Thursday, April 30, 2009

PAS' Irrational Call For Najib-Altantuya Royal Commission

I read with great disappointment the antics of PAS (HarakahDaily) again.

Time after time, PAS leaders have lost the shine by submitting to the wants and needs of Anwar Ibrahim.

Now, internal party conflicts are hung out as dirty laundry for people to see with the writings of Nik Abduh bin Nik Aziz as an example.

Contradictions occur place within the party as well.

Take for instance, the remarks of Nizar in DUN Perak where he questioned DS Tajol Rosli (former MB) in which part of the PAS Memorandum or Constitution does it say that the Party is all for Hudud law.

Although he kept denying that former Excos Ngeh and Nga in Perak were controlling the Perak Government, a damning expose by Faisal Rohban (RBF) with documents that contain words like "TAK PAYAHLAH .IF U DONT WANT TO CONTROL ,I REPLACE U" surely raise eyebrows.

This expose has not been officially addressed by any party or pro Pakatan blogs, although informal comments were fetched (Malaysiakini) from the famous Perak Cousins.

The remarks from Nizar on Islamic based laws is seen as a direct clash with the Administrative style of Kelantan, the Muktamar's and the PAS Ulama faction.

The modern PAS today, heavily aligned to Anwar Ibrahim (2nd World's Most Influential Man) and DAP, are now in place to "check and chase" the power doors of PAS.

Already deeply divided as Erdogan and Ulama factions for the PAS Election, I see it as a reflex move to shift the public focus away from the Party to DS Najib Tun Razak.

PAS is now calling for a Royal Commission (Malaysiakini) to investigate the Najib-Altantuya link.

Actually if someone makes a police report and accuse another person of stealing or killing, the person who made that report must provide substantial reasons or evidence also.

In Altantuya’s case, Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua & Pakatan Rakyat leaders claimed they have evidence of Najib being linked to Altantuya.

Now, the two UTK officers have been sentenced to hang.

I wonder why there are no pro Pakatan blogs, pro Pakatan leaders or the alternative media who will support a Save Azilah & Sirul Campaign by several top blogs.

1. Save Azilah and Sirul Blog Campaign (Rockybru)
2. Anwar & RPK should help save Sirul and Azilah (A Voice)
3. The Proof That Can Save Azilah & Sirul (APOMM)

This campaign is to call Anwar Ibrahim & RPK to reveal the evidences which they claim they have that will implicate Najib in the case.

If they do have the evidence, then Altantuya’s murder case judgement will be revised.

Not only will they save two lives but they will be able to bring justice for Altantuya by dragging those involved to court.

If they maintain their stand yet decline to reveal, it will show either Anwar & RPK are inhumane, opportunists, conspirators or liars (or all of these) and DS Najib has been defamed all the while.

So why must there be a Royal Commission to investigate Najib but not a Royal Commission to hear those who defamed him like Anwar and RPK?

This is utterly preposterous.

If the Royal Commission clears Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak from the murder case, the Opposition will tell the people, supporters, and the foreign press that it is just a Kangaroo Commission.

The people of Pakatan Rakyat will only see "justice" or joy when cruxifications of Barisan Nasional leaders or supporters take place in the eyes of the world.

The man in the house has been cleared not only by the Attorney General Chambers and the Courts but also by the Interpol based on joint investigations under various teams of forensics and special officers.

The most respectable part was when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak placed his hand on the Quran and recited Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi (The Star) in the Mosque on his links to Altantuya.

This move is seen as an Oath of innocent between him and Allah.

Similarly, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan sworn on the Quran as well but Anwar Ibrahim used technicality in Islam as an excuse to avoid doing so himself.

Why drag DS Najib into a soon-to-be labelled "Kangaroo Commission" when the intruder who has been swinging faeces, mud and dirt roam around freely claiming that our Prime Minister is a murderer?

The people continue to be blinded by irrationality and enjoy the conspiracists.

(Credits to Daylife, A Voice and TheStar for the photos)


Jimmy Tham said...

Public could argue too that MCA and MIC had lost their shine for submitting to UMNO's whim and fancy depending on how you interpret their press conference although both opposition and ruling coalition claimed to be coalition of equal partners.

If difference in opinions are interpreted as cracks then what about outright defiance like those that is seen in Terengganu? One too could use the fight for power between pro-najib/mahathir VS abdullah to drive their point if they wanted to.

Surely those few transcripts are not court material. Anyone could had typed it out. I wonder why no one from PR had typed out something that could incriminate Najib. But from the look of Ngeh and Nga, both of them look like crooks and chauvinist hypocrites to me. Face problem la ni.

Opposition parties harping on commission itu dan ini are just a waste of time. If they believe the judicial system are flawed and rigged then there's no point pursuing this matter at all. And of course the opposition bloggers will fight back and say they have got no choice but to pursue that matter because those BN politicians will use the fact that opposition did not dare to lodge any police report because they have got no proof just to absolve themselves.

I suggesst any pro_BN bloggers here to bring this issue up and if possible write an email to RPK and challenge him to put your email up and see what he has to say. That way both sides can clear the matter up and pro-BN bloggers too wouldn't have to act righteous as if they are writing to fight for those 2 convicted UTKs and put their thoughts into action.

Having done a brief stint on law study, in any murder case, motive plays a big role in it but clearly i don't see any motives in any of the 2 convicts but probably it's just me who had missed out something on the jdugment.

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