Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nizar : Am I still the Perak MB? Not sure ...

When we run in Elections, we tell the people why they should vote for us. Should we do the same or should we adopt a different approach in Bukit Gantang?

In Permatang Pauh, Anwar Ibrahim used the "September 16 fever" to underline the fact that voting him will mean voting an incoming Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The September 16 Government, in the end, was just another fairytale.

Anwar is still not the PM of Malaysia now and he will not be one, at least until the 13th General Election.

Now, in Perak, the election machinery of Pakatan Rakyat is using a similar tactic.

Nizar is placed as the candidate in Bukit Gantang to be a measure of the people's feelings over the February 6 Perak BN Government.

There are also calls from the Pakatan Rakyat that if Nizar wins the by-election, the Royal Household should dissolve the State Assembly.

Note that I said "Royal Household" and not "Perak BN Government" because Nizar claimed in public that he is legally still the Menteri Besar of Perak.

Given such assumptions, he can still file a dissolution request again.

But if we look chronologically and rationally, I don't know if Nizar knows what he is doing or he is just as what others claim - a puppet of DAP (mostly lawyers).

Nizar & Co :
  • filed lawsuit to challenge the legality of Zambry and the BN Perak Government
  • questioned the Constitutional decision of the Perak Sultan
  • refused to return the state-owned Camry as he believe he is still the rightful MB
  • continues to hold State Exco meeting with Pakatan leaders to prove he is still MB
Since then,
  • the lawsuit has been thrown up and down from High Court to Federal Court and back to High Court.
  • Nizar has held just a few (if not one or two) State Exco meetings as gimmick. They are not heard of now.
In Bukit Gantang,
  • Nizar has declared in his nomination forms that he is ADUN of Pasir Panjang, not Menteri Besar of Perak

Next article will be a Nizar story of "100 kilometres". Facts will come (in response to the anonymous comment) on why Nizar and Pakatan Rakyat should be rejected.


Jimmy Tham said...

in a hypothetical scenario, what if nizar put his occupation as Perak MB and out of a blue someone before or after the nomination or by-election decided to sue him in court for misleading or accusing him of lying when the court has not decided yet or worse still EC reject bulat bulat..

Maybe he had given up on being a MB or maybe he sees things further ahad.

Anonymous said...

that's right. Since EC is a tool of the grubberment - once nizar states his occupation as MB - they will disqualify him on grounds of technicality.

we know how these BN machineries work.

Anonymous said...

I refer to "questioned the Constitutional decision of the Perak Sultan".

That is not true. I wrote somewhere in one of your other post that it was the AG's chambers that made the Sultan an issue. I gave a link to a Msiakini news report.

Also, withholding the consent of a dissolution of the assembly is within the constitutional right of the Sultan. No one disputes.

But sacking a sitting Menteri Besar? Is that valid especially without a vote of no-confidence? Ir.Nizar says he "begs to differ".

In fact, even Tun Dr.Mahathir has gone on record to say that its not right.

The fact is, Ir.Nizar, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Pas, DAP, PKR and Pakatan Rakyat in general, have gone to great pains to leave the Sultan out of the Perak constitutional crisis. This is despite Karpal Singh, Chairman of the DAP, said the Sultan should be challenged in court.

Even with legal basis, Pakatan Rakyat is trying their level best to leave the Sultan out of the fight with Zambry & Co.

This is clear to all. Not one bad word against the Sultan. All venom is directed at Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Zambry and BN.

Despite this, Zambry & Co seem hell bent to bring the Sultan in to make it seem that PR is fighting against the Sultan. Do they care that their bringing the Sultan into disrepute?

No. They are willing to use the Sultan in their political games like a pawn in a chess game. If this is not derhaka, I don't know what is.

On the matter of his ADUN declaration in his nomination form.

C'mon, is that the best that Zambry can come up with? Its so petty that I almost feel like helping Zambry campaign. I'm sure I can come up with something more substantive.

Anyway, Jimmy got it about right. If he put his occupation as MB, the Election Commission will disqualify him for making a false declaration!

Does Zambry really think that a highly intelligent and competent leader like Nizar is going to fall for that?

I'm sorry if I keep commenting on your posts unfavourably. I hope you don't take it negatively.

I like visiting your blog because its different from all the pro-opposition blogs out there.

Wei Liang Goh said...

Well, I dont know if you follow the news closely. But Nizar and Karpal really targetted the Sultan at first.

Until Anwar stepped in of course.

The lawsuits are claiming that Nizar is the rightful MB and that Zambry's Govt is illegal. This is directly questioning the Sultan's constitutional rights to decide on appointments and Government.

The vote of no confidence was carried out in the presence of the Sultan of Perak and the Regent in Istana Kinta.

28 BN ADUNs together with 3 Independent ADUNs had an audience with the Sultan of Perak to inform the Royal Household that Pakatan Rakyat does not command their confidence anymore.

The Constitution did not say that this had to be done in the Perak State Assembly, as far as I read and as far as I remember.

Legally, even Judge Chan's report agreed to it.

However, Judge Chan placed a benefit of bias on the part of the Sultan which encouraged him to say that the Sultan and BN was not right.

Leaving the bias part out, because anyone can say that the Sultan acted fairly too, the legality of the Sultan's decision is not questionable.

Neither is the BN Government. However, I disagree with the actions of the 3 ADUNs who betrayed the votes of the people that voted for the representative and the party.

I welcome all comments that are not emotionally charged.

Thank you.

Jimmy Tham said...

Isn't it great if everyone can just disagree once in awhile and embrace the differences like how colour are different yet each complement each other to make something so beautiful like a rainbow.

Personally I would prefer Nizar to back down and shut up and stop whining like a bitch who didn't get her flowers on the Valentine. Not like BN is gonna give in and kneel down with a bouquet of 1000 roses and beg for forgiveness, hell, i would have given her a bitch slap (ISA) her to show her who's the boss here. lol.

Corrupt or incorrupt is just a matter of perception, again, would you see a chinese custom of giving gift hampers and lavish gift to its customers (purchasers in the company in this case) during CNY as bribery? A verdict by the court, bad or good, we'll just have to live with it and rectify it trough changes in legislation. Whining, picketing, demonstrating will make no difference.


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