Monday, March 01, 2010

Treachery in MCA (2)

This is Part 2. In the previous article, I highlighted one important point.

Several meetings were organized and held. These meetings were to discuss and collude on who to fill the "vacancies" before the Central Committee even met to discuss the results of the 10-10-10 EGM and produce a solution.

There were NO CALLS from the "cartel" back then for fresh elections to determine who to fill those "vacancies" either.

They colluded among themselves and coaxed others to force the constitutional President and Deputy President to step down.

But today, they act like righteous proponents of democracy by saying it is a "FAIR REQUEST" to call for fresh elections to determine MCA's leadership.

MCA Central Committee members and legal advisers warned that any fresh election can only be held if 21 CC members resigned.

Thus far, only 13 tendered their undated resignation and the fresh election cannot be held based on the Constitution.

Naturally, the 3rd force who cannot get their wishes fulfilled continue to claim that the Party is in crisis and that the Central Committee members must pave the way for fresh election.

Well, I cannot stop but wonder why Tiong Lai didn't follow Soi Lek's footsteps. When Soi Lek wanted his suspension from MCA overturned, he went all over the country to get signatures and requisitioned for an EGM.

Based on the MCA Constitution, ONE THIRD signatures from Central Delegates are necessary to requisition for an EGM.

Tiong Lai claims he has the support of 1200 Central Delegates. Then why didn't he, Mei Fun and Ka Siong use the same method as Dr Chua ? I am curious.

As time goes by, we can only deduce that the support of 1200 Central Delegates is A BLUFF.

Clearly, Tee Keat and Soi Lek's men said okay to fresh polls during closed door negotiations to solve the MCA crisis.

Datuk Ti Lian Ker then said that if fresh election is the way, then have it at all levels in MCA.

In addition, Tee Keat and Soi Lek's supporters highlighted that if we go for fresh elections now, we still have to go for Party Elections in 2011, thus rendering the 2010 Fresh Election pointless.

But problems arise when the 3rd force leaders said there is NO NEED to reelect the MCA Youth Chief and Wanita MCA Chief positions and they want the fresh elections to be held as soon as possible.

And Dr Wee Ka Siong had the guts to scoff at Datuk Ti Lian Ker's recent comments that the resolutions for MCA's Annual General Meeting in March are unconstitutional.

Dr Wee said, "My response? I laugh. This entire issue here is a matter of principle — we are not here to fight but as a politician, we need to have guiding principles. If upholding our principles is construed as a wrongdoing then... I laugh." (The Malaysian Insider)

When some cannot argue based on the Constitution which is the highest order in the Party, they throw in lectures on Principles.



Ti Lian Ker said...

Maybe he should elaborate his principles and let us understand instead of laughing ....

justice4otk said...

I am laughing at that clown of a pig hahahahahahaha

He got principles ? My ass !

If he got principles ...he should do the honorable thing ..hara kiri