Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Extradition of RPK from Australia ?

UPDATED 26th May 2009 - 9.20 pm

A few days ago, I wrote this piece - Place RPK on Interpol list.

The Royal Malaysian Police has now confirmed that they are looking for Raja Petra Kamaruddin under the Interpol.

FYI, Interpol in full is International Criminal Police Organization and Australia is a listed member of this Organization as well.

Officially, Malaysia and the Australian Federal Police have to be in communication over the location of RPK - which led to a news that the man himself is in Brisbane.

Under the Interpol and intra-Government policies, Malaysia can ask for an extradition of RPK if indeed he is in Australia.

More to come.

PREVIOUSLY 25th May 2009 - 9.10pm

According to the news reports by The Star, the Royal Malaysian Police has received credible information that Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Marina Lee Abdullah are residing in Brisbane, Australia.

The last time I checked, just in case you don't know, Anwar's loyal crony is in Australia. Does Dr Rahim Ghouse ring a bell to anyone of you?

Blogger CuitSikit had a post on Dr Rahim's list of companies.

I was still young when Dr Rahim's name popped up frequently during the Free Anwar Campaign so I have not much knowledge on him but I am sure other bloggers do know the stories.

Anyway, under the Australian visa options, visitors to Australia are categorized into

1. Tourists
2. Working Holiday
3. Retirement
4. Medical treatment
5. Transiting through Australia
6. Event Organizers and Participants.

It seems to me that if Dr Rahim Ghouse (CEO of Kuwait Finance House) is involved, RPK might be on a "working holiday".

However, RPK is probably on a tourist visa given that "working holidays" require advance arrangement.

Assuming that RPK is in Australia, and the Courts in Malaysia have postponed the hearing twice/thrice given his absence, the Royal Malaysian Police have a possible option.

At this point, it is uncertain whether the Attorney General Chamber is considering it but let us explore this "option".

View : Treaty Between The Government of Malaysia and The Government of Australia on Extradition

The Attorney General Chamber and the Royal Malaysian Police will need to formally file a request to their Australian counterparts - namely Australian Attorney General Chamber and the Australian Federal Police - on the extradition of RPK for Malaysia to proceed with a fair and just legal proceeding on a seditious article.

This lawsuit can not only allow RPK to clear his name by providing evidences to support his claims in the article but also allow this long standing court case to be closed once and for all.

Judging by the Treaty, it seems that RPK can file for the extradition request to be null and void under several clauses like the "purpose of prosecuting on account of political opinion" and many more.

I am not a lawyer, so I leave it to the Pakatan lawyers and their knowledgeable supporters to decide if the Treaty is enforceable.

I am in no position to comment further but this might be an opportunity to test the temperature of the diplomatic ties between Malaysia and Australia.

Both countries have had a rocky relationship for the past 30 years which began with the famous standoff between Bob Hawke and Tun Dr Mahathir that ended with a formal apology by the Aussie Premier in the Australian Parliament for his unacceptable comments on Malaysia.

Malaysia's ties with Australia were "restored" under the former administration led by Pak Lah.

Will we see interesting things with a new PM in Malaysia and fresh from a damning article by Hamish Mc Donald on Malaysia that we just "took another big step towards becoming a pariah nation" ?

I have always enjoyed news of the diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Australia. Interesting.

(Credits to AVoice, AGC and The Star for the photos)


Anonymous said...

We have murderers on the loose and you like a bitch on heat are worried about rpk,please la use that little grey matter you have left or you too have become a barking bird.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Dear Anon,

Because we have "murderers on the loose" that make Wei Liang suggested that RPK should be extradited to Malaysia and provide all the concrete evidence of the so call high profile murder case. Grow up man.

Anonymous said...

the Polis Raja DiMalaysia is doing other stuff like catching people wearing black or dragging speakers off their seat.. you have the gall to rip into RPK.

let's see you write about the law and order in malaysia - mat rempits, snatch thieves, robberies, PKFZs..

Ah Tiam Fah

Jimmy Tham said...

BN bloggers are probably jumping around getting extremely excited about the prospect of slithing RPK's throat now. =)

Well, at least they are able to locate RPK's whereabout now although just like statistician, they say, we are 95% sure RPK kat Brisbane.

With mr rudd's popularity at all time low, and oz's MSM are not a big fan of msia either, he would not risk extraditing RPK for fear of being labelled as sending a man to his death. Rudd can always claimed he can grant RPK asylum status and let him seek refuge in Australia and we'll see the great war of words between msia and oz again. Different people, different time over the same argument

Did Anwar sue this report? said...

Probe into Anwar terror claims
October 25, 2003


Malaysian police will contact US authorities about an Australian television report alleging that an organisation jailed former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim worked for has terrorist links.

Supporters of Anwar, jailed since 1998 for corruption and sodomy, denied he had any terrorist ties and said the report was part of a campaign to kill his chances of a political comeback.

The report by the news program Dateline, aired on the Australian government-funded Special Broadcasting Service, said the Washington-based International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), of which Anwar was one of three directors, was being investigated for possibly funding the pro-Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad.

The report said one of Anwar's co-directors was Taha al-Alwani, an Iraqi who founded the Muslim World League, an alleged terrorist organisation whose assets were frozen by the US government.

The program also reported that Rahim Ghouse, a member of the International Free Anwar Campaign lobby group in Australia, had business dealings with Sheikh Yassin al-Qadi, an alleged al-Qaeda financier.



Malaysia's national police chief Norian Mai said his officers would ask US authorities if they were investigating the IIIT.

"Once we have obtained some information, only then can we proceed further, including conducting investigations," Norian was quoted as saying in The Star newspaper.

Azizah Ismail, Anwar's wife who leads an opposition party that has him as its figurehead, said the report was "malicious and seditious", and denied Anwar had any links to terrorists or al-Qaeda.

"The American authorities conducted investigations on IIIT just as they have been doing on other Islamic organisations after the 9/11 tragedy and have not made any charges against it," Azizah said in a statement.

"We deny that IIIT has any link with terrorism or al-Qaeda," she said.

Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is due to take over from Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad when he retires at the end of October, refused to comment when asked about the report.

Abdullah became deputy leader after Mahathir fired Anwar in 1998 amid a nascent leadership challenge.

Soon afterward, Anwar was charged and tried for corruption and sodomy and sentenced to prison terms totaling 15 years. He claims to be the victim of a conspiracy to prevent him challenging Mahathir, who denies it.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, an official of the National Justice Party led by Azizah, alleged the original source of the report on Anwar was among Abdullah's circle of advisers and that the report was part of a bid to smear Anwar.

Anwar remains a popular figure in Malaysia, and many people believe he was unfairly treated by Mahathir. Top Anwar aides say they have held talks with leaders of Mahathir's party about Anwar's future, but no agreement has been reached. Anwar is not due for release until 2009.

©2003 AAP

Jeffry said...


cikgu said...

why RPK is so important when the missing PI Bala is being silenced? I think PI Bala is more important to be taken into account because he can clear the PMs name and rid him of his baggage.

Anonymous said...

You stupid little boy.

You deserve the pendatang tag.

Hope you stay in Australia and don't return.

Perakian said...

Anonymous above me:

Your words do not bring you credit at all. You are in turn antagonizing others who are in support in RPK as well. I don't agree with GWL, but at least have more sense than to incite hate and annoyance by arguing with no substance. You only serve to justify him that the Opposition are a bunch of haters who argue with no sense. Our puspose is to share with him our views and not insult others who are in turn in support of change.

I hate wasting time arguing with people who are on my side. But you calling him and me a pendatang is worse than having him alone calling me one. Shut up if you don't have anything good to say. I was born on the same land as you do, and Jus Soli means I have as much right as you do to claim this as my homeland.

Anonymous said...

to the perakian above me:

if you sleep with people who call you a pendatang, then you deserve to be tagged a pendatang, as simple as that.

keep your self righteous attitude to yourself, and make a stand whether it is right for umno to label malaysian born chinese as pendatangs.

we duly gave a piece of our mind, just as this blog says: "a piece of my mind."

Perakian said...

Anonymous above me:

Self-righteous? You make me laugh so hard that I wished you were one of those idiotic politicians I see day in day out in the Parliment. Wait, are you?

I don't think you understand what I mean, you don't even understand how to be courteous to your enemies. In the end, who would respect you and your words? You only serve to make people on the Pro-Government side think we only know how to call name and incite hate. Even I feel ashamed for your actions. If you argued with more substance, I would be backing u up, not calling you to shut up.

The point is, there is no good in calling me or him a pendatang. Our ancestors are pendatang, we are not. They came, made a living, stayed here and accepted the so-called Social Contract just to stay put. For what me might know yours might be a pendatang too, travelling from another part of the island and settling here eventually. Or even somewhere even further, who knows? Humans were nomadic beforehand. In the end, we are all pendatangs in this world, if that is another picture you can argue about. Calling people "pendatang" is sinfully wrong as calling all women are whores when your wife is a woman as well, well unless you are on the other side, again. There I stated my stand.

You insulted me as well as you insulted him, like I care. But call him something that doesn't antagonize people who back you up. There's no deserving or not deserving matter in this, and if you do not know respect. I would again, "self-righteous" you until you get annoyed.

C'mon we are on the same side right? We disagree with him, just don't insult people who disagree with him as well. Is that too hard to do?

Anonymous said...

perakian up there:

you laughed so hard, i hope you didn't fall off a chair. You sounded so self righteous, that seems like an idiot to me too. The last thing i need is an idiot who says s/he "could have" backed me up.

Furthermore, you are not courteous yourself in what you wrote. So don't preach about courteousness because it is hypocritical.

a pendatang is not a dirty word like a whore as you say. The gravamen is, they wrongly used that label on "malaysian born" chinese/indians.

gwl has shown himself to be on the side of those who call chinese malaysians pendatang, so he deserves to be ridiculed a pendatang himself. Whether he is a pendatang or not, he knows himself.

well, you can try to "self righteous" till i get annoyed, but i will only get amused.

people who likes to give others a piece of their mind, must be prepared to receive the same in return. It is so elementary, why do you think i will get annoyed. So lame.

Anonymous said...

Uhm. Forgive me if I misread, but the article you linked to says the local police force is seeking for help from interpol, while your article implies that interpol has all but agreed to help with the search. Two rather different things.

As I said before, interpol does not touch political stuff (or racial, religious etc). The assistance isnt likely to happen. While you do have the right to have and publish your own opinions, it at least has to be based on actual, correct facts.

Thank you =)

siti said...

GWL,Meangapa lari dari menjawab soalan-soalan saya dan juga soalan lain yang dilontarkan dalam blog ini dan sebelumnya.Saya ada 2 soalan lagi:
1. Mengapa PI bala tidak ditangkap lagi?
2.Mengapa PDRM tidak buat apa-apa tentang Helmi selain mengatakan akan hubungi interpol?Sumber yang tidak rasmi mengatakan polis tidak pernah hubungi interpol berkenaan Helmi.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Thank you Siti for the questions. I am sorry and I will clearly state here that I will not discuss anything about the succession of the throne as it constitutes a seditious act. The Royal Household of Perak continues to stay noble in my eyes and heart.

As you have pointed out, respect is to be earned, not demanded. You have to be clear, that this matter differs across individuals. The Royal Household of Perak has illustrious careers and absolutely respectable level of education.

As such, I have complete and unquestionable respect for my Royal Household of Perak.

As for PI Bala, it is said that he is overseas. PDRM has no jurisdiction overseas and they rely on the intelligence services provided by the foreign country's sovereign Police force.

If located, PI Bala can be extradited back home. As for Hilmi, the same applies but something bothered me because Elizabeth Wong left for Indonesia right after her case was publicised heavily.

It was also rumoured at that time, Hilmi was in Indonesia. It seems that Hilmi is still in Indonesia.

Officially, the counterparts have been notified and this was splashsed in our media, accessible by all foreign police forces also.

I am not sure about unconfirmed sources. Perhaps you can reveal the unconfirmed sources by a Press Conference yourself and we shall bring down those who lied.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of APOMM.