Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Najib says ...

Being a frequent reader of the Malaysian news portals - TheStar, NST and UTUSAN - made me notice something these days.

Najib is in control now. Headlines, latest news, sections of newspapers and announcements are all made by Najib and about Najib.

Makes me wonder what role is Pak Lah playing now till March 2009. I remember something like he wants to continue his efforts of reform and improving the systems in Malaysia.

Hmmm ...

And we have YB Lim Kit Siang giving KJ a glimpse of his future when March 2009 comes. 'Dinosaur' Lim gives Khairy a countdown.

I am already imagining the stage and the "temperature" in March 2009 at PWTC for KJ and Pak Lah.

Najib: Projects to stimulate economy must take off soon
Source: TheStar

Najib: Cooperation key to coping with crisis
Source: NST

Najib: Stimulus projects start next year
Source: NST

TPM hormat keputusan Wanita UMNO kekal peralihan kuasa pada Jun 2009
Source: Utusan

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Peter Khiew said...

Hello Wei Liang,
You have made all Michaelians very proud. Study hard, be focussed and do write to inspire the current Michaelians here. It is good to see that you have achieved much. Come over for a visit when you are home.