Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Perform KPI on BN Kelantan

The can of worms in Kelantan were opened up first by BigDogDotCom back in 2008.

But a miscalculated move by Tok Guru sparked a series of attack on the Kelantan PAS administration. These multiple issues were exposed by Datuk Husam Musa's right hand man himself, Syed Azidi.

Sudah terlewat untuk Nik Aziz berundur
Pembongkaran penyelewengan Abdul Ariffahmi Abd. Rahman, menantu Nik Abdul Aziz membuka mata masyarakat terhadap pembinaan sebuah dinasti oleh keluarga Tuan Guru yang menjadi tonggak PAS Kelantan. Perlahan-lahan satu persatu mula terselak. Lambat laun maklumat terperinci berhubung Sekolah Darul Anuar, Tanah Wakaf Pulau Melaka dan Stesen Minyak berdekatan akan turut hangat diperkatakan.

But since Nik Aziz created a holy and heavenly image of himself since the beginning of his political career, Nik Aziz is still very comfortable in his seat.

We must begin to adopt a more aggressive approach and regain the support in Kelantan. Each time I flip the papers, I only see Muhyiddin Yassin or PAS leaders commenting on Nik Aziz.

I don't see Najib Tun Razak attacking PAS especially when the PM himself has been a subject of name callings such as "Najis" and "Altantuya".

Maybe what people say is true, Najib is a well mannered, discipline man who emphasises the People First, Performance Now concept while the Opposition continue with their wild ambitions to play Politics First, Putrajaya Now.

But that doesn't mean that UMNO Kelantan and MCA Kelantan can rest on their laurels. I hear a deafening silence from Kelantan BN leaders.

Why must we wait for PAS Kelantan members to make the moves to attack Nik Aziz's administration ?

UMNO Kelantan must begin to highlight issues of the PAS Government. There is no need to wait for PAS Kelantan members to attack their own leadership.

Don't just watch the Federal BN Government leaders do the talking while the rest in Kelantan sit back and do nothing.

Orang Kelate tengah buat apa di sana ? Bangkitlah dan tawan Kelantan pada PRU 13 nanti !

Pick up and continue on from here please BN Kelantan.

1. Lojing Highlands
2. Sekolah Darul Anuar
3. Tanah Wakaf Pulau Melaka
4. Stesen Minyak
5. Majlis Perbandaran Kota Baru
6. Nik Ariffahmi
7. Kelantan PAS Scandals

(and there are talks that Nik Aziz will wield the axe soon. Surely, a rebellion will rise and BN Kelantan must provide the pressure as well ! )

The BN Federal Government has "invested" a lot in the State with projects, Universities and even building places for worshipping (Mosque, etc).

When these carrots can only swing us to "near win" in 2004, it goes without saying that we need to do more than just bringing in growth to Kelantan.

It is time we play the strategies adopted by Pakatan Rakyat - talk on issues and policies.

We have walked and sent in investments for development in Kelantan. So now it is important that we take a step back to walk and play the issues in the ears of Kelantanese.

Some leaders are just too comfortable driving their Mercedes Benz in Kelantan.

Najib and BN Supreme Council must do a KPI on BN elected reps in the States where we are the Opposition - ESPECIALLY KELANTAN AND SELANGOR.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, A Piece of My Mind calls for KPI on BN Kelantan leaders. Shape up or ship them out !

Krisis ‘Ariffahmi Gate’ kini mengundang perebutan kuasa di PAS Kelantan ; Husam Musa Bersuara Setelah Lama Mendiamkan Diri ; PAS crisis festers as Nik Aziz mulls sackings


bzz said...


Ds Najib is a good person. But being a toooooo good person cannot la. Sometimes we must attack our 1st. I hope DSN can learn from Dr M... Attack 1st...

Anonymous said...

Kelantan is embroiled in petty politics, so the PM is letting leaving them on auto-pilot for self-destruction.

The Kelantanese want to live a rural life, drink from wells, light candles at night, sleep with rats, eat with flies, ride camels but Nik Aziz failed to deliver their wants.

Perhaps the tok guru should give them what they want and he can remain on the high horse till the end of time.


Sang Guna said...

That is why when blogger play the main part and the leaders expecially at selangor and kelantan still sleeping and doing nothing. I also wonder are they feel comfortable with their position now, be a opposition forever in this 2 states or they have other plan.