Monday, November 10, 2008

My Prime Minister?

In my recent article, The Marketing Failure of Pak Lah, I posted up 2 pictures I took from Kennysia's blog and directed my readers to his page for more pictures and his article about it.

I was informed by mom that Kennysia removed the pictures recently as a mark of respect. Surprisingly, I can still view it from overseas.

Can any of my Malaysian readers clarify this with me?

The original article by Kennysia was written HERE.

I am not sure if the MCMC or Kennysia removed it but I can still access the website and see a sleeping PM at a National Integrity Convention.

Thanks. Drop me a note at this blog article comments section, cbox, or email me.

I have just browsed directly at and realised that the rest of the entry about the sleeping PM was indeed removed. But the ORIGINAL pictures can still be accessed for now at the link I saved up.

In my opinion, yes it is true that the National Integrity Convention organizers worked hard to organize the event and make it a successful one.

I agree fully with Kennysia on that. Sadly, DID OUR PM RESPECT THE CONVENTION !? This is terrible for the image of our country.

I mean I have seen leaders sleeping in Parliament especially during presentations of Budgets. But come on. The Prime Minister of Malaysia at that small scale Convention?

Makes me think about other meetings that he attended such as the APEC, OIC, UN .... Nikkei too if I am not mistaken (the Japanese conference which Dr M attends annually also).

If Kennysia was forced by SB, PDRM or the organizers to remove that entry as a mark of respect, why didnt anyone question the respect from the PM?

The Prime Minister's job is not easy. But it is suicidal politically for him to appear like this. What happened to the ever intelligent Fourth Floor folks, the aides, personal assistants, senior advisors and the whole entourage of the PM of Malaysia?

How can we present him to the public when he is tired? As I said, it is best to present himself in fewer meetings but with full energy rather than attending functions from 8am - 11pm with a sleepy head.

Sigh. March 2009 is still some way...

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kennysia said...

Hi Wei Liang,

Thanks for linking to me yea! :)

Anyway, I wanna clarify something - I was not forced to remove the pictures at all. As much as I'd like to stand firm on what I had posted, the civil servants who organised the convention are shaking nervously at the prospect of losing their jobs. The National Integrity Convention is funded by the federal government and the chief minister's department, among others. If ppl knew the PM slept at this convention, the whole convention would've been made a mockery. The government is not gonna be happy with that, and they will most likely hold the organising committee responsible.

I'm guessing that must be why the organizing committees are so nervous about the pictures being released onto the internet. I would love to have taken the responsibility on their behalf, but sadly the chief minister is probably not gonna see it the same light.

At the end of the day, it's not worth having someone else lose their jobs just because of what I write on the internet. That's why I remove those photos from the page (yes I know you can still access the JPG files)

Ironically, I have to sacrifice my integrity as a blogger, to uphold my integrity as a person.