Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cheap Political Games

I read with disappointment many Pro Pakatan Rakyat blogs and Malaysiakini which condemned a BN function in Bukit Gantang recently.

That event was graced by Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, the newly elected UMNO VP and also a Minister in the PM’s Department.

In that function, there were singers who dressed in what we can safely describe as “sexy attire”.

I believe the way they dress; you can see the same style of fashion in malls among youths and adults today. Please do not be come and tell me “Where got?”

If politics are to stoop so low to battle through morality and linking immorality of dress code to Barisan Nasional, I suggest Pakatan Rakyat leaders’ family members better cover up and be as holy as they can.

If pushed to the limits, I hope Pakatan Rakyat do not blame anyone if someone plays the political picture game by targeting Pakatan leaders and their family.

After all, if you started it, you must be ready to accept it. There is no need to go there, right?

I believe Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has been patient when the pictures of his family are circulated in blogs and emails.

I admire him for the fact that he is calm going through all these because he sees no reason to stoop so low and play that type of game.

Congratulations by the way, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for being appointed the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Back to the story, many websites slammed the immorality of the singers and attempted to hint that BN is endorsing the negative values of Western cultures.

These blogs clearly are pro Pakatan Rakyat.

Approximately a month ago, surprisingly, it was these blogs who defended Elizabeth Wong.

I am in no position and it is actually harsh of me to attack the Eli Wong case. I disagree with her stepping down and I believe she should continue on.

But if Pakatan Rakyat’s camp wants to harp on immorality, then explain why is the morality of Eli Wong defended?

With regards to the Bukit Selambau election, former PKR ADUN V. Arumugam resigned from his seat via a black and white letter.

As an ADUN who took an Oath before the Sultan, he has yet to explain or at least have an audience with the Royal Household of Kedah.

Neither has he met the Menteri Besar of Kedah, as far as I know.

The impression created by Arumugam and Anwar Ibrahim at first was that someone powerful from Barisan Nasional had plans to threaten and “kidnap” Arumugam as well as his family.

Surprisingly, no one from BN’s camp did that although they had time since March 2008 to do so.

Actually, news were spreading like wildfire that Arumugam had extra marital affairs with a married woman although Arumugam himself is married.

After shying away from duties as an elected representative without offering any explanation to Bukit Selambau people, Parti Keadilan Rakyat wants a new candidate to be elected there again.

Now, as bloggers and reporters for alternative media, we should be responsible when we write.

Although we are not under any Regulations in Malaysia, we must implement self censorship.

Stop that kind of “you are immoral, I am a moral man” political board game. Politics is all about class, superiority, manifestos, policies and agenda.

Cheap shots like this will only be ridiculed. My advice to Pakatan Rakyat supporters is simple.

If you want to support Pakatan, support rationally. When you write, write with sense too.

Summing these up, we can say that this is the state of Malaysian culture and politics today, sadly.


Hamba said...

member of UMNO club is it??? Good for you... May you be able to teach something..anything to UMNO members especially about Islam and human equality. TQ.

Jeffry said...




Wei Liang Goh said...

Haha. Mereka tu tak akan percaya. Pakatan Rakyat bagaikan agama.

Baguslah. Saya berharap keputusan 3-0 akan dapat dicapai.

Seorang ADUN yang lari, seorang ADUN yang derhaka dan tinggal merata kat Perak.

Harap-harap rakyat buka mata besar dan lihat apakah sandiwara yang dimainkan oleh Pakatan.

Jimmy Tham said...

I really don't mind having these sexy dancers in town =) who would anyway, big feast, karaoke session, drinks and sexy female singers.. but I'm in no position to judge whether those blogs and news portal as hypocrites or not as personally, I've never heard of opposition parties using sexy female dancers to attract crowd to its event, well unless of course dangdut is considered as one. lol.

again, eli wong case is not a big fuss to me. Her life or secret life *wink* is her own personal problem but the fact that DAP and PAS sleeps together means PAS will be labelled as hypocrite for defending Eli. But to be frank I don't know what's the big fuss with those pictures, not like she is in a provocative position or sort or in a close proximity with a guy (although it was claimed the pictures were taken from her ex's camera but her ex is no where to be seen in the picture means it is not proven).

You know when they say you judge a person the 1st 10 seconds you get acquainted, Arumugan doesn't leaves much impression at all. =P But I reckon he did meet with Kedah MB or at least the speaker to inform his decision to quit else how would they process his resignation. But yea, BN is probably being made as an accidental scapegoat but they ride on the issue of Bala's dissapearance with some aura of conspiracy behind it. Seriously, I really wanna know where the hell Bala is. With no trace of him at all, this is simply too much for a coincidence.

Agree with you on the self censorship part but I wouldn't mind them labelling others as immoral and thou are holier kind of attitude as long as they support it with proof and not quote it as "from reliable sources". KNN~ I can write everything under the sky but quote it as "from a reliable source" but I don't think you will ever wink an eye about it.

But I hope you will direct your advice to BN supporters as well, support with reasons andlogic and not level unreasonable accusations.

Jimmy Tham said...

Regarding the tri-elections, don't know if BN will score a hat trick, heck even Tun said lima puluh lima puluh aje.

my take on the elections:

batang ai - guarantee BN menang

bukit selambau - tough 1, weighing on BN at the moment

bukit gantang - it will either be PR or one of the independents


salam bro..
politik murahan, aiya lancing-lancing biasa la . penari india yang pompuan pun nampak pusat betul tak bro.

nizar gila ni dah takde maruah, even pas pun lebih teruk dan hampir menjadi pelacur politik..

nice posting, and bro...lepas menang 3-0 aku nak lancing-lancing !

Jared said...

my honest opinion...don't quite see the reason why we need sexy babes at a political function

Anonymous said...

Lets examine the facts vis a vis your allegations.

You linked the Elizabeth Wong scandal with immorality.

Now, it was a scandal because someone took naked pics of her without her knowledge.

Not because she was naked.

The fact is, she was naked in her own room, which the last time I checked, is not a crime. Anything else you try to imply is unfounded allegations, not based on facts.

The fact is, dressing sexyly is not unusual, as you rightly pointed out.

But a political party using sexy girls to attract people to their political ceramahs? Thats a completely different matter. In fact, unheard of!

And the Minister in charge of Islamic affairs trying to justify it by blaming it on "Chinese culture"?

Is he secretly campaigning for Ir.Nizar?

About your allegations that "news spread like wildfire that Arumugam had extra marital affairs.....",
you should not condone such rumours without evidence.

Your post contains lots of allegations with very little facts.

It is also apparent that you do not hold BN and PR by the same standard.

If the situation had been the other way round, I doubt you would have responded similarly.

Wei Liang Goh said...

Before you come with guns blazing at me, I suggest you do some reading.

Being naked in the room is not immoral.

But is sleeping with others without being married moral or immoral?

How can a woman be in a sarong sleeping on couch while there is another man in the room and she's at ease and comfortable with that fact?

The Minister is not secretly campaigning for Nizar. He is a Barisan Nasional man. He was cornered into making such a statement.

Also, my post does not contain allegations. The last time I checked, I remember either Anwar or Arumugam saying that the former ADUN himself brought this married woman to functions.

It was said that it is just some paperwork matter only.

This is not an allegation but the truth.

There are blogs who exposed it already.

Thank you.

Jimmy Tham said...

well~ in all fairness, the picture doesn't proofs her sleeping with the accused and it could be framed out of context althought this seems unlikely at this point. At the same time the court verdict is not out yet and it is widely believed the person who took the picture was there at the scene and the only suspect is a guy and as such, these are just all our assumption =)

rumours are, there are clips related to eli wong being circulated in public ala chua soi lek. getting interesting ni