Monday, November 10, 2008

The Marketing Failure of Pak Lah

I do not understand what the aides of Pak Lah and his officers are doing. Their job is to ensure we have a fully fit, charismatic and powerful Prime Minister of Malaysia .

In other words, they must "sell" and "market" our PM with a touch of elegance, class, and superiority.

Sadly, they have failed. If Pak Lah is tired, please let him get some rest. Do not put in so many appointments in the daily list. One after another, from North to South, from East to West.

Also, aren't there any medical doctors assigned to Pak Lah? These doctors should be blamed too for the fall of Pak Lah.

I always thought things like ginseng, vitamins and exercise can keep him healthy, fit and strong to be the PM of Malaysia.

Aren't these prescribed to our PM? As far as I know, Tun Dr M was never a sleeping PM. He is not even a sleepy ex PM right now as we speak.

This is ridiculous. The following pictures are new from Kennysia's blog. All credits to him for the pictures. Read and see more HERE.

There are more pictures these days from bloggers. BigDogDotCom has pictures from Perth and the beautiful homes. Check it out HERE.

If the homes were bought with money earned the "halal" way, then it is all right and I do not see the fuss over the homes in Perth. If it was otherwise, then perhaps that will justify the attention they are getting.

For now, it will only be wise on the part of Pak Lah's aides to cut down his appointments and allow Pak Lah room to rest and refresh.

It is better to have few quality meetings than many sleepy outings.

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