Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chatter on MCA Crisis

Rockybru and Dnightcaller have listed down a clear cut and simple analysis on Tee Keat's position.

You can read the two articles :

1. Najib's headache, Tee Keat's heartache
2. Of MCA's presidential turmoil : My wish ...

Others have decided to use this opportunity to attack MCA and Ong Tee Keat as racists and conspirators with Gerakan and DAP on Chinese rights in Malaysia all these while.

Well, let me be honest with you. I have talked to MCA leaders as well as grassroots men. I can say that MCA has never conspired with Gerakan or DAP. I know this as a matter of fact.

Moreover, if we are conspirators with Gerakan or DAP, then MCA's Vice President would not have said "MCA will sink or swim with UMNO" in January 2009.

We won't slap ourselves in a time when the Chinese were already saying that MCA leaders are not fit to represent the community.

Thus, we are not conspiring with anyone but we work hand in hand with UMNO, MIC, Gerakan and other BN component parties to develop our beloved country.

Also, MCA has never blackmailed the BN leadership and neither is it true that Chinese will take over in the next election as warned by Perkasa.

What Dong Zong, Jiao Zong, Hua Zong and the ACCCIM demand is not the official stand by MCA at all. MCA merely facilitates and hand up the comments or suggestions to the Government when necessary.

But they do have their rights to voice out their inputs to the Government, just like how Perkasa, MPM, and others execute theirs.

In fact, recently, there were strong rumours that these Chinese NGOs are to replace MCA. Surely, it wasn't MCA's idea.

So please. Get the facts right first before pouring out the unfounded arguments. I do not wish to see baseless accusations being used to destroy the coalition's unity and to sink MCA.


Anonymous said...

Speaking for myself, as a Malay but not an UMNO member and never ever as a Pakatan supporter, I have nothing against the Chinese if they're MCA or Gerakan. It's the DAP and PKR chinese that I can't stand and cannot tolerate at all. They make my blood boil when I hear them question my heritage,my religion Islam, and my rights as a Malay and loyal citizen of this great country of ours. They think we Malays are out to get them, deny them their rights and kick them out of Malaysia. How do we get through that unreasonable, illogical and paranoid thinking of theirs? Malays are very fond of their Chinese friends and family but the DAP is slowly destroying that special relationship with their racism and bigotry. Please get your act together, good people of MCA so we can all together get rid of the rot in this country that is the Pakatan Rakyat of Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang.

justice4otk said...

Why bother about what those biggots write and post in the Unspinners .

That is a very radical blog , I wouldn't want to even post a comment .
And Perkasa , we'll deal with that independent idiot after this .

If I were Malaysiakini or Malaysia Insider , I would not even bother to post anything from this scum of the earth !