Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ong Ka Ting's politics

  1. When Ong Ka Ting was President, the Presidential office was successful. The marketing boys branded the President as a Mr Nice Guy.

  2. We see in the papers day to day that Ong Ka Ting is close to the Chinese community and helped the people - be it in commerce or education.

  3. But Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy's era were not without controversies. Which Minister has ever handed over a Government Ministerial position to a kin ?

  4. And then, there were chatter on vice, phantom members, triads, money lending licences (Ah Longs), PKFZ and nepotism. Some of these issues are still haunting MCA today.

  5. When Ka Ting and Kong Choy stepped down with the Central Committee being their men, it is said that Tee Keat will be supported to be President while Ka Chuan will be the Deputy President.

  6. In other words, probably Tee Keat was to be a puppet President and allow Ka Chuan time to consolidate his position to takeover as President of MCA.

  7. Just like the plans in UMNO's triangle power transition of Mahathir - Abdullah - Najib. The only difference is this involves brotherhood and dynasty rule.

  8. The former leadership had many men in core MCA bureaus and committees including the Chinese dailies. Do I need to name them ?

  9. No MCA President has ever been attacked by the Chinese press with a vendetta and Tee Keat was the first. But things didn't go according to plan back in Oct 2008 and Ka Chuan lost to Soi Lek.

  10. Indeed, I cannot stop myself from thinking whether Chua Soi Lek was also played out when he announced his resignation as Deputy President recently.

  11. If the rumours are true that Liow Tiong Lai seconded a nomination form for Soi Lek to be President, then why are Ka Ting's men calling for the former President to make a return ?

  12. In fact, by now, 8 Johor Divisions have called for Ka Ting to return. And in December 2009, Soi Lek's Johor MCA meeting was attended by 13 out of 26 Johor MCA Division leaders only.

  13. Didn't Soi Lek sense something wrong was going on at his own home ground ?

  14. It is probable that Ka Ting's men have all along been using Tiong Lai as a tool to allow the top two titans Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek to clash. This is then followed up by the latest flowery words from MCA leaders to ask Ka Ting to return and "save MCA".

  15. Will Ka Ting really come out of retirement when Ka Chuan had just announced that he will be contesting on March 28 ? The whispers are getting louder that he is.

  16. But if you ask me, I think it is just another play.

  17. I believe Ong Ka Chuan is the man who will be the leader of Ong Ka Ting's faction. And in my previous post, I said that the Tee Keat-Ka Chuan combination is probable though not desirable.

  18. Oh my, I think I have written too much .... fiction. Ignore me :)


justice4otk said...

In other words, probably Tee Keat was to be a puppet President and allow Ka Chuan time to consolidate his position to takeover as President of MCA.- Fiction


I will write another fiction comment

If I were Ong Tee Keat , I will leave the rests of the positions to all those merry makers to make their own alliances and fight on his own which I believe to be favourable .

Those merry makers today are now seeing how complicated forming alliances can be cause each will have their supporters clamouring and disagreeing to the company of their alliances .

Ng Yen Yen is smart by announcing she is going for the VP and playing neutral to win voted from either side .

In the end of the day , while Tee Keat plays it cool , the rest of the merry makers will find it hard to find their right running mates .

Their votes will be distorted and overlapping . They will finally have to come to OTK's supporters for support for whatever they are contesting .

The fiction comment will eventually become a fact when OTK is finally voted in as the next President .

Anonymous said...

Tee Keat was ok until he got himself a most arrogant lieutenant (hint, hint, The Star) who make most members angry.

Don't believe? Go ask them

I feel sorry for MCA and OTK

ktteokt said...

OKT is just trying to seek a conferment of an UPSIDE DOWN NUT (TUN) upon his second retirement as MCA president. He was only made a TAN SRI on his first retirement, so he has got to fight it out in order to become an UPSIDE DOWN NUT!

Anonymous said...

"save MCA"... ????

This whole M.C.A.
[Make Chinese Angry] mess

was created by the so called
in the first place... !!!!!

No wonder young Chinese Malaysians
these days scrambling to join DAP !!!