Friday, May 22, 2009

The Eastern Johor - Singapore Straight Bridge (updated)

UPDATED (5.17pm)

It is official now that Malaysia and Singapore are in talks over a new Bridge at the Eastern side of Johor.

The new bridge will be built near Changi Airport to an Eastern side of Johor. Most probably near Pengerang.

As for now, Causeway remains the brick of wall that splits the Straits of Johor.

PREVIOUSLY (4.01 pm)

A news feed
came saying that Malaysia and Singapore talked about a new bridge to link the two countries.

The Causeway has been in place for many decades and the construction of it was at an disadvantage to Malaysia.

When Tun Dr Mahathir and his panel of advisors introduced the Scenic Bridge project to replace the current Causeway, there were reasons for it.

The Scenic Bridge name is definitely misleading as it wasn't meant to be a decoration or a tourist attraction spot.

At this moment, the Causeway is like a brick of wall that cuts the Straits into two.

The Scenic Bridge will replace our side of the Causeway and it will be better because with the removal of the Causeway (although just half), water will be able to flow freely.

And from free flowing of sea water here, ships can then go to our ports in Johor, namely Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.

With the bridge , the ships need not go past Singapore. They can just past through the Scenic Bridge (impossible now with the Causeway).

Official announcements will be out later. Tentatively, it seems that a new straight Bridge will be built in East Johor to Singapore.

I wonder if EPU and MoF had a say in this because we need to consider the economic prospects of the Ports in Johor also.

Ships will not be encouraged to stop by at Tanjung Pelepas at all if the Causeway bridge remains a big brick that splits the Straits of Johor into two.

Why stop in Johor when you have stopped in Singapore a while ago?

The Eastern Johor Bridge might be able to ease traffic congestion and bring prospective consumers and investors to Malaysia from Singapore with an improved competition.

It might not help settle complaints on the CIQ complex in Johor that was meant to be a project that accommodates the Scenic Bridge.

Also, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas might not enjoy the advantages of the Eastern Johor Bridge fully.

So, is the Eastern Johor Bridge better than a Scenic Bridge from an economic prospect point of view?

I await the official announcement and the Eastern Johor bridge plan before I continue further with my comments.

We need to ensure that we achieve the maximum economic returns from every Ringgit of our Government expenditure.

I am eager to hear Tun Dr Mahathir's comments on this as the Statesman's thoughts have always been very good and welcomed by the Party and the Leadership.


cikgu said...

can't understand why we are so linient and giving so much to Singapore

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

let's built a zig-zag bridge if the scenic bridge cannot be built.

mylivingwall said...

Here's Tun Dr. Mahathir's economic rationale for the scenic bridge and CIQ: