Sunday, November 09, 2008

The New PM of Malaysia

In the midst of my busy days, I managed to squeeze in some time to read several articles, some old and mostly current.

I can’t stop the eagerness in me and the curiosity to see the new Prime Minister of Malaysia who I think possess the qualities like the man I respect most in my life, Tun Dr Mahathir, and can possibly emulate Tun’s success.

No, I am not talking about Najib Tun Razak. Tan Sri Ramon can go ahead and think that Anwar and Najib are both good quality Prime Ministers. I don’t.

He stood up when all other leaders were just “yes-men”. Till now, he is still “clean” and there are no allegations or scandals clouding around his head just yet.

We can perhaps safely be assured that there won’t be any noose hanging around his neck, waiting to snap his neck anytime.

This man I am talking about has the communication skills like Dr M and commands a strong support in Malaysia.

Let me divert you to an article written by Straits Times HERE on Oct 11, 2008.

I skipped reading articles like this in the past month because I was 100% sure he will get the nominations and the support for the post of Deputy President.

In fact, if the Pak Lah – Najib transition weren’t in place, this man would have the support with Tengku Razaleigh to takeover the new leadership. Favorably, he could have been the PM of Malaysia, instead of Najib.

Nevertheless, I am curious and excited to await the new PM of Malaysia. Again, no I am not at all talking about Najib but a new leader who can possibly mirror the successes of Tun Dr M.

Some of the excerpts from the article :

Tan Sri Muhyiddin, who courted controversy by calling for Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's early retirement, yesterday formally announced that he was in the running for the deputy presidency.

'I am confident that I can play an important role alongside the future president in the effort to bring back racial unity,' he said.

He rated his chances as very good and, in an unexpectedly cheeky fashion, replied when asked what made him different from the other three candidates in the running: 'Because I am Muhyiddin Yassin.'

The only person I have ever known to be able to give “classic” responses is Dr M. Finally, there might be another one.

I am not at all sure that he will be a great leader because dirty slingshots have not been thrown into his path by any camp, yet.

For now, it will be worth watching him and imagining a Malaysian future with him.

It will be a long journey to wait, but I will.

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