Friday, December 11, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim : BTN and NEP

This video was uploaded by AIDC - Anwar Ibrahim Dot Com.

Hot stuff indeed of Anwar Ibrahim at a BTN Camp in 1993 which discussed the Camp, citizenship and special rights.

Is Anwar Ibrahim a chameleon ? And have we forgotten about Anwar Ibrahim's thoughts on DAP and PAS in 1995 ?


Anonymous said...


Goh Wei Liang said...

Mahathir is known for his sarcasm and cynical remarks, Anonymous.

What about Anwar Ibrahim on video ? Can you answer me ?


Grand Marquis said...

During Mahathir Tenure, the chinese and indian are his main supporter. When malay did not vote for BN afther the 1999 reformasi crisis, it was the chinese and indian that gave BN the 2/3 rd.

So how can you say Mahathir is a racist when the non Malay were his main supporters.

yat said...

some of the anwar die hard fan said that this was a long time ago, and now anwar has change, and these arguements are invalid...ptui...

but they attack mahathir on the 'past' thingy, but when it comes to anwar, they said it's the thing of the past, what a case 'selective; arguement...and what say you anwar 'asslicker' want to say that about 'Economist' wrote about him being a 'Chameleon'?

indeed, more chinese support mahathir in the low time of his leadership, and some still praise him as the greatest PM, but as a human he's not spare of doing mistake.....

Anonymous said...

Anwar is out of the Government for more than ten years now. What has BN/UMNO done to correct BTN during those years? None. Just because Anwar did it does not make BTN right. In fact, Anwar is accused all the time of selling out the Malays to the Chinese. Now you say he is protector of Malays? Anwar is accused of everything so that UMNO can retain power. BTN is just plainly wrong, waste of tax payers' money.

Anonymous said...

It's useless. There's no way to convince horses with blinkers. Anything their hero does is always correct.

With due respect, Anwar shoots from the hip, knowing full well his supporters will fall to his feet. That's why he continues to contradict himself.

Betcha even if Anwar tells them to eat dog poo, they would say it is good for health.

Luckily, there are other rational thinkers like TDM around.