Saturday, December 19, 2009

MCA should lead Penang

HOT NEWS : UMNO seeks Penang BN Chairmanship

Right after the March 2008 tsunami on Barisan Nasional, I actually raised an idea to my friends and relatives.

I did not state it directly but dropped hints on what is to come for Penang when I wrote : Penang BN must return to MCA's leadership

My thoughts remain firm then till today :

"If Gerakan refuse to learn, then Barisan Nasional cannot place Gerakan in the priority frontline for the leadership of Penang. The taskforce must be returned to MCA - as it was before the 1970s."

I quickly released this article to push MCA to lead Penang Barisan Nasional for 3 reasons and
  1. Gerakan Penang did not perform effectively all these while

  2. Penang has a Chinese majority population and MCA should be tasked to lead when Gerakan failed

  3. It will be disastrous for BN if UMNO leads the taskforce

It is a matter of fact that I admire Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader of Penang for UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

I feel that Penang Gerakan leaders have been failures thus far as Opposition and I strongly feel that Datuk Azhar is the only BN Opposition Leader whom is working hard as compared to other States.

However, UMNO must understand.

This move might backfire and the Chinese in Penang might maintain DAP's clean sweep in the State for a very long time.

We must look at things in the long term. Penang is a Chinese majority State and it is a necessity Chinese-based Party to lead the taskforce.

MCA has all along been promoting heritages, cultures and literature of the Chinese classics - elements which are synonymous to Penang's demographics.

Thus, MCA and not UMNO is more suitable to lead Barisan Nasional in Penang.

To solve this, perhaps BN Chief Coordinator Dr Chua Soi Lek should be tasked to lead Penang Barisan Nasional and Penang MCA.

This will avoid any possible power struggle and clashes since Dr Chua's position was appointed by DS Najib Tun Razak to regain control of Pakatan Rakyat-led states.

Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh.


Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Tapah said...

Saya bersetuju sangat dgn sdr.wei liang.

Memang benar, sudahlah gerakan kalah teruk pada PRU12 yg lepas....kini, mereka tidak pula memainkan peranan yg sepatutnya sebagai pembangkang di PP. Gerakan sepatutnya bersungguh2 bersama2 umno utk memulihkan kembali hati rakyat PP.

Apabila saya terlibat di PRK di PP, amat ketara gerakan tidak komited dlm meraih undi org bukan melayu.

Saya sebenarnya berharap sangat agar parti komponen BN tidak CAIR dgn janji2 Malaysia Baru yg dimainkan oleh si anvar. Takut nanti kita menjadi seperti anjing dengan bayang2.....yg dikejar tak dapat,yg dikendung berciciran. Ataupun, mendengar guruh dilangit,air ditempayan dibuang.

Anonymous said...

If CCMs are still in crisis how to let MCA lead BN in Penang, Now LTL is MCA Penang state liasion and you want CSL to take over? WOW will Najib agree unless CSL and his faction in the CC resign for fresh poll

MCA pening

wong said...

gerakan is a finito party.koh should be pleased and invite mca to lead...what is so ashamed off after all , he been rubbing umno balls ..n face to face with ahmad his head look at his own toes. m c a is gerakan saviour !

lophatmilk said...

saya sokong jika MCA mengetuai BN untuk rampas kembali Pulau Pinang. GERAKAN seperti tidak bergerak. Tapi, MCA mesti selesaikan masalah dalamannya dulu. MCA sejak dari dalam perikatan lagi side-by-side bersama UMNO.

Saya rasa GERAKAN tidak berminat untuk berjuang bersama BN.

Sang Guna said...

I agree with anon 5.48, mca now in caca marba, how can you expected them to control others, unless they fix themself first.

However since ever umno lead this country for 52 years, chinese and indian still live in prosperity.
we malays won't forget others as long as their stick to the Perlembagaan and did'nt make any unreasonable demand.
leaving with respect to each other sensitivity is the great and long live relation ship.

Anonymous said...

bekas naib presiden pun dah lari masuk Parti Cinta Malaysia, pada 2sens saya lebih baik UMNO pengerusi BN Penang buat masa ini bersama dgn kerjasama MCA GERAKAN dan MIC Penang jadiknyaAHAMD ZAID HAMIDI akan memimpin BN Penang?

Anonymous said...

No way man, Gerakan will be the chairman of Penang BN Period

justice4otk said...

I support the call for MCA Penang to lead . Our problems should be well over by then . It it god's will that the brutuses are revealed well in advance before they can do very serious damaged to MCA .

By that time it will be well too late for MCA .

Come Dec 25 th it will show that they do not have the support to call for fresh elections . Fresh elections are meant to elect new leaders , not to unite MCA after all they only formed the minority as the special briefing showed very clearly they could only entice 547 delegates to attend , well below the minimum requirement of at least 800 for the one third quorum .

arin2772 said...

give makkal sakti a chance la... why? cannot ar... they support bn oso wat... seriously... gerakan shud ship out!! bunch of losers... mca please put your house in order quickly.. malaysian chinese are going ga ga... don't let the grassroot support go to dapigs!!! please.. enough of the power struggle already... let otk do his work la... apa la... apa pasai mau gadoh2 sama adik beradik ma?? itu ltl serupa anwar dalam umno dulu.. tarak sabar punya org.. sikalang jugak mau jadi bos.. wait for your time u dumbass.. respect da boss la... delegates voted for otk.. live wit it.. be a gentlemen like otai power ranger soi lek... tak bole ka?? apa la...