Sunday, January 03, 2010

The use of "Allah"

Well, the Westerners were among the early conquerors and they were very powerful.

The British, Portuguese, Dutch and Americans expanded to Asia with a mission to extract and export natural resources back to their home base. No doubt, religion was also part and parcel of the "trading" and colonial days centuries ago.

Today, a simple search on Google showed many Christian groups writing about the use of Allah in Islam and Christianity.

These Christian groups have managed to control and push their ideas on this controversial topic much earlier than the Muslim groups.

Hardly many go to their churches, mosques or temples to ask questions and expect satisfactory replies since the answers will definitely and rigidly be "we are right, they are wrong".

When people need to get information or read on ideas, where do they go to ? The Internet. In other words, Muslims have lost the cause.

Recently, Judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan lifted the ban on the use of Allah in Herald, a Catholic-Christian newspaper. This of course sparked controversies.

Well, I agree with the official stand of BN. Let the legal process take due course. Do not challenge the legislation regardless of what the judgement is, who the judge is or what the case is on.

The law must be respected and people must uphold the Constitution.

But let me make things clear. If Allah can be used as a reference to God in Herald, then Allah can be used as a reference to God in Catholic Churches.

The preachers of Christianity and those who serve God must acknowledge those who praise Allah as their sons of God as well, no ?

Then perhaps we can move around, including the compounds of Churches, saying or shouting "Allahuakbar", no ?

Muslims can actually go around teasing the Christians on the use of "Allah". Anyone can also walk in to Churches and legally chant Allahuakbar.

Christians must accept that "Hey, he is singing praises of our Lord." No ?

Won't that spark controversies or clashes between religious groups in a once peaceful and prosperous nation called Malaysia ?

But I doubt the Muslims in Malaysia will be that extreme as they seem to be taking a defensive strategy. They are only protesting and defending their rights to the use of "Allah" at the vicinity of the High Court and in newspapers.

Someone ought to send a delegation to the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City to clarify on such matters and seek a decree from the Council or the Pope preferably.

To recall, there was an article - Pope Benedict XVI prays to Allah. But the article is critical of the Pope. Hmm.

Thank you and Happy New Year 2010. January will be a month of lawsuits. Stay alert.

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MoCK said...

Thanks for the article..

As you can foresee what is happening is someone is trying to destabilize Malaysian peaceful and prosperous environment..

The Link that you add in
as i quoted

"According to the Holy Bible, God is Jehovah. To the contrary, according to the Qua-ran, God is Allah. If this is true, why would a Christian Religious Leader bow to another god? That is one question that needs an answer. Perhaps we all will know in the near future."

Clearly there is no ALLAH at all.. Jehovah is God name in the old testament.. so why the guy in the greenish shirt try to "menegakkan benang basah".. Siasattttttt!

Anonymous said...

The whole issue has become confusing since it's being debated by West Malaysian politicians. In East Malaysia the Christian Bumiputeras who worship in BM refer to God as Allah. They have been doing this for hundreds of years. The BM section of the Herald caters to these people too. Are we saying that if this is banned, the Government is going to go around Sabah and Sarawak re-educating all the natives not to use this word?

wong said...

god, tuhan allah or whatever name we call it...doe sgod really exist or we invented it?

Anonymous said...

"Well, the Westerners were among the early conquerors and they were very powerful."

Are you sure? The Roman Empire is the 1st empire to embark on Imperialism, and they practised paganism. And FYI, China itself was a power in the east, especially with the opening of the Silk Road towards Constantinople, Malacca itself was a vassal to the Chinese for a period of time as well, I don't recall they practised Christianity at all though. Hmm.
Point is that whenever a country subjugates the other, it's values and culture is encouraged to ease the transition into the empire, find common ground. Religion is only a means for that at that time.

Unfortunately, I do not support your claims that Allah and Jehovah, or even Yahweh or Zeus as an exclusive term to a certain group. If you are not aware, there are Christian Arabs in the Middle East, and they refer their God as Allah as well. Besides that, what's the point of splitting and claiming whose right to use the word God when all of them are referring to the same one?

It's better to find commonality between people than trying to seperate people abt the same thing. For instance, racism, remember? It's a pity you don't since you only root for your idol, are blind to the common sense of humanity. Sigh.

keropok lekor said...

To say that Christian groups "control and push their ideas" is inaccurate as the internet is a free forum where anyone can air their views.

And to assume that Christianity is a single organised movement that seeks to snatch the term "Allah" is a misreading of history and misunderstanding the wider theological spectrum within Christianity and between Christianity-Islam worldwide.

Within Western Christianity (with its different spectrum) itself, there are conservative, progressive and liberal groups with various opinions on the name "Allah". There are different opinions on whether the God of the Bible is the same as the God of the Quran.

When "The Common Word" a Christian-Muslim dialogue was initiated post 9/11, many Christians and Muslims affirm that they believe in the same God, and of course, many conservatives disapprove, saying that Allah is no God of the bible.

In Malaysia, historically and theologically, the Christian community has always lived in harmony with the proximity of their Muslim culture.

Historical evidence since the time of Abdullah Munsyi's translation of the Gospel of Matthew until the early documents of the Malayan church, until the contemporary writing and religious practice, Allah and Tuhan are both used regularly in their worship in BM.

Theologically, many Malaysian priests, pastors and theologians throughout Malaysia are inclined to believe the Christians and Muslims believe in the same God (of course with some disagreeing).

Scholars like Dr Maza and PAS clerics have also maintained that throughout religious history and in the Quran, non-Muslims have already used Allah to refer to God throughout Islamic history.

To maintain exclusivism in light of both historical and theological evidences in Islam and Christianity is intellectual disintegrity for the sake of political expediency.

Of course there are more conservative and exclusive blocks within each factions in this issue, but I guess the voice of moderation is severely needed and may the judiciary be an independent arbiter of what is right, just and true.

To paint the "Christians" as a single monolithic global movement with their Imperialist agenda (when they are not) with their dishonest, hypocritical and conspiracy to attack other religions, is perhaps an alarmist defensive exercise of exaggeration, like Bush and his rhetoric on the war on terror.

katdog said...

MCA comes out in support for the term 'Allah' to be freely used?

Now where is Gerakan the so called 'multi racial' party who once proclaimed itself as the 'conscience' of BN? Even PAS' Nik Aziz has stated support for the high court ruling.

Sigh, Gerakan, always the follower and never the leader...

Anonymous said...

MCA seems to support the High Court Ruling. What is going on bro? This is against the spirit of BN.
Read this:


katdog said...

Uh oh, OTK has refused to comment on the High Court ruling claiming ""Today, I want to focus on the national interest"

Ahhh... and i thought whoaaa MCA is finally making its move to stand up for their principles and ideals.

Seems like it was a false alarm. As usual MCA quietly ignores all the 'contentious' issues with UMNO and quietly hopes people will forget by waving the 'development promises' around.

justice4otk said...

This is against the spirit of BN.?
In the name of god ?or Allah ?

Anonymous said...

Ask your friend Mar Gee Mar why he was afraid to publish WJK's comments
~a source