Monday, November 10, 2008

The Forgotten Promise

Leaders from DAP, PAS and PKR can continue to form a formidable team with a clear Pakatan Rakyat agenda. For now, many things remain unsolved.

The people of Permatang Pauh were told that voting for Anwar will mean that they are voting for a man who will be PM on the now gone September 16th 2008 PR Government.

The people across Malaysia were told by the Opposition leaders from PAS, PKR and DAP that Sept 16th will come.

What happened? Where is the transparency? Show me the list of MPs that will crossover. Why hide the list, my dear Pakatan Rakyat leaders?

Show us the failed crossover list that you have in your briefcases. As a voter and a Malaysian citizen who have always admired the strength and perseverance of the Opposition, I want a full explanation and transparency in your promises.

If you can’t even show your transparency in this issue and cannot even keep your promises of Sept 16th and the other dates that you gave, how then can I entrust my country to leaders like Anwar Ibrahim?

This story shall not fade off with just a “it is not a matter about dates now” comment by Anwar or any leaders. No, I will not let it rest. Neither shall Barisan Nasional.

This is what I have always said to DAP, PKR and PAS MPs and leaders.Do not throw all your eggs into one basket.

Do not throw your own credibility, integrity and support on the line by going with Anwar’s Sept 16th promise. Give the public a full explanation on this, Pakatan Rakyat.

Personally, I would love to see a strong two or three party system in Malaysia.

But if the Opposition continues to transform into what they have been criticizing all these years, then what is the use of putting them in Putrajaya?

Maybe Malaysiakini and Agendadaily can do interviews with “insiders” and leaders of PAS, DAP and PKR about the “crossovers”.

The interview contents will surely attract a lot of “disappointed” Malaysians. I remember seeing some of my friends writing out messages “I want a new Government” when I said “Sept 16th will not come true”.

There were some who told me to be patient and it will come soon.

The “soon” is now 50 over days and counting. I will not rule out the probability of the Opposition being the new Government in the next GE. But this instability created by PR have caused the country a lot.

Yet, we did not get any explanations or apology from the leaders. That surely eroded my feelings and support for the Opposition.

Nevertheless, I have to thank Anwar for something. He stopped trying to takeover the Government already.

There are no more crossover stories. That proved some Professors and analysts wrong that Anwar will keep trying throughout the term he has.

I could be wrong as I do not know what is happening behind the scenes. At least, it is not public and stability is still around.

Journalists are happier too I guess. There were already whispers of "hari lain... cerita sama".

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