Sunday, March 25, 2007

My my ... what a disgrace

Pro UMNO has left a new comment on your post "23rd August , Alor Setar .":

You study in Australia and write shit like this? Malu lah those of us who also studied there too. Singapore owns the bridge jointly.This means they have a say. Also, if the rail lines are severed - even temporarily during the time the crooked bridge was to be built - all the KTM land in Singapore could belong to Singapore. Then KTM will truly become 'Keretapi Tak Mari!'The Straits are too narrow for ships of any size to pass through. Johor will always play second fiddle to Singapore, given the backwardness of UMNO Johor leadership. You were sent to Australia to study, to open your mind and learn something new. There is still hope for you but stop writing shit - you don't know what you are talking. Our PM AAB has more brains in his little finger than you have in your big fat head!

I got this comment on ... lets see ... 25th of March 2007 , a couple of hours ago . Haha . My response ? Sigh . By the tone of it , you studied in Australia as well I believe . Read the book Mahathir Menyinga by Datuk Ruhanie . It has a chronological database of all the events that built up to the cancellation of the bridge . Why did Datuk Seri Syed Hamid say we will build that bridge , why did our PM say he will build that bridge , why did everyone in the Cabinet say they will . And then all of a sudden , PM says it will not go on ?

Wow . I don't remember the exact phrases used by our Ministers . But they used words as though they will take the guns or keris to protect the sovereignty and rights of Malaysia just to build the half bridge .

So if our PM AAB whom according to you has more brains in his little finger than I have in my big fat head , then I would say he is misleading one big nut who is so foolish and disgraceful like you .

I don't know how well connected you are to the inner circle of those who walk the Corridors of Power . But by saying these , you are saying Tun Dr Mahathir is stupid . By saying these , you are directly 100% saying that Datuk Seri Syed Hamid and Pak Lah was stupid . You are saying at least the whole Government of Malaysia consists of fools . Why ? Because they all supported the bridge to be built in national television and newspapers . Even our PM said , DPM , Foreign Minister . All of them said . Till one fine sunny day , it was announced to be called off . Perhaps you are even saying that before the announcement of the cancellation of the bridge , our leaders were all stupid and told a very great lie to the public .


You disgrace UMNO , and the public . You are mocking not only our ex Prime Minister , but the current administration of Malaysia who had no objections for the building of the bridge in the first place which included the current PM .

Don't ever come to my blog again whoever you are who just writes Pro UMNO as an ID .

According to Wikipedia , in 2003 , Malaysia wanted to build a bridge across the strait to replace the existing causeway, but negotiations with Singapore were not successful. The main reasons cited for the change were:
  1. a bridge would allow free flow of water across both sides of the straits which were artificially cut in two with the building of the causeway before.
  2. a bridge would help ease congestion in Johor Bahru.

In August 2003, Malaysia announced that it was going ahead with a plan to build a gently sloping, curved bridge that would join up with Singapore's half of the existing causeway. The plans included a swing bridge for the railway line. However, plans to build the bridge have been called off as of . The area is also a source of contention due to Singapore's land reclamation projects on its north-eastern islands. There have been suggestions that the ongoing land reclamation projects may impact the maritime boundary, shipping lanes, and water ecology of the Malaysian side. Reclamation projects may also endanger the habitat and food source of dugongs , which is native to the straits .

The Malaysian Government in 2003 announced the building of half crooked bridge . There . I believe Tun Mahathir did not go for it all by himself . I believe he had the expertise . A PM would not call for the building of a 200 storey building if he does not have the expertise right ? Right . And whatever you are arguing , did the Malaysian Government have that in knowledge ? No ? So the Malaysian Government of 25 million Malaysians was making a fool of themselves ? Man . I think you disgrace all of us who studies and studied in Australia . A major representation in the form of a Government of the people made a fool of themselves to believe that the Straits have the width and depth sufficient to fit ships .

Who is the fool now ? According to you my friend , "The Straits are too narrow for ships of any size to pass through" . Wow . You my friend , are defying the expertise of the government of Malaysia which announced the building of a new half bridge in 2003 . You my friend , is indeed a disgrace .

You said this to me "There is still hope for you but stop writing shit - you don't know what you are talking."

I say this to you . This is my blog , and I have my rights to write what I want . It is plain simple . I don't like taking a pen and write in a diary of what I think and feel . I like to type and I type entries into my blog . But I did not ask anyone to come here to read . People just start coming to read voluntarily . I like what I write and what I believe .

As for you my friend , there is still hope for you . If you think that I'm wrong and I write shit , don't come throwing spears at me . Go ahead and bring the Malaysian Government to the High Courts , bring those who agreed with the building of the bridge in 2003 to justice and charge them for misleading (perhaps the whole Cabinet that includes the current PM I believe) . Go ahead my friend . That is if you know what you are talking . Otherwise , there is still hope for you and stop writing shit that you don't know .

Perhaps you are related to the PM . Perhaps you are a current leader in the present administration . Perhaps you are in the inner circle . Perhaps you know a lot more than I do . But your arguments ? Unacceptable . I still can't think why did the Malaysian ministers and Government say that they will build the bridge in the papers . And yet you my friend have these knowledge but the Government of Malaysia in 2003 till 2006 did not . Perhaps you should be the next PM ? Or perhaps you are just ... shit ?

I will leave the mysteries as they are . My my , what a disgrace .

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>< X-wing said...

"Also, if the rail lines are severed - even temporarily during the time the crooked bridge was to be built - all the KTM land in Singapore could belong to Singapore. Then KTM will truly become 'Keretapi Tak Mari!'The Straits are too narrow for ships of any size to pass through."

- I think Australia should immediately deny that this writer ever studied in Austrlia. It would drop Australian education standards to alarming levels.

1) Hey, this is 2007. Haven't you herad of building the new one first before closing the old? Have we ever closed the PLUS highway to allow road upgrades? Did we close down air services into Malaysia before shifting from Subang to KLIA? Get real pea-brain!

2) The Straits are too narrow for ships? Go do your homework before spitting out thrash. The plan was never for big ships. It was for pleasure crafts, marine patrol boats, goods carrying barges, fishing trawlers and other small crafts to get through without having to waste time circumventing Singapore!

God! where did this guy put his brains?

Do me a favour Mr GWL, can you post this on the main page?