of them in Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore.

Surprisingly, it was the same man who travelled to many places and said the following during the Permatang Pauh campaign.

"Thousands (of supporters) come but they don’t even get water. I cannot afford it...I also do not have shares or land." (Anwar Ibrahim - NST)

BN people are not stupid. BN has been in power for around 50 years and they have strong Political Bureaus in UMNO, MCA, MIC and the other component parties.

If people continue to claim that BN people are arrogant, usurpers of power, and undemocratic, think again.

I have always wondered if the move in Perak was to "control" Anwar Ibrahim and shake him off from creating instability at the Federal Government level with his takeover claims.

But my wild imaginations are not important.

Anyway, some bloggers are already analyzing the situation as a new political strategy called "boomerang" by Barisan Nasional.

Whether it is by accident or purpose, this "boomerang" strategy seems to be quite nice. We are so used to seeing volleys of arrows fired at Barisan Nasional leaders with no retaliation.

Today, "arrows" have been transformed into "boomerangs" where the person who throws it will need to catch it back expertly or face a hit.

When the famous dates were quoted by Pakatan leaders - April 1st, Sept 16 and one in October - blogs and the alternative media played the tune of TAKEOVER GOVT and CROSSOVERS.

Interesting enough, the same blogs and alternative media today are rising from their seats with anger and slam BN for being unconstitutional, undemocratic and they want fresh elections.


Yesterday, Nizar & Co were reinstated as the Perak Government. Many came out to say that it was a day of democracy.

Some even went as far as saying that our judiciary is clearly independent of the Executive arm when months ago it was the same supporters and leaders who said that our judiciary is fishy and our Attorney General is like a dictator of the Courts.


When I asked about why the sudden U-Turn of opinions on judiciary, they said that this team of judges are independent and they are good judges.

Deep inside me, I wonder what will happen if Anwar's sodomy trial or another Court case involving Pakatan is heard by the same team of judges and the case went against them?

Will there be another U-Turn and will the judges be ridiculed systematically?


Today, the Court of Appeal has granted a stay for the judgement made on 7 May 2009 that reinstated Nizar as the rightful Menteri Besar.

Dr Zambry is the official Menteri Besar of Perak, at press time, until the case is closed by the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal has been known to be independent and does not take sides. If we all recall, it was the Court of Appeal that released Anwar Ibrahim.

It was also the Court of Appeal that quashed the Election Court ruling for a by election in Sanglang and granted the PAS candidate as winner of the seat.

Many more cases but today, bloggers from both sides seem to be very silent.

Some are keeping an eye on what is next to come and some are waiting for instructions from their political masters who want to ensure a successful path to Putrajaya one day.


These days, we witness the classic "selective justice" culture which Malaysians are adopting. We are also heading towards a chaotic development of a strong nation.

ASEAN is well known for their chaotic nations where the people take the law into their own hands and storm the streets every day.

Asia on the other hand, is famous for their Parliamentary fist fights and flying chairs.

Malaysia, is truly Asia and truly ASEAN. I leave it to you to imagine the Malaysia we will have one day.

p/s : Wishes might be granted and two men in rotation of being MB might lose their jobs in anticipation of a Tunku as the new Chief. Read more here.

(Credits to Daylife, The Star, NST, MCA, TIME and Guardian for the photos)


Anonymous said...

The chaos in Perak is a good lesson to the people.
It shows you that what Anwar is trying to do(toppling the present government) is seriously flawed and could lead to disastrous consequences.

Anwar has caused enough TROUBLE to the COUNTRY.
Who said that, if not the now muted KARPAL Singh.Unfortunately his words are not heeded due to the lust for power.
PR is full of hypocrites.They say that the people should decide,yet they allow this one man to engineer chaos and anarchy.

I like political boomerangs.I think it is designed to weed out the hypocrisy within the opposition party.

Party leaping is good when it benefits them,but not vise versa
Courts are fair only if it benefits them.
The people should decide,but it is ok if they topple the government.

More boomerangs please.

Anonymous said...

Many untruths in your blog.

How on earth could you come to the conclusion that Zambry is the official MB at press time?

The Court of Appeal granted a stay to the declaration that Nizar is the rightful MB.

No where did it say that because of that, Zambry is the official MB. DONT lie.

As LKS pointed out, instead of having 2 MBs, now we have no MBs.

NO one can claim to be the "offical MB" because the court has not heard the appeal.

Please dont make me repeat myself.

Also, about Sept 16th, let me clear the air once an for all.

1stly, DSAI initiated a takeover that had widespread public support because BN has been a complete failure, losing public support by the minute. The point is, he had PUBLIC SUPPORT.

2ndly, he has repeated this countless times, that a takeover must be smooth, peaceful, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW and upholds the constitution.

3rdly, because of this, he 1st asked to meet the PM. Rejected. He asked for a special emergency assembly to take a vote of no-confidence. Rejected. He asked for the help of the monarchy to broker. Rejected.

In short, he tried every smooth, peaceful, in accordance with the law and constitutional way to takeover the Federal government.

Alas, PM and BN for obvious reasons didnt allow him to.

So quit blaming him and start owning up to BNs mistakes.

Start by apologising to Nizar for calling him derhaka.

If you dont, then you are worse than the lies-spreading bloggers that you-oh-so despise.

I know this comment seems harsh, but I'm sick of your one-sided BS that at least used to be entertaining.

I'm sorry.

Jimmy Tham said...

LOL. Spot on. Only simple minded people can be so silly into declaring the court is righteous and all after just one verdict.

Question is, if court of appeal is fair, what took so long for them to acquit Anwar? It could be dong during the reign of Tun M.

Bn, arrogant? yes. usurper of power? it's legal, so, shut up PR. Undemocratic? They have the numbers after all.

Question is, Zambry said he is all for rakyat, this rakyat there rakyat. IF his silly brain can just compute the cost-benefit analysis after all, wouldn't it be better to have fresh poll? The cost of having a poll is probably cheaper than dragging this matter on for more than 3 months which itself is precious time that can be better used in managing the state. State resources, drain on stamina and diversion on other more precious matter at hand. Some commentators in pro-BN blogs even claimed the May 7th incident shows the tyranny of PR against the silent majority, if BN has the silent majority behind them, I see no harm in going to a poll and crush PR once and for all. Fulfill their wish of having a poll and crush them in their game =)

Goh Wei Liang said...

Hahaha. Your comments are just funny. Anwar asked to see the PM? Yeah. He sent a letter.

In that letter, there is nothing like what you claimed. I have the official copy of the letter sent to the former PM of Malaysia.

You can try google-ing it and see if other bloggers have it on their website too.

You see, if Anwar has the additional 31 MPs, then he will surely announce it.

None. Not a single MCA MPs or UMNO Minister which he proudly claim will crossover.

Even if the PM loses the vote of no confidence, a new PM from the majority will be elected.

Haha. So Anwar will be PM? It will be the man in the hot seat today, my friend.

I dont believe I am wrong in calling Nizar a derhaka man.

He himself used the works "Patik mohon derhaka". Rationally, I am also using the same Palace language and describe him as a Malay who committed treason to a Malay Sultan.

Palace language.

You can be assured that I am not one who goes around telling people fantasies that I have information on the PM's wife standing in a forest and witnessed the bombing of a crying Mongolian girl.

Yet, the men who claimed he has information/evidence (Anwar and RPK) that linked Najib to the murder, has failed to produce anything at all till toady !

If they can produce it, I am sure the team of judges at the High Court adored by Pakatan Rakyat, will launch a revision of the case in Court and quash the judgement that sentenced two men to the gallows.

Of course. It was all just a spin.

Chill, my friend. You can choose to hate me.

This is life I have began to accept. I wonder if you will accept too :)

Goh Wei Liang said...

Be patient Jimmy. Whispers are going around. Many wishes will be granted.

But two men will lose their jobs to a particular Tunku who rides the rocket.

A win-win solution will come out.

lordapes said...

My father told me if I don't study, I will be a worthless person.
Then I study hard... just to become yet another worthless person.


hahaha. nice term. will popularize it around.

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

the chaos is everywhere, we have two new mb's in just 19 hours. One from the (what party is it? oh ya....cannot mention that party name otherwise kena saman nanti) and another one from the nation-hero leading party, Barisan Nasional.

so what's up with the people in Perak?! don't they see what the pembangkang leaders are doing in Perak?! are they care about rakyat or just 24/7 politics around the clock?!

lastly I hope the courts can perfectly judge fairly of who is the real mb's or leader of Perak.

hope this crisis will not worsen.

Jimmy Tham said...

Just because that blog claimed to know of a conspiracy theory without any proofs then BN bloggers believe it. What difference is it to how RPK weave his bedtime stories for PR's consumption?

I hope my wish would come true.. more moolah please =)

What Tun M took decades to develop Malaysia will be hard to emulate in the near to short term. Abdullah did promised to channel the money saved on fuel subsidies to infrastructure development, but till now I have not smell the air of it yet. BN cried reform after the political tsunami, but after more than 1 year down the road, we see no changes that is being done.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Er. Jimmy. You must be reading too much of RPK's stuff.

What conspiracy theory? No one mentioned anything about conspiracies.

Anonymous said...

people who study in uni are no wiser
sheer waste of kojadi /mca money- but they have much money. look at PKAZ - tonnes of money. lol.

mah chai

Goh Wei Liang said...

The Kojadi Education Fund was set up to help people who have the abilities to further their studies yet cannot afford it at all.

Through this effort, MCA and Kojadi put in direct efforts to help the people as well as to elevate the education level of Malaysia.

This will in the end make more Malaysians become an educated society who can make wise and informed judgements.

Funds like this also assist in reducing the income gap and ensure that education is attainable by all.

Thank you for your care and concern over Kojadi and MCA.