Thursday, December 31, 2009

Politics in 2009 (must read)

At first, we read Anwar Ibrahim's HEADLINES-GRABBING statement that "We have one policy for all" (The Malaysian Insider).

But, 24 hours later, "The New Dawn" commented that Pakatan Rakyat will not register as a coalition for the moment (SinChew).

All rubbish, if you ask me. Sandiwara, skrip drama, aktiviti cari publisiti. That's the least words I can use to describe the outcome of the Pakatan Rakyat Convention.

Two prominent, upcoming leaders and politicians-to-watch-in-2010 fired shots at DAP throughout the year for their antics (with great success I would say).

First, we had Tan Keng Liang (Gerakan Kedah) pressuring DAP and PAS in Kedah till the Rocket Supremo Lim Kit Siang had to make a trip to Kedah to solve the matters with regards to Pig Farming and Land Quota.

Keng Liang slammed Kit Siang soon after with his Press Statement : Kit Siang must explain what was actually resolved with MB Kedah.

Keng Liang recently urged Pakatan Rakyat to walk the talk in PR-rule States after the dramatic Pakatan Rakyat Convention.

MCA Presidential Council member Datuk Ti Lian Ker also called DAP's bluff with a puff. Easily, the MCA leader pinched DAP on their "abstract relationship" with PAS.

The finale ? Interesting and juicy.
Questions are being raised in blogs on the parentage of a little girl as 2009 draws to a close.

The mother is Shamsidar Tahrin, the wife of Azmin Ali but the biological father's identity is "on trial" in the blogosphere.

I dislike the methods of using this little girl as a political chip or tool. It is quite cruel and unfair to the little girl. However, mysteries must be solved as this is also linked to Ummi Hafilda and the 1998 political crisis.

The blogosphere pull the curtains of 2009 with mysteries unsolved and events to look forward to.
  1. Is Anwar or Azmin the father of the little girl ?

  2. Did Anwar sodomise Mohd Saiful Bukhari ?

  3. Did MACC murder their star witness Teoh Beng Hock for a corruption case on DAP leader(s) ?

  4. Who is the EXCO member in Selangor which Wee Choo Keong accused of having links to secret societies ?

  5. Where is the fugitive blogger RPK and who are his main sponsors ?

  6. Will the "Photoshop" politician Tian Chua furnish his accusation with evidence that Rosmah Mansor received a wired transfer of RM 600,000 to Dubai (when in fact Rosmah could have conveniently used her Credit Card) ?

  7. What will happen in MCA between the warlords - Ong Tee Keat, Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai and the sleeping giants - Ong Ka Chuan, Ong Ka Ting, Ling Liong Sik ?

  8. Will the high profile corruption cases and scandals have a closure - Datuk Norza Zakaria, Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy, Datin Paduka OC Phang, Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing ?

  9. Who will be the new President of Petronas as a replacement for Tan Sri Hassan Merican who will "retire" in February ? Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar ?

  10. Is 1Malaysia Lotus F1 team going to be a successful project ? Or will the businessmen put a dent in the 1Malaysia brand name which they borrowed from Najib ?

2010 will be exciting in non political segments with expected financial institutions' consolidation, mergers and acquisitions as well as implementation of strategic business plans by Malaysia Airlines.

A Piece of My Mind wishes you all a Happy New Year.


Rose said...

good to hear that there is new young potential great leaders from MCA (Ti Lian Ker) & Gerakan Tan Keng Liang....if not, the party can close shop.

Anonymous said...

Bro, this Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has been hurting the feelings of the Chinese and his insults are being used by the PR people to attack BN. I'm afraid the Chinese will support PR if Ridhuan continues to riducule the Chinese. Please write in your blog so that people will know that you and the BN bloggers do not support Ridhuan Tee.

AJ Teoh

Anonymous said...

Hey Goh, since you are such an ardent supporter of BN, care to explain why you had to further your studies in Australia?

Were you not bright enough to enter the local universities or were you deprived of a place because of racialist policies implemented by BN.

I am sure that an articulated student such as yourself with such good command of the English language would have landed a spot in UM. Were you not offered a place?

Grow up boy, think carefully of the path that you choose. You may be stepping into a pit of snakes. You seem not to know between right and wrong. UMNO and MCA are the cause of the Chinese race being discriminated against and here you go supporting them.

Tan Keng Liang? That is is a useless piece of S@#t whose main goal in life is to be a media bitch. This guy has done nothing to the people on the ground apart from trying to rip them off.

Please lah, if you intend to take this path of supporting BN, you better be sure whom you are supporting. Don't do it blindly..


Goh Wei Liang said...

Anonymous of 4.21pm, I was offered a PSD scholarship to pursue my pre university course in UiTM and my degree in Australia.

I hope that answers your question. Do not be blinded by intentions to criticize or find fault to discredit the blogger or those who write as a support for Barisan Nasional, the Government of for Pakatan Rakyat in any case.

The concern lies on the main points raised in the article. Thank you, however, for your kind concern on my education path.

Farhan said...

Goh, just ignore that anonymous freak. That person head is already screw up by pakatan.
I think he is one of those die hard fan or fanatics from Pakatan Rakyat.

For the information of that anonymous freak, Tan Keng Liang is one of those BN young leaders who is brave enough to face some of those government agency who is not doing the job properly.
Just a few weeks ago, Berita Harian put some article about him complaining MACC and suggested reforms.And there was some lenghty debate between him and the MACC people. I don't have the article but you can search at Berita Harian. (see.

Farhan said...

I am not suprise if anonymous is one of those idiots from Pakatan Rakyat who are upset with Tan Keng Liang..........especially exposing the hyprocrite Pakatan Rakyat people like Lim Kit Siang and PAS Kedah.

Jess Lee said...

Goh, I found your link from Ti Lian Ker's blog. You really wrote something which hurt the Pakatan people.

are you someone from Dap? what is the link between christian and BN?
BN don't even interfere in the case for the use of the word "Allah". Did you read the papers?

It is must really hit hard the people from Pakatan for Tan Keng Liang to keep on exposing the 3 headed snake DAP and making the old Lim Kit Siang to drive all the way to Kedah.
Anyway, I start hearing about Tan when he started asking government to give exemption to 1st Class student for repayment PTPTN loan early last year. And government just announce this in the budget. One of my niece is taking PTPTN loan and she is very happy about it. So, I don't think it is fair for DAP people to condemn Tan.

JasonB said...

Tan Keng Liang don't even allow people to write comments in his blog. Where is freedom of speech???

katdog said...

"BN don't even interfere in the case for the use of the word "Allah". Did you read the papers?" -Jess Lee

BN is the federal government. The Home Ministry is the government. BN is the Home Ministry.

It was BN via the Home Ministry that banned Christian newspapers from using the term 'Allah' for fear that it would 'confuse' the muslims.

The Herald then won the court case.

But now BN again via the Home Ministry is intent on appealing the ruling.

What BN non-interference? BN is the cause of the whole episode in their over zealous need to prove their Islamic credentials.

Oh wait...sorry i shouldn't say BN. I guess i should say UMNO. But you see that's the problem. UMNO IS BN. It's an easy mistake to make as so far i have seen nothing from any of the component parties regarding their stand on UMNO's attempt to make 'Allah' an exclusive term only for the muslims.

katdog said...

Here are a couple of more questions:

- Who was the mastermind behind the brutal murder of Altantuya. The courts determined that Razak Baginda did not order the execution. So who did? The two policemen who did not even know Altantuya and merely referred to her as 'perempuan cina' obviously did not execute her in such a professional manner just for fun. In the last moments before being executed, Altantuya begged the policeman to have pity on her as she was pregnant. Who's unborn child was it that Altantuya was carrying?

- What really happened to PI Bala and why is he now hiding out in India? Is it true that he and his family was threatened and that he was offered money by people close to Najib in order to retract his statutory declaration?

- Are allegations that the country's top policeman IGP Musa Hassan is linked to crime syndicates true? Were the statutory declarations of policemen working under IGP published by RPK forged?

- What happened at the RMAF airforce base that allowed 2 jet engines worth RM50 million to be 'stolen'. The courts have determined that only 3 low ranking personnel was able to stage the amazing theft from a military base. Who was responsible for this severe lack of oversight that allowed 3 lowly personnel to make off with expensive military hardware from a secure base (an act which wasn't discovered until almost a year later)?

- What will 2010 have in store for Malaysia's state of economy? In 2009, reports revealed that Malaysia suffered a net FDI outflow of USD6 billion in 2008, up from an outflow USD2.6 billion. In stark contrast, Vietnam in 2008 enjoyed an FDI inflow of USD 7.9 billion, Thailand had an inflow of USD7.2 billion and Singapore, an inflow of USD 13.7 billion. Will Malaysia be able to keep pace with the blistering development of Thailand and Vietnam?

Anonymous said...

Support BN adn MCA!!