Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 1 School Concept

I am glad to see that the 1 School Concept Petition was in place recently. We all must agree that the way we are brought up will determine our character and mindset in the future.

The main method is of course through education.

A blog started this petition and mainstream bloggers have publicised this campaign in their personal blogs and also in several political groups in Facebook.

I am sure Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, a leader who listens to the grassroots and the people, will take note of this petition signed by nearly 1000 people now.

Till today, I have not signed the petition.

Upon reading the wording of Kempen Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, I told myself this is not the way I see things, although the headline is eye catching and interesting.

As much as I am for 1 Malaysia and a 1 School concept, I cannot agree with the contents of petition. The gist of this campaign is a critical point of view against vernacular schools. The main content reads

" Sekolah Vernakular (SJKC dan SJKT) adalah punca utama ketidakserasian dan ketegangan kaum di negara kita tercinta. "

For those who have been following my blog, friends and relatives close to me, you all know how much I support national schools and I have always been critical that vernacular schools are among the main causes of national disunity - a stark contrast of opinion with the stand of the party that I support.

The 1 School Campaign cannot be based on just a condemn of vernacular schools only.

If you have not forgotten, upon completion of major exams like UPSR and PMR, most of the students from a particular race go to other types of school also.

These schools are in place mainly for the creme de la creme of Bumiputera students - specifically Malays.

Although some might argue that the boarding schools and elite schools are open to non Malays also, but the amount of places offered to them can be dismissed as dust.

If vernacular schools are contributors to disharmony, then so are the other school types like Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, MRSM, Sekolah Agama and many more.

1 School Campaign is wrong to begin by condemning the vernacular schools only as they are not the sole cause of disunity among Malaysians.

We must all get things clear that the Government's policy in the provision of Education must rest on a 1 School Concept that ensures Education is attainable and grasped by every single Malaysian with no barriers.

However, variant of the national schools should be permitted to co-exist with the national schools and international schools.

These variants may of course include SBP and vernacular schools where the education in these schools are to be listed under the private schools sector.

Let these other types of schools be funded by the Malaysian community, businessmen and philantrophists.

I hope Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin receives inputs from everyone and not just accept the 1 School Petition as it is.

It will be a grave mistake. Someone should write a better campaign and petition on 1 School.

If 1 School is to be implemented at the expense of vernacular schools, I hope Tan Sri Muhyiddin considers scrapping the other types of schools under SBP, MARA and Sekolah Agama.

These schools should be delisted from under the National Schools Policy and be allowed them to be adopted by the private sector and the communities.

This way, 1 School will be seen as 1 Malaysia.

I love my country and I love the idea of 1 School which unites people under 1 Language and 1 System.

However, this must not be exploited as an opportunity to slam vernacular schools as the main cause of disharmony as other types of non national & non vernacular schools are to be blamed too.


Anonymous said...

Please also read


Anonymous said...

Agree with you bro. I like the 1School concept. But the plea must be better written.


1Sekolah said...

hey i dont think u shud include sekolah agama in there. dont touch on religion la bro.

Jimmy Tham said...

So touching on Sekolah Agama is religion and missionary school like St. Michael is not. Not everything has to be linked back to religion, does eating paha ayam kat McD makes one an infidel too? McD is afterall the evil corporaiton from an infidel country.

I've talked up this issue with my friend, Wei Liang and my stand is this.

Yes the source of disunity is the segregation during one's upbringing but my approach in tackling the issue differs from the author of 1Sekolah.

Let's use an example to illustrate my meaning. Does it makes any difference when you get a girl to suck your balls by bitchslapping her and cajoling her and paying her to suck your balls? After all you achieve the same results.

Malaysians regardless of their race want their best for their children. If they perceive vernacular schools give their child advantage when they enter the workforce, they will send their child there. My point is, if national type school can be perceived as competitive and top notch, no parents would want to send their child to a vernacular school whose financial conditions are quesitonable and wouldn't it be better to send their child to a national type school if a school with sufficient funding means better education quality?

The moment this issue is solved, Malaysians regardless of their race will say fuck race and religion, I want the best for my kids and they will come in drove to get their kids enrolled in national school.

A very different approach, stick VS carrot

Goh Wei Liang said...

One thing I want to make clear is this. St Michael's Institution is not a religious school and it is totally different from SAR types.

In SMI, the school practices respect for multifaiths where assembly sessions begin with prayers from all religion and school holiday allocations are divided equally among all religion and race.

Thank you for the inputs.

Jared said...

I like Jimmy's use of the ball-sucking scenario as an example for this matter. Haha

Jared said...
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NJ said...

Dear Sir,

Although the petition may not sound palatable to everyone (supporters & dissenters inclusive), I think one should not just zoomed in on what was written in the petition word by word. It could be the case as commented above by MD .."But the plea must be better written..."To me, I see "Nation Building" more than "the menace of Vernacular school". Maybe the time has come to warrant serious attention from the leaders before Malaysia become even more "Not United" (mind you, language alone have put many of us "not-on-speaking-term") and as such, some of us get a little bit strong with words or some of us do not understand it fairly well and think it was a little bit too strong.

When we are not "on speaking term" at the very first level of different languages we use, then, how is it possible to develop understanding and there on mutual trust amongst us? In this respect, I would be thankful if you could research how the Australians build their nation to emerge as Bangsa Australia. I request this because I do not hear fancy phrases like "Malaysia is Truly Asia", "Unity through Diversity" and the like in Australia and even America where I studied before. These phrases are very nice to hear, top-notch advertisement catch, but are they really praticable in Nation Building of One true Bangsa Malaysia?

Personally, to me, this school campaign emerges from the call for Bangsa Malaysia - A Call for Nation Building and this must be initiated at the very early, fertile young minds, which is right from "Bangku Sekolah".

If one reads the Memo here, ( Memorandum to TPM) having Nation Building in his mind (not Vernacular school), I guess, a true Malaysian, could not help but lend his/her support to this campaign. You can see a few who are against the way the petition was written but still lend their support in the name of Nation Building at the petition site here.

The Memo calls for in depth study of our education system even though references are made toward the effects of vernacular schools.

If at all there are discrepancies in Sekolah Kebangsaan, shouldn't we as a true Malaysians work on its improvement rather than hastily "jump into another boat"? Or is it just an excuse to keep on embracing mother tongue? (pardon me if you find it harsh, but I have let go my Melayu Jawi to embrace Bahasa Kebangsaan for the sake of Bangsa Malaysia and trying my best to be Malaysian, from Melayu, accordance to the Rukun Negara & Perlembagaan Malaysia) Is the "separate ways" of vernacular schools (as we know, using non-National language as the medium thus putting the Perlembagaan Malaysia at back seat) more important than Bangsa Malaysia?

Thanks for your time.



Anonymous said...

as a sidetrack - mr goh- how about you give us a piece of your mind regarding the biggest story of the decade - the PKFZ MCA project..?

we like to know velly much.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


I agree with your take but to the extend of SBP only. Because MARA and SAR existence are in line with our constitution to uphold the special right of Malay and Islam. Not doing it is like not upholding the constitution.

But I do agree that SBP and need to be open more or scrapped altogether with vernacular schools.