Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let us send the Altantuya liars to Court

The Save Azilah & Sirul campaign first surfaced in Anotherbrickinthewall and Rockybru.

APOMM was glad to lend the support to this campaign (The Proof That Can Save Azilah & Sirul) which can either

1. save two lives
2. show the inhumanity of Anwar & RPK (since they claimed they have evidence)
3. show that Anwar & RPK lied and they have nothing (i.e. DS Najib is innocent)

Since the campaign began, NOTHING WAS MENTIONED in Pro Pakatan blogs or even the alternative media.

Yet, we hear the a lot of candlelight vigils and demonstrations in the name of justice and democracy.

Of course we even heard an MP shouting at Najib - "MURDERER!"

What more to say the thousands of news articles and blog entries that sang the conspiracies and linked Najib & Rosmah to the murder case in any possible manner?

DS Anwar Ibrahim is now in Jeddah, many thousand miles away from Malaysia and he is at liberty to reveal the evidences without the "climate of fear" which he claimed exists.

APOMM awaits the evidences.

Otherwise, I say let us send the liars to Court !
(Show us your bluff, DS Anwar ! )


I'm righteous said...

That doesn't mean DSAI is not subjected to fear and he still has to come back to Malaysia after all.

What about the hypocrisy of the rest? Why the opposition? BN is no angel either.

BN too had claimed PR this and that. Ask Khir or Tajol Rosli or Koh, they too claimed to know and have evidence of wrongdoings of PR state governments. For not showing it does it mean they are in cohoot and as the same pedigree as RPK and DSAI?

Stop being a hypocrite la come on

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Dear Wei Liang Bro,

I'm with you Bro and fully support the campaign. Lets change the motto from "Lets send the murderer to hell" to "Let send the liars to Sungai Buluh prison". Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and RPK deserve that. I'm also counting days when justice can be prevail starting from 01 July - The Case Of Anwar-Saiful Bukhari.

Grand Marquis said...

To I'm righteous,

Do you understand what is the meaning of hypocrite?

FYI, BN never claimed that they are innocent, corruption free or infallible. Neither do they have the so called CAT buzz word. But the PR goons are the one who go around accusing others of wrong doings except for themselves. They claimed they are the champion of CAT. So we simply ask them to proof it.