Sunday, March 07, 2010

We walk with you, Tee Keat

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The following is the information cum declaration of this group. I will blog more on MCA politics beginning from Tuesday as I am busy with other matters. Come back for more.

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We are here to share our thoughts and ideas on the leadership of Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat as MCA President. Datuk Seri is a good leader who has never turned his head away from helping the Chinese Community and Malaysians. We do hope we can invite more people to join this Group and to give him our utmost support, vote of confidence and words of encouragement.

<< 人生没有多少个十年 ,华社没有多少个好领导者, 但愿我们可以一起为翁诗杰共勉之. 我相信我们可以一同凝聚最大的力量,谁知道在最后所有的中央代表都被我们的真诚所打动, 然后为翁诗杰打气.我相信公道旨在人心, 谁是真人,谁是为君子,到最后就得靠中央代表去决定 >>

We believe in DS OTK as he is a man who has the will, the courage and the ability to reform MCA. His principles are worthy of our respect. Practices of transparency, accountability and good governance have all the while been the core principles of DS OTK

Being handed down a Party in search of answers for political restructuring and survival in 2008, DS OTK created a new political brand for MCA. Vocal, reformist, courageous, no-nonsense and People First Performance Now. He wants to change the party to be more transparent, accountable and to place importance in the people above all else.

Namely, the independent audit report on PKFZ and the cancellation of support letters for bidders or lobbyists for all government tenders, be it those called by the Transport Ministry or other ministries. At the Party level, DS OTK worked on Direct Party Elections system to make the voting process in MCA more democratic via a larger decision maker platform.

Sadly, being vocal, courageous and direct do not bode well with many in the Party. Somehow, opportunists are not willing to support the new brand of MCA politics due to their stakes in businesses which have long been associated with MCA. Party Elders and warlords are not willing to allow such change to happen simply because they are not willing to let go their authority. Yet, they speak of reforms and the need to engage the youth.

MCA must now decide. Whether to choose the person who walks the talk courageously and charismatically or to choose to return to the old ways while hiding behind veiled words of reform. We believe, as a matter of fact, DS OTK is the window of hope and opportunity for MCA to move forward with the Chinese community and to meet challenges in the new millenium.

We need a strong and determined leader to reform and develop our country while acknowledging and preserving the fundamental rights and opportunities of the Malaysian Chinese community.

It is time for us to speak out loud and make ourselves heard. We need Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat to lead the Malaysian Chinese Association and to ensure the success of the community, the Party and the nation as a whole.

Datuk Seri, we have nothing to offer, but words of encouragement that you are not alone. You have us and we walk down the challenging path with you, Datuk Seri. For MCA !

《〈 人生没有多少个十年 ,华社没有多少个好领导者, 但愿我们可以一起为翁诗杰共勉之.
我相信我们可以一同凝聚最大的力量,谁知道在最后所有的中央代表都被我们的真诚所打动, 然后为翁诗杰打气.我相信公道旨在人心, 谁是真人,谁是为君子,到最后就得靠中央代表区决定〉〉

I have nothing to be offered, but blood, toil, tears and sweat... Whatever you have thought, there is a must to bear in mind that we must succeed in life...

WE WALK WITH Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat, 让我们一起与翁诗杰一起奋斗吧 。。。。

- end -


giam2020 said...

UMNO only support leaders in MCA
who have vested interest and controversy, so that they can be
counted to keep their mouth shut.
As a mca life members,in most of the
elections I have voted opposition
for I have no longer faith in
Barisan. OTK as a righteous leader
should join Pakatan to further his
political fight for the Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Wei Liang, are you having a love affair with OTK?

MCA is dead. Killed by UMNO. Parti Cinta Malaysia is MCA's replacement.

Joon Khim

justice4otk said...

You must be outta of your mind .
MCA dead ? maybe to zombies , yeah but PCM ? it's just a trash dump for collecting rejects and unwanted odds and pieces . How can PCM be MCA's replacement when they are also collecting rubbish from the opposition ? Crazy ....
And btw who is that Huan fella ? Tiong's good friend from the BBC ? Birds of a feather flock together !