Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MCA : Fresh Elections or Status Quo

If we want to work towards a "status quo", we need to adopt a different approach. We cannot use the Central Committee to create a hypothetical majority.

But first, let me tell you why fresh elections must go on.

  1. Liow Tiong Lai and CSL (also representing OTK) factions AGREED to have fresh elections but disagree only on the dates and whether the Youth and Wanita wing leaders should be reelected as well.

  2. BN Chairman Najib Tun Razak reiterated that all factions in MCA agreed on fresh polls with minor disagreement (as explained above)

  3. "Anwaristas" in MCA will continue to wreck havoc for the Party leadership's efforts and struggles.
Too many mixed signals were sent from the top to members and to the Press (fresh elections+status quo).

In the past two weeks, The Star and Malaysiakini highlighted that MCA might be heading towards status quo as many Central Committee members are not willing to pave way for fresh elections.

The way we move MCA towards status quo will not work just by playing headlines or CSL pushing the burden of decision into the hands of Central Committee members.

Whether or not Liow Tiong Lai's faction is the minority, we cannot say for sure.

This is because OTK and CSL both experienced setbacks in the 10-10-10 EGM where both lost their cause to oust each other.

Now, the majority of the CC backs the GUP but it is widely known that the CC consists of Ong and Chua's men mainly (as highlighted by websites and the Press) .

As such, the claim that Liow's faction is a minority to push for status quo isn't enough as Ong-Chua do not have sufficient credibility.

I can always ask

  • why fear the fresh polls when OTK-CSL men claim that they are the majority
  • why fear the fresh polls when they back the two leaders to work together and not LTL
And these could prove to be core points that will cause Ong Tee Keat's Presidency to be in critical stages (in my humble but confident opinion).

Also, MIC's refusal to reform and Samy Vellu's reluctance to retire from the Party have caused MIC to have a "potential replacement" in the form of Makkal Sakhti Party (MSP).

MIC can anytime lose their share of Parliament and State seats. MSP could get a chunk away from MIC and this will clip MIC's wings in Barisan Nasional.

Hint from Goh Wei Liang. MCA will face the same dilemma also where Wisma MCA might no longer be the sole voice of the Chinese Community.

It is a bit late now to push for status quo since Najib has reminded MCA on fresh elections as there are certain steps necessary to be carried out before we push for status quo (in my humble but confident opinion).

But it is never too late. CSL is right to say that politics is about making possible the impossible.

I don't care about LTL now as many don't see why LTL should be voted in as President of MCA.

But it will be a different ball game if the silent giant Ong Ka Chuan conveys his interests to lead MCA.

So what should OTK and CSL do ? MORE TO COME.

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Anonymous said...

Time to do away with personal interests.

The trend these days is to snoop on privacy and exploit trivial issues.

People often get carried away by personal and emotional stuff, that they expect leaders to be as clean as a new born baby.

Personality conflicts must be avoided in organisations of public interest, otherwise, nothing gets done, except gossips and endless feuds at the expense of doing a job.