Sunday, May 24, 2009

Place RPK on Interpol List

When a layman raises a false accusation against another, we can easily brush it off and say "that guy is just lying, dont bother".

However, when a top Malaysian blogger who has transformed his website into a formal news portal accuse a serving Prime Minister and First Lady as characters involved in the murder of a foreign national, then this blogger must be brought to Court.

The Court is a place where everything said and presented are held binding and the law will prosecute the guilty, release the innocent.

Lawyers, judges, commissioners and everyone in the legal profession knows that the Court is a sacred place just like the Prayer halls of all religion.

Such an accusation that is directed to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the First Lady by a highly influential blogger who also happen to be a cousin of the Sultan of Selangor must be accorded the proper channel for him to substantiate the claims.

Informally, Raja Petra Kamaruddin has presented sworn statements called Statutory Declarations and also intriguing blog writings like the "Let us send the Altantuya murderers to hell".

Till date, these were just words from his mouth.

This matter was investigated and RPK was told to turn up in the Court of law to justify his slanderous article.

The word slanderous can actually be overruled because he is called into Court as defendant.

As such, he has the privilege to present his evidences and show how the Prime Minister and the First Lady were among the conspirators that ended up with a Mongolian model dead.

Yet, RPK declined the offer because of many claims and created the impression that the Court is a Kangaroo Court.

However, we all know that his lawyers who are pro-Opposition will be present in Court at all times and there will be many other people in the public gallery also.

These people will include family members of RPK, the press, public interest groups, NGOs and politicians.

Upon taking a seat at the dock, RPK has the chance to dish out an expose of his claims.

This expose will not only clear him off the charges brought forth by the Attorney General chambers but also save two lives - Sirul and Azilah - who were sentenced to hang.

Sadly, the loud bloggers who screamed that the Prime Minister is a murderer did not take up the challenge to ask Anwar and RPK to provide the evidence which they claim they have and save two lives.

None of the pro-Opposition bloggers joined this campaign.

Most recently, he redirected the focus of this case to Tengku Razaleigh's camp and a particular Deputy Director of a non existent Special Branch in the Military.

It was also said that the aide of Tengku Razaleigh has denied RPK's story.

The Director General of Military Intelligence of the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces have also denied RPK's claims.

RPK is still sending in articles to Malaysia Today but has yet to attend the Court proceeding which has been postponed a few times.

If he is overseas, I hope the Malaysian Police place RPK on the Interpol Wanted List because I believe Malaysia are partners to many countries in Extradition of suspects and criminals.

If he is in Malaysia, then Special Branch should do a nationwide sweep and bring him in to Court.

Otherwise, should we light candles in front of Anwar Ibrahim's house and ask him to cooperate and reveal the location of his greatest supporter ?

I am sure Anwar Ibrahim will call the cops and arrest people who light candles in front of his house. But never mind. We will leave the fun of that to a time when necessary.

(Credits to The Star and Malaysiakini for the photos)


Anonymous said...

Your step-brother:

KAKI NANG said...

You sure you have a degree that was not bought off a shelf or that you still living in australia and collecting some contract money from your umno balaci.
The man had the balls to do it and had to face imprisonment for who,well only for a better MALAYSIA GET IT.

Azrin H said...


RPK is hiding in Brisbane, Australia. I think PDRM should give us who are currently living in Australia, a copy of his warrant arrest. So, if we just happen to meet him somewhere, we can give the warrant.

Goh Wei Liang said...

The man had the balls to do it but with no evidence. Since you sound so angry, might as well vent your anger on the man who claimed he has evidences but has yet to produce any.

My degree was awarded by a top 16 ranked university in the world.

Any accusations of degree sales shall be dealt with directly with the university that is fully funded by the Government of Australia.

As for RPK in Brisbane, is he with Dr Rahim Ghouse? This guy never learns his lesson.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Nice one Wei Liang. I like the final two paragraph. I think Malaysian citizen should do it!

Jimmy Tham said...

lol~ wonder what's the fuss witk RPK nowadays. I bet he is basking in glory and laughing at people who simply took his bait, criticising him in the various media and directly making him more popular. Any PR is a good publicity regardless if it is good or bad.

It doesn't mean that having various interested parties attending the court hearing will make the verdict any better or worse. With opposition bloggers assailing BN's image through various clips that are readily search on youtube, the government can only stick to accusing a mere botak who owns a funny news portal. With any video of proceedings in court not publicly available, even with the presence of those involved will not make the verdict any stronger.

Lighting candle in one's compund is legal, lighting candle in other's house is indeed a little disturbing.

Not being able to cath a fugitive, albeit one that is so flamboyant spells some inkling on the quality of malaysia's security forces. Well, on a side note, the world most powerful country is still hunting for mat osama till now so I reckon PDRM is probably not the worst yet.

I can testify for Mr Goh that he spent 3 fruitful years in ANU working through plenty of econometric models and screaming at how hard life is then. =)

Anonymous said...

Courts in Msia? Give me a break!

How to present evidence if it is continuously suppressed?

YOU should be dragged to court for not using common sense.

They should make it a crime for people who dont use common sense.

Mohd Syameer Firdaus said...

bagus! 5 thumbs up for u Mr.Goh! u are so berani sebab boleh hentam bekas 'raja blog' kita and that anwar! next time hentam lg teruk depa ni because not all blogger are as brave as u that can write such sensitive things.

Perakian said...

This post sounds more like a sneer at someone who has done us a great service by revealing the true nature of our leaders and not the pretty pictures like The Star and the government-owned papers paint to fool the people. He's taking a huge risk to say all these stuff and get into trouble, why should he with all the royalty ties and power he could grab by ass-licking Najib?

I disagree with the fact that even if I meet RPK on the street I wouldn't hand him over.

I can't force you to change your views just because I say so, but I happen to disagree with most of the things you say. And FYI, I'm not a pro-opposition person, not until I saw all the dispicable actions the Government has done to the nation, all the bickering, all the hate incited to split races, enough is enough. I would take a chance in picking the opposition rather than having them ruling another 50 years. Perhaps you should ponder this as well. Think about the future.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Maybe you don't know RPK that well. But it is alright, because that does not matter now.

If you bother to check, his strategy is plain simple. Just by gathering a few corrupted officials and providing documents of their wrongdoings, his popularity went out and people believed that he is credible.

After that few pieces of letters and documents of corrupt practices in KL and parts of Selangor local councils, have you seen any other?


Right after his credibility is established with those expose among the people's minds, he started with his writings on all kinds of stories without evidences.

But people hold true to it and believed it thanks to the earlier part where he established his credibility.

The hate incited to split races were all created under the Opposition.

Who was the one going around the country screaming marginalization of races?

The Opposition are going all out to be the Government.

It is okay for you to vote the Opposition because we practice democracy.

However, the risk of voting the Opposition into power must come with the responsibility.

Voters must know that their votes will bear an effect on the next generation and if they wrongly voted the Opposition into power, they have to bear the consequences.

If oppression is such a big thing, I wonder why Lim Guan Eng is threatening to use the Official Secrets Act to protect his Government.

If open tender was screamed on top of their lungs before this, I wonder why the Penang Government U-Turned and say they are using Selective Tender now to save money.

So if BN does it, it is wrong. If Pakatan does it, it is right.

You judge it yourself. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

hey chinaman at least i know your half bro is peem balls carrrier. print this.

Anonymous said...

"...The hate incited to split races were all created under the Opposition. ..."Dey, fren, didn't the ANU people teach you how to be coherent and show you which is your batang and which is your A.N.U.s?

Anonymous said...

Goh Wei Liang:

You have lived only 23 short years, and have a pea brain. Do wait until your brain has grown before you open your big mouth.

Goh Wei Liang said...

Maturity and intelligence does not go by age as proven over the past few decades, sir/mdm.

Respect the freedom of expression, or am I not entitled to that?

We all speak intelligently and have proper arguments/debates, not name calling like pea brain because pointing a finger at others calling him/her pea brain, do not forget about the other four.

It has been proven that people who cannot properly argue on cases will tend to adopt name calling and slanderous strategies.

Thank you for all the comments. Freedom and democracy is in place and Malaysia is not what it has been perceived.

Perakian said...

Who were they at the 1st place who screamed "Pendatang" at the Chinese and who said to kill the Indian at a DUN, who waved the keris and wanted to bathe it in Chinese blood? Who incited hate
1st? You tell me.

Unlike you, I have no qualms at kicking the Government out as I believe it is a better alternative compared to having a corrupted Government ruling without listening to the people. The Opposition played its cards right by listening to the people and made the right decisions to make them more popular than the Government. However the Government didn't do anything to counter these and kept steamrolling over the people's voices a.k.a Perak. You are a Perakian, you know how we feel. Is dissolving a DUN that hard? Or the possibility of defeat to hard to bear?

Correct, LGE did mention about the OSA and the tenders, however, do the Penang people complain? Did they go all out to protest like what we have in Teratai or Batu Caves? Sure, they'll rule for 5 years, and if we're not happy, we can always kick them out. That is Democracy, and not talk about the right of being "born to rule" like our 1st-lady once mentioned in The Star. Such arrogance is expected in a coalition that is too long in powe that they think they are a cut above than the people. A power check is necessary. We showed them that in 2008, they never listened, why must we place faith in them again?

I am putting a gamble for our future, and I know the price I have to pay, even without a degree in economics. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

it's simple la. RPK already explained that the najib and the gov should've proven that he was indeed lying... but they didn't, did they?

how do you explain the 2 cops taking the fall for killing the mongolian model without a motive? on top of that the woman, according to record, illegally entered the country and just so happened to know the DPM and his political advisor?

I'm in Selangor and I'm very proud of what the PR government has been doing around here.

I voted for a change and I'm loving it now. You know what, you're a thinker, a philosopher. you think and u write. you think what is logic and u write. Well, put u in my position.. then you'll know. I've been wrongfully accused before, my late father's land has been cheated by BN ADUN after his death and i have a trial that's been going on for 7 years now.

you tell me... do i want change or not?

Anonymous said...


We can be the judge to the events that's happening in our country. Without RPK enlightening we all are still in a trance. The past Gov have not being sincere in governing the country and the countries wealth is being "hijack" by only the well connected. Let's face it, we just don't have the confident in them anymore. Worst of all the present crop of leaders are well known racist if u care to read your history. How is the country going to develop and share the wealth fairly if the gov practice selective actions. I will definately support any future leaders which shows strong leadership and treat every race in this country in fair manner. Before u go hammering RPK again let me remind u that majority out there is glad to have the service rendered by RPK. At least he has the fact to back him up.

TODMAG said...

Dear Wei Liang

It is good to see a young mind like yours being used to critically examine each and every aspect of the political scenario that is unfolding in Malaysia.

Having said that, I do note that your views are somewhat slanted towards the BN Govt which you feel is still ok.

Being more than twice your age, perhaps I have witness much more of the abuses that this present govt have committed to the point that I wish to see a new buch of people given the chance to run the country.

Malaysia need change. It will not matter that the people offering themselves are not perfect. Nobody is perfect. But change must happen.

This current administration has taken too much from the country without giving back a reasonable amount for the actual development of the country in terms of maturity and unity.

the corruption has reached unreasonable levels with even the police force and judiciary being contaminated by a desperate group of people clinging on to power.

It is said, Power Corrupts. In Malaysia, it has corrupted too much.

I have no illusions that the PR govt will be squeaky clean. At best, they will be less than half corrupt than the present BN.

I would rather lose 40% of my taxes to corruption instead of the 80% now.

I would rather see my children have a chance of being accepted on equal terms with all races rather than the very glaring disparity in the treatment of different races.

You are in Australia studying, probably your dad is also involved in politics, which would explain your mindset.

Give your self a chance and look at our country's situation without the influence of your background and you wll see what is clear to so many of us who are NOT politically linked to any party.



Anonymous said...

u can flush ur pc of mind down the toilet bowl ... why not ask najis why he din want to sue for defamation and collect handsome damages from RPK and all the foreign presses? obviously he got plenty of things to hide by remaining silence or avoid confronting the issues.

count210 said...

Hmm. Malaysian courts free and independent?

Are you evil or stupid?

Just work hard on your Aussie PR.

A Chinese Restaurant in Sydney needs a dishwasher.

Malaysia doesn't need another BN asslicker.

Jared said...

to me all politicians r de same....~ irregardless of which party dey choose to serve...

power corrupts a man's mind

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh,

You see, RPK's encounter with the judiciary always ends up in the negative--simply b'cos the courts are corrupted to the core--I did'nt say this but the survey conducted by Transparency International-Malaysia, interviewing about 330 lawyers and out of which only 1% had positive support towards the judiciary--so now about 90% of those dealing with the courts have got negative impression about the courts--so how to get a fair trial--if it involves the opposition---the Linggam tape and Syed Aidid had proven that the judges can be bought.


James Khoo said...

What is the truth? The truth is NOT what I tell you...the truth is what YOU CHOOSE to believe.

This is why there will be those who won't agree with another guy's views.

It's all right to disagree BUT the sda thing is that there are many immature cowards who hide behind anonymity to hurl insults nad spew their hatred. That's why they are immature as they chose to believe lies since they cannot discern truth from lies.

Anonymous said...

Young man Goh,either you are too young or you are too naive. I left Malaysia 20 years ago with a heavy heart but looking back I have no regrets. Young man, you are so blind to whats happening in Malaysia, nothing is played out on a level field. Why did you have to
resort to study in Aussie in the first instance, did were you not offered a place in the local Universities ? Or perhaps I have over looked your father's back ground (Dad's political connections)back in KL. It seems to me like you are trying to score Brownies before your return to Malaysia. I hope you'll think again
before you try mind some others fight, take my advise son, its not worth your trouble, you are only 23, still plenty to learn about life. I wish you well in your studies.

Kiwi Ham

Tony said...

Mr Goh, you are entitled to your opinion, although I must say that you have an idealistic view of the situation in Malaysia. It is what you would expect to read in the mainstream media, .. semuanya OK. But the fact of the matter is that the courts, the police are controlled by the ruling party, which any blind fella on the street can tell unless of course some people can conveniently choose to ignore it for reasons known to themselves. We were all born with self consciousness (Chinese call it 'leong sam'). That is why some of us cannot agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Bravo on the well written article.
Though I have to say, quoting articles from Pro-Governmental media would not convince anyone, especially when most if not many online savvy, blog readers doubts the medias' reliability and accuracy.

"The word slanderous can actually be overruled because he is called into Court as defendant. "

He was first charged for making a false decleration, which was changed to defemation. As for why the charges was changed, I'll let you find out yourself.

on a side note, I do agree with you intelligence and maturity does not go by age, but I must point out, ignorance doesn't does not go by intelligence and maturity.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Goh, you are lucky to be able to get oversea education, perhaps you parents are rich. And I would not like to know where it come from. But, why on earth you did not attend the local university? Not qualified? Not smart enough? or Discriminated because you are a bloody Cina or so call pendatang? Please think for those who are not so lucky like you, espeacially those who cannot get into local university which are smarter than you and their parents are poorer than yours (espeacially those rated pendatang). Stupid boy.

Anonymous said...

won't be too long before mca come after u to take over michael chong place...

since you know the hows & ways to look for missing person.

and bro u ho sei la!, as long as mca is in bn, your livelihood is secure... lu chiak bei liow la!

Anonymous said...

i do not agree with you mr goh.Is the judiciary system capable of a fair and equal justice?

and should read more and INVESTIGATE about the current situation before commenting.

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh, to begin with, 1) since you are miles from Malaysia - you are least qualify to make judgement. Ppl like your kind are plentiful but most keep their mouth shut not because they are oblivious, they do not add salt into injury.
2) Have you eat, lsepp, talk and walk with RPK? If not, then you better spend time commenting on Hitler. Im sure ppl would like to hear your mind.
3) Come back to Malaysia and stay and make a difference for the rakyat here. Stop shouting and passing your comments from Australia and just think of your bloody selfish life. Come back and stand like a man otherwise shut your mouth coz you don't belong here.

Mike Wong

Anonymous said...

ddei, still no expose from you on PKFZ PROJECT??????????????????????????????????????


Anonymous said...

Either you are an idiot or an UMNO/BN man.You may have some knowledge about econimics but definitely you are an ignorant without wisdom.Do not come back to Malaysia,w have too many of you people in UMNO/BN.

Anonymous said...

Hello, don't talk cock lah!

concerned said...

and come're saying this because you happen 2 reap the rewards from them....think about many many others whom did not get a scholarship to study overseas like u....come on! do something RIGHT for the country

JX said...

I'm 22, studying in Australia, born in a slightly more blessed background, family is involved in politics, am a MCA member and I love Malaysia. Full stop.

I'm not running away, I'm getting my training. I prefers facts rather than irrational emotions. I'm idealistic but also a realist because I dreamed of a better Malaysia.

I worked hard to achieve, I don't whine to achieve. I help other along the way, I don't step them along the way for a better Malaysia.

Young, stupid, naive? Maybe. But at least I'm trying.

Anonymous said...

go grow a pigtail, eunuch.

Perakian said...

Enough people, we shouldn't resort to lowly sneers at someone who is trying to argue with his point of view. Everyone has his own right to speak, at least we happen to get a view of the other side. That makes us no better than hooligans.

I'm still waiting for a response from you, Wei Liang. Or you have given up trying to convince us that RPK is a tale-spinner? Your facts provide poor prospects to what is right and what is wrong and you offer nothing of the alternative to solve such matters, or shall we say you think the current situation suffices the needs of the nation?

To JX, you're lucky that you have the chance to go overseas and blessed with parents who can afford to do so. But that doesn't entitle you the right to think that you are better off than others. Some people have gone over and haven't changed a bit at all. And to say that we are a bunch of irrational people is really irrational. We do have facts to back us up and what do you have? All I see from MCA is always the racist view (I'm a chinese btw)that we must stick together and protect our kind when the current nation needs is the people to unite and stop splitting over what's yours and mine. Change is needed and I fail to see the Government being the catalyst for the change. You love your country, so should you ponder this matter deeply as well, what can you do to make the country a better place, other than earn money and oppress others?

We are idealistic, we are emotional, because we love our country and really want to make a difference for our future since there is an alternative to the present coalition. We want change so that we can move towards the better and not fall backwards while others move forward. Do not belittle us, for we have our reasons to do so.

Good day everyone.

Onrindo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello, are you a running dog?

keris waving umno guys called chinese pendatang.

Mahathir's father Iskandar Kutty, a mamak, was born in India, and Mahathir is a bumiputra. Whereas chinese are pendatangs, second class malaysians, even after 6 generations or more.

there is a quota system in place, and every year chinese students with 12As and 13As go to the press because they are deprived of scholarship and a place in local universities.

There're no housing subsidies if you're chinese, because it's only for malays. Civil service jobs is a malay preserve.

if you start a business, 30% goes to the bumi partner.

boy, if you are really a malaysian for all malaysians, do something about this inequality instead of writing rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Hello, are you a running dog?

keris waving umno guys called chinese pendatang.

Mahathir's father Iskandar Kutty, a mamak, was born in India, and Mahathir is a bumiputra. Whereas chinese are pendatangs, second class malaysians, even after 6 generations or more.

there is a quota system in place, and every year chinese students with 12As and 13As go to the press because they are deprived of scholarship and a place in local universities.

There're no housing subsidies if you're chinese, because it's only for malays. Civil service jobs is a malay preserve.

if you start a business, 30% goes to the bumi partner.

boy, if you are really a malaysian for all malaysians, do something about this inequality instead of writing rubbish.

JX said...

To Perakian,

I did not suggest that I am better off than other people. I am responding to other commenters which seems to suggest that BN supporters are a bunch of selfish individuals who are all out for themselves. I'm stating a point- I'm not. It's also sarcastic in nature.

Not irrational? By having one-liner calling people as eunuch, stupid etc rational?

Facts? Using Malaysia-Today as facts? What are you referring to actually? This blog post is about the charges laid against RPK.

MCA is racist? Please do read
This is what MCA stands for (I'm both chinese and english educated btw). But I do agree that we should be one Malaysia. BN needs a major overhaul on this one.

I get your point on failing to see the current government acting as a catalyst. What can I do to make this country a better place? You asked me to ponder, I had. I'm a member of a political party and I give feedbacks, learning and listening to people humbly, and getting trained to hopefully being able to somehow make a change. What about you?

To be honest, I feel insulted and hurt when you say that I only think about earning money and oppressing others. I have nothing to say on this one because this is something only our hearts will truly know. Allegations like this make the most genuine of all heart floundered. Allegations without substance.

Emotions without facts is a problem. For example, A is shunning B because C accused B of something which B did not do because C is jealous of B. Definitely not the best of example, I tried. Well, hope that I get the point across.

My problem with the alternative coalition is
i) DAP is for a socialist state. I'm for a capitalist system.
ii)PAS stands for an Islamic state. I do not know whether they still do.
iii )PKR, I'm not too sure about them, Seems very vague what they truly stands for.

Until then, good night.

Anonymous said...

young man, 5 lawyers spent the night in the slammer when they came to the police station to render legal assistance to those nabbed for illegal assembly.

what do you have to say to this? is this your ideal of a malaysia, when lawyers get arrested for doing their job?

do they have laws against illegal assembly in australia?

in australia, if lawyers get arrested for doing their job, the prime minister will be in hot soup; but not in malaysia. Care to explain ?

Anonymous said...

JX said:
i)DAP is for a socialist state. I'm for a capitalist system.
ii)PAS stands for an Islamic state. I do not know whether they still do.

REALLY? you just have to listen to yourself and read your own words.
What is a socialist state? IS china worst than a socialist state since it is communist? China is already eclipsing the US the mighty home of the Capitalist pigs.
BN is the biggest exponent of Socialism - look at how much money they dished out to their friends and cronies.

How much money these BN socialists threw at your PKFZ project - 12 billions and counting. Socialists or not ahh? how many more 'socialist' projects do they have every year? hundreds or thousands ah?

PAS stands for islamic values..?
you mean you are against islamic values. how many temples did PAS runtuh in Kelantan or Kedah??
The stats will show NONE. how many temples did BN runtuh in selangor or perak or johor under BN/MCA.
stats will show MANY.

wake up to yerself.

aturk said...

I thought if you want to ask interpol for help you must present your case first. If there is no case against RPK, domyou think Interpol want to help, and waste their energy and resources, which they can use toward catching the real criminals.

Young man, I'm a malay and I don't like what the present government is doing, even if it means losing some or all of the 'privileges' that I had enjoyed before.
I saw many of my chinese/indian friend that is definitely 'cleverer' then me, and some poorer, failed to make it to the university because they are non bumiputera.
It may be an UMNO thing, which is also a BN thing, so what say MCA or MIC?

Miriam said...

Ay! Small boy! So you have fallen for the RPK's in Aussie spin. Clearly, hook, line & sinker of Polis Raja di Malaysia.

Apart from that, just posting a copy of the extradition doesn't make RPK the crook you make him out to be. Australia would grant him political asylum. after all he has only been the spokesman against the immorality of the Malaysian Govt.

Have you any idea of what it means to have a conscience?? RPK has, several times over your puny 23 yr intellect.

Anonymous said...

Wei Liang, get a life young man,
do your studies thats why you are in Aussie right? Please don't try to mind others business, it doesn't pay believe me son, where were you during May 13 1969 ? You were not even born, what do you know about Malaysian Politics ? You are Intellegent, young, naive but at the same time you misuse your intellegence. I stronly advise you to instead channel you
time and energy to your Masters rather than try to take sides. Your father would be very disappointed with you for wasting your time minding Adults Political Games which you know little about.
Don't upset the wrong people with your unsolicited opinions as you still have a long way to go in life when you go back to Malaysia.
When you least expect you would most likely meet those you now run down, you may have to work for them, you can never tell and it may well happen. Thank your lucky star for being more fortunate than others, so don't waste your time. Remember, do not offer unsolicited advise or Opnions for it may come back to haunt you.

Kiwi Ham

Anonymous said...

Wei Liang, BN paying for your Master's ah?

Anonymous said...

Wei Liang

After I read your article, I nearly puke.

Your article is a total display of ignorance.

But then again, You are entitled to have your opinions on issues. Therefore, I still want to applaud you for being brave enough to blog out your opinions in your blog.

BTW, The MCA cheque....

arrive oledi aa?

Anonymous said...

"If you bother to check, his strategy is plain simple. Just by gathering a few corrupted officials and providing documents of their wrongdoings, his popularity went out and people believed that he is credible."

Dear Mr Goh, do you mind telling us how you CHECKED and CONFIRMED :

1. RPK's strategy is as what you have stated?
2. That the few officials were corrupted?
3. People started to believe RPK because of this particular expose? What evidence do you have to show that?

If you can't provide evidence (like you said RPK can't provide evidence), what does that make you? A liar like RPK?

Complete your studies and use your knowledge and intelligence to contribute to the economy when you come back to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Goh,

i don't know if Australia has a law where an accused can plead to take the 5th amendment like the US.

As you have mentioned,there is this case which is of national as well as international interest and it involve some top guy ie. the accused. I suppose the accused has at his/her disposal multiple channels to at least put out a denial, or to bring the accuser to court for slander or defamation, is it not?
Yet, it has been silence, sort of an unofficial plea of taking the 5th as in the US. WHAT IS YOU OPINION ON A PERSON OF SUCH CHARACTER?


Anonymous said...

I disagree with Mr Goh myself, but I'm more concerned with the amount of personal attacks in this post that condemn him for expressing his views.

I myself could probably be described as pro-opposition, but the bigoted supporters are seriously making me think twice now.

It's a democracy. He has the right to say what he thinks, regardless of how much you disagree with him. Instead of flaming him and giving opposition supporters a bad name, cant anyone properly argue with facts and opinion, and at the very least agree to disagree?

Proper mutual respect is needed in a place where different ideologies are present. I plead for future commenters to be civil, and discuss properly. Please.

Either way, a point to refute the article...yes the courts are regarded as a sacred place (usually), but statistics and public opinion generally casts doubt upon the purity and sanctity of the institution.

RPK's argument that he would not attend trial due to the sheer injustice of the system isnt all that unreasonable, considering the track records of the courts.

Might I suggest doing some research on the local court proceedings before throwing your support behind the courts? Perhaps then you can properly refute the incidences that presents the court in a light that borders on sheer ridiculousness.

Other than that, Interpol is expressly forbidden by it's constitution to assist in apprehending political "criminals". Unfortunately, that is exactly the class of..."criminals" that RPK belong to. So I think they will be unable to respond to requests of assisting in the effort of locating RPK.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I refer to your comment about your degree is from a university ranked top 16th in the world.

Dei stupid, if you wanna lie also use some brains to lie la. What standard are you using by saying it's the top 16th in the world? Published by who? No one worth his salt will dare proclaim an Australian university to be top 16th in the world.

Next time, bark, don't speak cuz you're a dog.

Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

Brother, I really don't know how to say you. Stupid or what? Look at the comments. 90 percent disagree with you. Maybe you should wait for another 30 years before yopu write again. In hokkien we call this "The young calf doesn't recognise the tiger when it sees one." RPK simply trick comes a long way. You have zero experience and yet talk too much. Go get some first. Maybe after you become prime minister of OZ first.

partistar said...

Keep what you have said and stand for and come back to serve the people and be the next President of MCA, Gerakan or DAP, and then you will be entitled to your comments.

RPK has suffered enough and what really happened can be covered up.For instance, I knew about Anwar beat-up and his condition the morning after, blah, blah through someone who has a good connection with Bukit Aman. I told my friend, the Deputy Minister (Home Affairs), the next morning what transpired and he was shocked and told me, "Cannot be? ..." Anyway I requested that Anwar be given the medical care he needed.

Yet I was told later that PM commented, after when Anwar was shown with the famous BLACK EYE, "MUNGKIN PUKUL SENDIRI". If this is how the system operates in Malaysia, is it really not wise for RPK to abscond and wait for the right time to return?

Malaysia can do whatever she wants because MIGHT is RIGHT and BOSS is always RIGHT, but can it sustain it till you are 50? or rather will you return to serve Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

goh wei liang....yet another umno-jibby cocksucker....just like the umno pimp wong chun wai and joceline-umno-whore-tan. your parents must be from mca/gerakan-craphole to have raised an ignoramus like you.

Anonymous said...

Hey readers,

Why waste your time on some naive youngster trying to gain notoriety/popularity by trying to write a half baked article on a popular well established blogger?

Reading his argument regarding the issues, we can safely conclude that possessing a degree or whatever doesn't mean that he is qualified or intelligent enough to present or understand facts or circumstances surrounding the situations at hand, let alone trying to portray an understanding of circumstances surrounding issues relating to politics.

He is just simplifying a whole host of issues without understanding the underlying implications.

Have you been following the Perak crisis and the issues surfacing from it??? Law and order?? Judicial independence?? Do you really want to tell us that under the present circumstances, there could be justice from the courts?? Look at the facts of whats currently unfolding right in front of you and please, prove to us that the judges are totaslly unbiased and cannot be manipulated!

Perhaps, a little respect for untainted observations and knowledge of whats happening around us will enable you to do justice to what you are trying to pen onto record....because, if you choose to write without full knowledge or recognition of actual events occuring around you, then, whatever you have written can only be half truths or ignorance without bother for truths!

So, qualifications alone does not make a person because qualifications means nothing if there's no indication of commonsense nor effort to unravel the actual facts of situations under discussion - and I thought they would have taught those basic requirements to you at the U long before graduation!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Goh,

Good health to you, I am GooN writing to you to inform you we at are very interest to do an interview on your good self, we will try to publish you on the front page with your best photo in our weekly mag - The Soh Hai weekly.

But before that can happen there are some question below that we like you to respond:-
1. NEP is good for Malaysian (chinese/Indian)as it make them more competitive? (Y/N)
2. Scholarship Quotas on races base is good as it is fair & for deserving? (Y/N)

Do respond urgently as we have reserve the next issue for you,and no respond automatically mean (Y) is selected.

Bye, hope to meet you in real person. (My editor said you not real, I have a bet on this).

Goh Wei Liang said...

I can only come to a conclusion that freedom of expression is flouring in Malaysia. However, freedom of expression with profanities seem to be a tag stuck to Opposition apologists.

Sadly, people like me who support the causes of Barisan Nasional do not condone to foul mouthing activities and we present our points constructively.

Perhaps it is thanks to our level of education because education elevates the maturity of people.

A 23 year old man like me can talk, blog and express freely with points and maturity.

Comments in my blog, whom I believe are elder than me, are appreciated but the choice of language does not seem fit to be uttered from people your age.

Sadly, I cry for you Malaysia for you are filled with people like these whom we call samseng or thugs.

As for my opinion on the NEP, for your information NEP is no longer in practise. It has been replaced with a National Development Policy presented in Parliament by Datuk Seri Dr Chua Jui Meng in the 1990s.

The NEP, although not in line with competitive economic policies, were meant to create a wholesome Malaysia.

The economy cannot be generated by 30 % of the population , which is synonymous with the Chinese in the past.

The NEP was in place to create a motor (economy) that can run and generate by itself with 100% capacity (all Malaysians - largely Bumiputera).

Thus, the reasoning behind NEP stays.

As for the scholarship quotas, I disagree with it being race based and under meritocracy also as I have explained it on two occasions in my blog and with The Star Publications.

However, I do agree with more scholarships given to East Malaysian students with the condition that scholars return to their states to help elevate the socio economic level of the people there.

Judging by me choice of opinions and language, although it may differ with yours, it clearly show that age does not matter when it coems to intelligence, maturity and class.

Thank you for all the comments.

Note: As for the underhand tactics against me and my family, it won't work and I have answered all allegations before.

Thank you once again and all comments are appreciated sincerely from me.

Anonymous said...

52 years of barisan rule produced race based policies that permeates education, housing, jobs, business......

my god, what has barisan done!
instead of going forward, they are going backwards.

The ordinary man does not care about skyscrapper and bridges when there is no equality in housing, education.....etc..

and some people are so proud of barisan and their racial policies, such sadomasochist.

Anonymous said...

My Dear, If you really admire TDM or famously known as mahafiroun/mamak thir then the first thing you must do is read his letter to Tunku before 13 may 1969.Do that first and think if you really admire him.Then go through our constitution before 1980 and/until 2003.Then see all the changes and who is benefitting from it.Third think about our national policy and who is pulling the string from the back.Our ancestors live in peace and harmony until 1980's until this idiot started the racial segregation.we will see again.

siti said...

"APOMM taat dan setia kepada Sultan Azlan Shah dan Raja Nazrin Shah. Daulat Tuanku"
Saya ternampak ayat diatas dalam blog ini.Saya ada soalan untuk APOMM, adakah tindakan Azlan wajar dalam kes di Perak?2.Kerana anda orang Perak, saya percaya anda tahu tenatang peraturan dan cara seseorang itu naik taktha.soalan saya, adakah nazrin sebenar-benarnya yang layak dilantik sebagai Raja Muda dan seterusnya menganti Azlan nanti? Saya harap anda dapat mencari fakta yang tepat sebelum menjawab soalan ini. Seterusnya saya berharap anda berani menyiar dan menjawab SEMUA soalan yang dikemukakan dalam blog ini.Bukan hanya pilih untuk menjawab mana-mana yang menyokong fahaman politik anda.

P/s- Saya baru lepas menyemak keputusan SPM yang lepas-lepas dan senarai mereka yang mendapat biasiswa dari JPA. Bagaimana anda layak mendapat biasiswa ( 10 A ) sedangkan kawan-kawan anda yang sama tahun dengan anda yang dapat 11A1,12A1 dan 13A tidak mendapat biasiswa atau hanya ditawarkan PINJAMAN (loan) belajar, malahan ada yang langsung tidak ditawarkan apa-apa????????

Goh Wei Liang said...

Terima kasih kerana melawat laman blog saya ini. Pertama sekali, Tuanku Sultan Azlan Shah dan Raja Nazrin Shah merupakan kerabat Di Raja Perak yang dihormati dan disanjung tinggi.

Ini merupakan fakta dan dijulang oleh Pakatan juga semasa sambutan Pentadbiran Jubli Perak Sultan Azlan Shah.

Namun segalanya berakhir apabila keputusan Tuanku tidak memihak kepada mereka.

Saya juga berharap, panggilan "Sultan" dan "Raja Muda" terus bersama nama Tuanku berdua kerana pada pendapat saya, mereka merupakan raja-raja Melayu.

Oleh itu, tidak wajarlah "Siti" memanggil Tuanku berdua dengan nama mereka sahaja kerana itulah yang disifatkan sebagai biadap.

Untuk menjawab soalan biasiswa JPA, keputusan yang memanglah 10A. 8A1 dan 2A2.

Walau bagaimanapun, seperti yang dimaklumkan, kriteria JPA bukanlah hanya akademik.

Senarai pencapaian kokurikulum saya termasuk

1. Biasiswa Monbukagakusho untuk belajar di Jepun sebagai Duta Muda Malaysia. Biasiswa ini ditaja penuh oleh Kerajaan Jepun pada tahun 2002.

2. Johan Debat Inggeris Rotary Club Kinta.

3. Johan Debat Inggeris Daerah Kinta

4. Johan Debat Inggeris Negeri Perak

5. Naib Johan Debat Inggeris Peringkat Nasional anjuran Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

Debat Inggeris itu melibatkan kesemua sekolah di Malaysia dan mungkin tuah mungkin ada kaliber, atas berkat Tuhan, saya menjadi Naib Johan Kebangsaan Piala Tan Sri Dato Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad pada tahun 2002.

Ada juga banyak lagi senarai pencapaian kokurikulum dan akademik, termasuk Debat Bahasa Melayu Johan Daerah, peperiksaan Bahasa Inggeris University of New South Wales dan sebagainya.

Senarai pencapaian saya di sekolah biar dari segi akademik ataupun dari segi kokurikulum boleh disemak dengan pihak sekolah dan rakan-rakan sekolah saya.

Sekiranya "Siti" ingin tahu lebih banyak mengapa pelajar lain tak dapat biasiswa tetapi saya dapat, "Siti" perlulah faham.

Yang saya pohon tu, Biasiswa Ekonomi. Biasiswa Ekonomi melibatkan kos yang paling rendah antara semua biasiswa yang ditawarkan.

Yang tidak dapat tu, sekiranya "Siti" ada masa semak, semuanya Biasiswa Perubatan yang melibatkan kos 2-3 kali ganda kos saya.

Sekiranya "Siti" ada masa juga, sila periksa berapa yang ditaja untuk bidang Ekonomi ke Australia pada tahun 2004 (masa saya).

3 sahaja Cik. Entah berapa yang mohon belajar Ekonomi.

Terima kasih "Siti" tetapi cuba ubah sudut pemikiran.

Sekiranya ada pemohon kekosongan yang kebetulan rakan sekelas "Siti" dan keputusannya lebih baik, adakah "siti" akan terperanjat jika jawatan itu diberikan kepada Siti?

Samalah juga dengan graduan Universiti Malaya dan Monash University. Berdasarkan meritokrasi, patutnya graduan Monash mendapat jawatan itu. Tetapi tanyalah mana-mana Human Resource Dept di Malaysia sama ada ini benar atau tidak.

Tidak benar. Keputusan hanya melayakkan seseorang untuk temuduga. Lepas itu, maaflah. Ceritanya lain dan semuanya sama rata.

Salam sejahtera kepada semua dan saya rela menjawab apa-apa sahaja tohmahan dan soalan.

Ada juga ada orang yang kata abah saya orang MCA dan peniaga yang kaya. Saya tak kisahlah nak kata apa-apa. Yang saya tahu, abah saya kerja di kilang setiap hari berpeluh.

Kerja di kilang makan gaji "Siti". Periksalah dengan Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia dan Registrar of Societies sama ada mana-mana ahli keluarga saya orang MCA ke, orang kaya raya ke dan sebagainya.

Sesiapa yang ada masa nak buka kes Mahkamah untuk menyoal saya tentang saya ataupun keluarga, dipersilakan. APOMM sedia menjawab segala tohmahan dan teori konspirasi yang dilemparkan di sini.

Salam sejahtera kepada semua.


siti said...

Saya berharap saudara dapat melayari website dibawah.
Saya telah mengatakan bhawa saudara patut mencari fakta yang tepat sebelum menjawab soalan-soalan didalam blog saudara dan bukan hanya soalan saya.Malahan saya telah bertanyakan saudara 2 SOALAN dan hanya membuat P/s tentang biasiswa yang saudara perolehi.Sepatutnya dengan senarai pencapaian seperti yang saudara huraikan spt di bawah:2. Johan Debat Inggeris Rotary Club Kinta.

3. Johan Debat Inggeris Daerah Kinta

4. Johan Debat Inggeris Negeri Perak

5. Naib Johan Debat Inggeris Peringkat Nasional anjuran Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

Debat Inggeris itu melibatkan kesemua sekolah di Malaysia dan mungkin tuah mungkin ada kaliber, atas berkat Tuhan, saya menjadi Naib Johan Kebangsaan Piala Tan Sri Dato Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad pada tahun 2002.

Ada juga banyak lagi senarai pencapaian kokurikulum dan akademik, termasuk Debat Bahasa Melayu Johan Daerah, peperiksaan Bahasa Inggeris University of New South Wales dan sebagainya. Saudara patut dapat membezakan antara soalan yang perlu dijawab dan catatan(p/s) yang hanya merupakan catatan yang tidak perlu dijawab dengan panjang lebar.Tetapi saudara tidak langsung menjawab 2 soalan tetapi lebih berminat dengan p/s saya.Ini yang saya maksudkan sebagai JAWAB SEMUA SOALAN. Dan seterusnya kerana anda seorang jaguhan dalam debat Bahasa Inggeris, saya pasti saudara faham apa yang dimaksudkan sebagai" Respect should be earned and NOT demanded " Rasa hormat itu patut wujud dari hati sanubari kita dan bukanlah dari bibir kita bah kata menanam tebu dibibir.Hanya tuhan yang sempurna, kita sebagai manusia patut sedar hakikat ini. TO err is human, tetapi masalah bila dah tahu kita salah, kita patut mengakuinya walau setinggi mana kedudukan kita.Hanya takwa dan ibadat yanf membezakan manusia disisi Allah dan bukannya harta benda atau pangkat yang mengunung.Kalau saudara ikuti perkembangan di Perak,hampir 80-90% rakyat hendakkan pilihanraya supaya mereka dapat menentukan siapa yang mereka nak mewakili mereka di DUN. Persoalannya mengapa hak rakyat dicantas?Mengapa suara rakyat tidak dihiraukan?Tahukah saudara akibat dari keputusan makhamah rayuan pada masa akan datang?Raja adil Raja di sanjung Raja zalim??????????

Opposition Supporter said...

Dear Mr Goh,

While it is true that some readers have resorted to profanities in their responses, you have made an assumption that all opposition supporters are foul-mouthed, samsengs and thugs.

I'm sure many readers may respond to this by listing out the foul-mouthed, samseng and thug doings of the BN.

Firstly, a conduct of a person is not linked to any political parties. it is the choice of the person to act/react/respond in their own way. Hence, your lamentations on the "maturity level" of the opposition supporters might actually be another bullet in your own foot.

NDP is just a rebranding exercise of NEP and if I'm not mistaken, NEP wasn't formed to "create a wholesome Malaysia because the economy was being generated by 30% of the population".

NEP was "initially" formed to aid the hardcore poor Malays so that their income and social status can be improved over the years.

Sad to say, policies meant to help the people became "evil" as it is greedy men who abuse it to their own advantage.

People (including Malays) are condemning the NEP because of THE ABUSE. BN is deflecting it by adding a tinge of racism to it to make it sound like anti-Malay.

Let's imagine that the federal govt is Govt A (not BN). Would you condemn the abuse of a policy meant to help rakyat has become a policy to enrich cronies? What is your view on this?

As for the race based quotas, I disagree with you. UiTM itself is a great example. If ONE SINGLE RACE wants exclusive rights to a university while giving only 10% seats to other races, then THAT race should bear 90% of the costs of running that university. Fair enough? Don't tell me that if you are renting a small room, you are willing to pay more than the tenant who is renting a master bedroom?

Every year newspapers like The Star, NST carries headlines of high achievers not being able to obtain places in local universities. If you insist that there are no quotas, does this mean that those pro-BN papers are lying? Because all I see are Chinese and Indian students and their parents telling their story in the newspapers.