Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cronyism in Selangor State Govt - where is SELCAT?

Teresa Kok, Elizabeth Wong and the hard hitting no nonsense Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim ought to answer this.

According to A Thiruvenggadam (PJ Selatan PKR Deputy Chief) as reported in Malaysiakini, the state government divides waste-concessionaire Alam Flora contracts to political parties - 40 per cent to PKR, 30 per cent to PAS and 30 per cent to DAP.

This piece was written on 25 May 2009.

“This policy is wrong and against good government practice and it will lead to corruption. This system denies further the Indian community from participating in the contracts. Worse, the community does not even have any information on it and many councillors in Selangor were surprised with this kind of contract arrangement."

This is interesting. CRONYISM IN SELANGOR !

Teresa Kok, Elizabeth Wong and Teng Chang Khim - SELCAT ? I thought you guys have a policy called Selangor Competency, Accountability, Transparency ?

Where are your voices ? I can't hear you !


(Credits to Malaysiakini and The Star for the photos)


money, money, money said...


You think this DAP/PAS/PKR are saints?

DAP's ADUN and MP for eg. Teresa Kok already admitted last time her salary is barely enough to cover the expenses of here service centre, the staff of the service centre.

Tell me, where does the DAP/PAS/PKR find money to fund all their activities, including legal fees (in filing numerous suits and prepare Statutory Declarations etc), media expenses, and all the events, programs, vigil nites. All these REQUIRE money. WHERE do these PAS/DAP/PKR find money. Go figure out!

You think people like legal firms acting for PKR/DAP/PAS work for free?

So again, where the money come from!!

Money doesn't grow on tree!!

Jeffry said...


Goh Wei Liang said...

Helo jeffry. Apa khabar di sana? Silakan sebar artikel ni.

Teruskan perjuangan bro. Perjuangan Belum Selesai !

Jimmy Tham said...

lol. At least they practise sharing and not hide behind the bumiputera rights where 1 part sapu habis semua habuan

genesispassion said...

u must be sick..all these years yr bosses been screwing us n care no fxxk us....! why dont u go hunger strike ?
stand nude in front of state office? cut yr tongue...? dont play clean and act righteous ! readers , beware of his highly paid cockroach !

Anonymous said...

No evidence.

Wild allegations.


Anonymous said...

DAP raps IGP for ignoring crime, harassing protesters
By Melissa Loovi

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang today rapped the police for not checking crime with the discovery of an illegal prison for loan shark debtors, accusing them of playing political games by curbing political dissent.

“Malaysians are shocked today by more evidence that Malaysia is taking on the characteristics of a failed state,” said the Ipoh Timur MP, citing a report of loan sharks torturing those who defaulted on payments in makeshift prisons for months.

Lim questioned how many such “hellholes and dungeons” existed in Malaysia, allowing illegal loan sharks known as Ah Longs to illegally imprison their hostages in underground systems of “prisons”.

“This makes an utter mockery of the police and justice systems. Who would have thought that 52 years after Merdeka, Malaysia’s law and order system have degenerated to such a level?

“Instead of declaring a war against endemic crime so that Malaysia become a low-crime and safe habitat for citizens, tourist and investors, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan has completely lost his proper sense of bearings, preferring to play political games together with his political games in a criminal misallocation of police personnel and resources from fighting crime and criminals,” said the DAP parliamentary leader.

He claimed police personnel and resources are being channeled to “harass and detain peaceful protestors who pose no threat to law and order, just because the powers-that-be have become increasingly afraid of dissent whether in the form of wearing black, candlelight vigils, balloons to highlight people’s support for dissolution of Perak State Assembly or even singing birthday songs!”

Lim is referring to the events of the last two weeks, where opposition members, supporters and even contractors hired to set-up tents, were arrested at several vigils and an a hunger strike over the Perak political crisis.

He demanded the IGP immediately recall all police personnel back to their first duty, to fight crime, imploring them “not to appease the fears of their political masters at dissent and protests by Malaysians looking for peaceful, democratic and non-violent means of expression”.

“The police will never be able to convince Malaysians and investors that they are professional and world-class so long as they continue to be more “efficient” in dealing with peaceful civic-minded protestors instead of dealing with criminals – be it robbers, rapists, Ah Longs, snatch-thiefs or snatch-thief killers,” the veteran politician said.

gooly singh

Zul said...

Oi anon yang MORON,

Ah long kurung orang macam mana police nak nampak, so depends kat orang awam report to police then police take action...ever heard of RakanCop...oh yea you anti police.

Pakatan Haram buat perhimpunan haram tanpa permit is against the law. Terang terang buat salah langgar undang2 siap announce lagi gajah dalam zoo pun boleh polis pegi tangkap laa...

Jangan putarbelit isu laa nak memperbodohkan rakyat

Anonymous said...

hallo, polis should spend more time fighting crimes, real crimes.

it's a waste of manpower and tax payer's money to arrest people wearing black. So stupid isn't it ?

they should be spending their time patrolling the streets, focusing on real crimes.

by taking the manpower away from fighting real crimes, and use them to harass members of the opposition, their focus is terribly wrong.

Jimmy Tham said...

oi Zul yang MORON,

yang RPK hilang tanpa sebarang bukti pun PDRM boleh traced sampai Brisbane, 8000 km dari KL. Yang kat rumah kedai 20km dari balai polis tak boleh kesan?

Zul said...

Oi Jimmy yg lagi MORON,

Tak baca betul2 ke komen I, "Ah long kurung orang macam mana police nak nampak, so depends kat orang awam report to police then police take action...ever heard of RakanCop...oh yea you anti police."

Kalau u kurung kucing dlm rumah u orang lain nampak ke????u ingat kepala polis penuh ngan mata ke...ingat polis psikik ke???

RPK tu pun sama macam kucing...lari tak bagi tau orang tu semacam kurung diri sendiri laa...cuma dia duit banyak je...sebab tu boleh lari pegi Brisbane...orang hutang along mana ada duit nak lari jauh2

U..SPM pemahaman bahasa malaysia dapat F kaaa