Sunday, April 12, 2009

Message to 1 Malaysia & MCA

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system is a smart move. Private sectors have long had peer reviews, employer-employee performance assessment as well as targets-goals reports.

With this element of management introduced in administration, the chip at stake now is not bonuses or pay packets but political survival and Executive powers as Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

While alternative media like Malaysiakini and pro-Opposition blogs are not criticising the KPI introduction, it shows that the idea is good but I am quite uneasy with the system delivery though.

According to the portfolio of Ministers, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon is placed in charge of Unity and Performance Management.

There is a blog that say TS Koh will be the "class monitor" of the Cabinet Malaysia. The KPI reports will be passed on to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak once "monitored", "collected" and "reviewed".

Also, the Malaysian Chinese Association will form a panel to monitor their 4 appointed Ministers and 7 appointed Deputy Ministers in the Cabinet.

To quote from reports, MCA's panel may comprise party veterans, retired politicians and former Cabinet members.

I express my worry over TS Koh's portfolio and MCA's KPI panel.

Both "monitoring systems" are seen as a "Politicians monitor politicians" method of administration be it at the National Executive level or Party level.

The KPI system should only come under two people, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

I do not agree with TS Koh being the KPI Director of Malaysia at the Cabinet level.

It might cause conflicts among individuals and BN Component Parties or give rise to Pro-Koh, Anti-Koh and Koh's Yes Men groups in the Cabinet.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must reconsider this as soon as he can.

The responsibility of KPI assessments must be redefined clearly to be under the top two leadership of Malaysia, especially the Party Whip - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Also, MCA's panel will be made up of Party Elders who are politicians as well.

This will cause frictions among groups of power houses in MCA where claims of "political assassination" will rise once again.

It will be extremely hard for the Panel to be an Independent one without taking sides especially the Team A vs Team B elements are still strong in the party.

Although impartiality will be guaranteed by the Party Elders, but this involves MCA's Cabinet positions in Malaysia. I hope MCA review their plans to have a "Politicians monitor politicians" panel.

I urge the Malaysian Chinese Association to form the KPI - MCA panel with

1. credible academicians
2. Senior Journalists/Editors
3. bloggers/electronic media
4. specialists/experts of the MCA portfolios (especially Health & Tourism)
5. MCA Party Elders & Presidential Council

This will surely help increase the people and members' trust placed in the KPI-MCA panel.

(Credits to TheStar, Stocktube, The Nutgraph and Daylife for the photos)


PKFZ fan said...

First and foremost, the MCA president must first cross the KPI that entire Rakyar Malaysia ie, When is Ong Tee KEat going to tell us ALL of the RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal.

OTK seems trying all kinds of tai-chi to delay and procastinate this scandal and pass to PWC and now trying to pass the responsibility to PKA.

Remember, the Rakyat will judge the action of OTK, being the leader of Chinese commununity and key component of BN.

If OKT is seen trying to wayang here and wayang there, then the Rakyat will know the sincerity of his leadership and know who to give the vote to come next General Election!

If OTK fail this basic KPI, Najib should show him the red card!!!

Jimmy Tham said...

I for one think this is another gimmick and will be fushed down the drain in no time.

1) what credententials does koh tsu koon has that differentiates him from the rest and enables him to work efficiently? He's not a good debater nor a person with great charisma. How would he respond if the accused minister rebuked his statement and claimed koh tsu koon had made a mistake on his part instead. When he can't stand up against a minion like ahmad ismail what makes you think he will dare offend the juggernault of umno?

2) this is partly related to 1st point. Almost all elected ministers are either aligned to Najib or their respective's party bosses. Assuming KTK passes on his report to Najib to take necessary action, will actions be taken on his supporters when what he needs now is to further solidify and cement his position with support of his lackeys? Some argued by placing his cousin in home ministry and muhyiddin in a relatively junior post compare to defence, home and miti is a sign by najib that he is trying to check on the power of his deputy. More than likely, Najib will have his hands tied and not being able to take any effective action just like how his hands are tied in the appointment of cabinet ministers.

Anonymous said...

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kay pi ai said...

Actually KTK post should be named as Kementerian Shiok Sendiri. It is a request made ny KTK to be a minister and Najib just please him and to certain extent Gerakanians and some penangites.

How to develop a really good KPI?