Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mahathir : Form Royal Commission

Over the years, many allegations have been thrown against Dr Mahathir Mohamad. This is especially so during Abdullah Badawi's days.

People thought they can say anything and everything they want about Najib Tun Razak and Mahathir Mohamad.

The restrictions for these two leaders are clear. When such allegations were made, both are the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Holding such a position and stature, the sitting Prime Minister of Malaysia does not have the privilege to file lawsuits against any unscrupulous and wild allegations by individuals, politicians or organizations.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia can only file lawsuits IF AND ONLY IF the allegations are a threat to the nation's credibility or targeted at the Government of Malaysia.

It is not a written law, but it is a standard within the society of leaders.

Even so, the wordings of the allegations must be solely on the Administration be it on sovereignty or governance matters.

Any inclusion or mention of individuals will complicate matters for the Prime Minister of Malaysia to respond or retaliate except merely to deny in a professional manner via Press Statements.

But times have changed for Mahathir. He is now no longer in public service and he is itching for some action.

Mahathir once said that he is ready to go to Court and not any Inquiry with regards to the Lingam case.

I believe Mahathir has his own reasons when he said he doesn't remember on certain accounts - either it is a strategic move or he really cannot recall.

After all, he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia who had to deal with domestic and international affairs ranging from ICT, Education and Healthcare to OIC, United Nations and diplomatic missions.

Perhaps the replies can be interpreted as Mahathir saw no reason or purpose to provide accounts at the Inquiry with no legal implications.

As we know, the Court upholds the law while Inquiries merely make recommendations and reports.

No lawsuits were filed in the end.

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Now, Barry Wain claimed in his book that Mahathir squandered RM 100 billion. Some are spreading words that Mahathir "pocketed" RM 100 billion.

Sad indeed where such lies spun by the detractors created false knowledge among the people. Malaysians should have been more pro active in search of the truth.

The fact is that it was an estimated amount by him, not the project investment costs incurred by the Malaysian investment arms.

Every company surely cannot expect to make profits ALL THE TIME. Even the once powerful and great Temasek Holdings made questionable investments and incurred losses recently (Banks etc).

Malaysia enjoyed steady and progressive growth rates under Mahathir Mohamad. This is a matter of fact.

Whatever it is, I let the Statesman himself do the talking this time as he is ready and willing to battle.

Mahathir has fired his warning shots, and be prepared I shall say.

"Depending upon the result of the commission, I reserve the right to sue Barry Wain, Lim Kit Siang and Malaysiakini.com for libel for a sum to be disclosed later."

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Anonymous said...

hukum karma telah bermula

dulu masa keluar buku dalil anwar tak boleh jadi peemmmme, beria ia tua kutuk ni percaya

sekarang hukum karma telah balas kepada tua kutuk ni....keluar buku tentang kejahatan yang dilakukannya

setiap perbuatan jahat, tetap akan dibalas, kalau tak dunia, kat akhirat lah jawabnya


Anonymous said...

Instead of saying thank you for the rapid development during his tenure, these rabid no gooders continue to whine like old grannies.

Lim Kit Siang may be failing in memory. He was once the greatest opposer of progress but of course he forgets easily.

He opposed the Penang Bridge and even lodged a report that TDM drove a Proton without road tax at the launch, to register his protest.

But instead of requesting for the dismantling of the bridge, he is now fighting for a second bridge.

The journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step, my friend.