Monday, March 29, 2010

MCA 2010 Election Analysis

The results for MCA 2010 Election were disappointing. I have many things to say but I shall highlight a few of my thoughts based on my inside information.

  1. MCA's new office bearers consist of leaders who have investigation files with MACC, PAC as well as the Police which have yet to be concluded or announced. Google and newspapers are easily accessible to confirm this.

  2. Yen Yen is the first one to say that MCA has forgiven Soi Lek. Note that she said MCA. And MCA is possibly the first party in the world to have a sex scandal politician as President though I must agree that is his personal problem.

  3. Ong Tee Keat's team must do a post mortem and see where they went wrong. An honest and sincere reporting must be handed up to the Chief - be it the fault of the team or the errors made by the former President himself.

  4. It is also said that someone in the former President Ong Tee Keat's camp betrayed the team at the last moment by asking the Delegates not to vote for the President. Can anyone confirm this ?

  5. Congratulations to all the new office bearers. All the best to all of you. You are now the "trustees" and "representatives" of the national body for 1 year.

  6. The circus in MCA will take place again in 2011 (Constitutionally required Party Election) with many Branches and Divisions starting their meetings as early as the end of this year.

  7. Will MCA move towards a similar structure like the DAP (Father - son) ? Will MCA continue to speak up and be vocal on issues ? Or will MCA be pushovers and eunuchs ? Is MCA able to face DAP and rise again to be relevant ?

  8. The Malaysian community will be watching MCA with hawk eyes. Tee Keat has some words to say to all. Read his note here - Congratulations to the Victors of MCA elections

  9. But Wanita MCA Chief Chew Mei Fun must resign with immediate effect. She said that if Soi Lek is made President, she will go. Latest news : Chew to consult committee before making quit decision. We still remember what she told the former President.


Anonymous said...

MCA people cannot get it. It is not about forgive or forget, it is about principle. A tainted politician must stay out of public office.

Alice Lee said...

These people are stooges and now because of them, MCA is a dead log.

Aileen Oon said...

There are good MCA members who are still in the party and hoping it will undergo reforms and transformation and now with DS OTK not at the helm, these members are upset. They too feel ashamed by the chaos created by a group their leaders from the beginning and now they are pretending to call for unity. These MCA members who love the party are now very disappointed and some are confused. Many of them too have been fooled by all the lies said about DS OTK to paint a picture of him as a dictator, a cruel leader who would get rid of anyone in his way. Such dirty tactics were used until they successfully brought the president down. Now let's see how happy they all are and how capable they are to bring unity and all the lovely promises. It's just unbelievable, this assasination can happen so fast. Shockingly cruel and definately some hidden power is behind it all.

katdog said...

Well this is an interesting result. I had dreaded that it would be OKT that would win.Pity about OTK. Unceremoniously dumped because he stepped on the wrong toes.

Many says CSL will be unable to perform because of his 'tainted' reputation. But in theory, the 'taint' should have no direct relation with his ability to lead.

Unfortunately many opportunists may try to use that excuse to sabotage or impede him. Now that would be the saddest part.

MCA members have to ask themselves, do the chinese community that they represent honestly care about issues such as infidelity?

Anonymous said...

As an outsider, this is my two sens worth. The main reason that OTK was dumped was because he lacked good leadership qualities. As an elected President his number one role is to gather everyone together and consolidate the party. However, he chose to alienate his Deputy. He is a good man but politically rather naive and lacked wisdom.

wisdom said...

OTK have done the right thing to sideline a tainted leader who was then aiming to be a minister, otherwise how is he going to answer to the people which majority are conservative?

By putting tainted person as a MCA president, the message send to the community is as good as telling us, " go and have fun, if you are caught, then apologist and you will be forgiven "

Where are the responsibility???

Anonymous said...

Oh Dr Chua won, yawn. Big deal, moral of the story: Adultery is a perfectly natural and normal thing, courtesy of MCA.

Stop flogging the dead horse, it baffles me that people whine abt losing when they do not understand the dark side of politics. Who wants to launder their dirty laundry in public, and OTK did nothing to please the very people who backed him into power, I'm amazed how naive he is in alienating those in power. At least TDM did that with much subtlety in killing off opponents so well that now those who are in power lack the tenacity in which he had in dealing with adversity. I'm not saying he's good, just that he is successful as a politician.

Lastly, ha-ha. Told you so. Wake up, it's about time you look beyond the textbooks and feel the people's voice.

John said...

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Anonymous said...

MCA members have to ask themselves, do the chinese community that they represent honestly care about issues such as infidelity?


yes we do. if you are caught with pants down & your are not prosecuted (ANAL sex is a crime & so is a blowjob) - then means the PDRM have u by the balls. You cannot function with your balls in somebody's hands, right?

So, yes - CSL must resign...