Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wow . Lim Kit Siang ... oops... YB Lim , well done .

To hear the BSKL touching a great 1350 limit (or something like that) was really 'superb' to read , hear or even comforting .

But to see the stock market tumbling down at such high speed ... I only have a word for this scenario as an Economics student ,"WOW !!!!" .

Internet here in my new apartment hostel is very expensive .... per MB they charge 7 cents .
That is 7 Aussie cents .

So its kinda expensive and I limit my online time these days .

Hmm . Canberra was hit by the one of the greatest hailstorm in history on the 27th February night . Let me tell you my story . I was in the computer lab in ANU around 8 or 9pm I think .
Was there for just 10 minutes and the ANU Security officer came in to inform us "If anybody wants to go home dry ,I suggest you do so now coz there's gonna be a great storm coming ".

I have never seen a guard walking into the computer lab to inform us about the weather . So if he did that , then it must be serious . I logged off my computer account and ran back to UniLodge apartment .

And about 30minutes later ... THE HAILSTORM CAME !!

Canberra went haywire . Many alarms started ringing loud in the city . I think it must be the security and fire alarms . Coz many buildings , shops had leaks . Even my apartment was leaking at the roof and we had to call the Resident Advisor to come over to have a look .

Yeah . Rumours then started to fly around that we should go downstairs to see . And so we did . Around my hostel , there were ice everywhere !!! The ice were at least up to my shin . That's crazy .

So yeah ... after some fun of taking pics and playing around in the icey Canberra , we went back home to sleep . But the next morning , ANU WAS SHUT DOWN TILL FURTHER NOTICE .

Gosh . And yeah , ANU Was sealed off from students for damage assessments etc . We had the week called off . ANU then reported about 60 buildings having major damages . The Botany and Zoology department suffered 80% damages . And I was told by a pal that the School of Art / Music also suffered badly .

Hmm . Well well . Amazing stuff in Canberra last week . Haha .

I've not taken pictures of UniLodge yet ... but soon all right ? Soon .

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