Friday, March 26, 2010

Tee Keat's Election Campaign

  1. I apologize for not writing much on MCA recently as I was away for a short trip to Down Under. Moreover, I believe my previous two articles were good enough to tell all about MCA crisis and 2010 Party Elections.

  2. You can read them again - Ong Ka Ting's politics and Ong Tee Keat must win

  3. As for the recent polling results that Tee Keat is the favourite, I am skeptical. No doubt, I am a strong supporter of the incumbent President.

  4. But I am also one who likes to criticize the President and his team's strategies. This time, I think they made a disastrous move again.

  5. The election team were all on the right track. Until of course, a recent hyped up polling result by Merdeka Centre which favored Tee Keat.

  6. It was followed by an article that interpreted Tee Keat's comments that he is now the favorites, no longer the underdog.

  7. I wasn't quite happy to read that, to be honest.

  8. One must not be played by polling results and the favourites tag. Or else, one will lose the sympathy and fence sitter votes which are crucial in any election.

  9. Over confidence can push one over the cliff but humility will win the war. Take it as an advice from a political analyst, like it or not.

  10. Also, I proposed that Tee Keat should post recorded video messages online for the benefit of all as part of the election campaign. There are reasons to this.

  11. There are many delegates whom are controlled by warlords. Some of these delegates don't dare to attend Tee Keat's campaign meetings, luncheon or dinner.

  12. So they don't get to hear the President's words or election manifesto.

  13. The videos could have boosted his chances and all 2378 Delegates can hear his messages at their own time, privacy and pleasure.

  14. I didn't see any of the videos online but perhaps the President and his team are wiser than me.

  15. I can be the President's strongest supporter but I do not want to be a silent one or a yes man.

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