Thursday, March 08, 2007

Singapore + Busy = Confused , Tired , Stressed

Spent some time chatting with my housemate and another Singaporean friend . I heard from her that the Singaporean government , or should I say the Lee Dynasty sued two bloggers .

Apparently these two bloggers were expressing their personal opinion , thoughts or whatever you call it on their blog about the Lee family etc . That happened two years ago . And these two bloggers got jailed for two months with a couple hundred dollars fine .

And after that ? Many bloggers started typing the words like - Copyright and the blog entries in this website is solely personal expression and cannot be used against the writer . Or something like that I was told . Even my friend put that in her BLOG though it is personal !!

Damn . And guess what . I told her what I think about the Lee Dynasty . You see . I read the book Ousted by Patrick Keith . It tells alot about our friend down South . And I don't really like the way he does things . In the left hand , he preaches market economy (I think) . In the right hand , he RULES LIKE A DICTATOR .

Ha !? You don't believe me ? Hmm . According to my pal , many old Singaporeans still support and adore him . The young ones are beginning to show rebellious mood . But you see , people vote for PAP because they dont have a formidable opposition to vote for . Opposition folks get sued till bankrupt and can't hold office , get jailed , etc . Many things .

All these might be general knowledge I guess . Or it might be analysis . And Mr Lee , even Universities tell their students that "YOUR ANALYSIS IS SO DAMN WRONG !!" .

So I'm not critisizing anyone , I'm not creating lies . Perhaps it is just analysis . An analysis is like a coin . It is either true , or false . If you think it is false , then it is false . But I might think it is true . So which is it ? Its for me to know , for the rest of you to read , and for whoever is interested to find out .

All right . Gurkhas protects the Lee palace it seems . Wow . Yeah . Jaspal told me that . Jaspal Singh . Army Sergeant if I'm not mistaken . Nice friend of mine here in ANU . Haha . I was see him and say 'Hi Mr Lee' and he'll call me 'Mahathir guy' . Well well . We both joke around like that all the time . But according to him , Mr Lee doesnt allow anyone else to protect him . Just Gurkhas . You know ... those strong disciplined guys from Nepal ? Yeah . British forces have a unit of them I think .

Good and tough I heard .

Well then . I can't really sleep . But I've got a Investment lecture tmr , lots of shopping to do for my JPA Senior - Junior Meeting on Saturday . Gotta get drinks , chips and cakes for tea .
Sigh sigh sigh . I AM BUSY !!!!!

When I first got back here , I was sad to know that Encik Zainal(JPA Student Advisor) and Cik Amaziah(Secretary to High Comm) were transferred back to Malaysia . As far as I know , Cik Lin took over Encik Zainal's place . Not sure about the Secretary to High Comm post . But Kak Maziah , thanks for everything and you are a very nice lady . Encik Zainal , thank you for being there for us students all the time . To both my mentor , I wish you all the best in your future pathways . Though I wonder if you will come across my blog . Haha . But nvm . It is the heart that counts right ? :)

Ok then . Nitey Nitey .

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