Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks Bro !

I have just received a note at my comments box from Kennysia. Thank you bro!

His re-edited blog article was done voluntarily, and not forced by SB, PDRM or any other agencies. Neither was MCMC involved in this.

For now, I hope Pak Lah's aides, personal assistants, Chief of Staff, and the many officers that he has will reconsider putting Pak Lah's name in every function from 8am - 11pm everyday.

This is not the first time he is caught with pictures which we can't tell the world how proud we are of our country and our Prime Minister.

When I was young during my days as a junior ambassador to Japan, I carried my Malaysian flag to Tokyo and Osaka.

I was proud of my country and Dr Mahathir. FYI, Tun is more popular and respected in Japan than the Japanese politicians, this I dare say.

Man. I was so proud.

I WAS. Restore my confidence now, please !

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