Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Party on 3rd March

Well . We had a housewarming on the 3rd of March . Haha . Housemate wanted to have it...some other pals requested it ... and so there it was . The grand party . We had pizzas , fish fingers , nuggets , drinks , chips , and lots of fun time .

It was Yu Jin's Bday on the 4th . So I decided to have a cake and celebration on the 3rd as well . Haha . Well . The picture shows just about half of those that came . Many more were around .
We almost had some fun with bullying Teng Choon , the Laughing Guy who told us he cant come as there was no bus from AIHS . But there were 3 guests who came from AIHS by bus . Thankfully Sullivan said he's gonna drop by with Eric . So yeah ... TC came as well and we had a fun time bullying him ! Almost made him sit in the trolley but he screamed so loud that we received complaints from the Resident Advisor . Lucky us that she's Jimmy's friend . So things were all right . Awww .... another time TC . Haha .
Skyfire is coming soon on 10th March . Personally I feel the cost of releasing those fireworks for such a long period of time during Skyfire ... it can feed many poor .
But then Australia is a rich country . I dont really know what Skyfire symbolises . But yeah ... it is fun to watch , astonishing , amazing , superb . Whatever you want to call it . It is basically a good fireworks display .

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