Monday, April 27, 2009

Bring Hilmi Malek Back On International Arrest

It has been a long time since the Elizabeth Wong nude pictures scandal surfaced. When that occured, we saw one of Malaysia's longest standing political dilemma in Selangor.

Having said that she was firm with her resignation as EXCO and ADUN Bukit Lanjan, the State Government and Selangor Pakatan Rakyat maintained their support for her to continue on.

She was subsequently ordered by Anwar Ibrahim and the Selangor leadership to take a break from her work on 17th February 2009.

It was reported that Elizabeth Wong departed to Indonesia to stay away from the media spotlight.

Coincidentally, Hilmi Malek, who is the person said to be involved in the nude pictures scandal, was reported to be in Indonesia as well.

Hilmi Malek, a former aide of YB Hee Loy Sian (PKR), is still in Indonesia at this moment. The case seems to be closed with the return of Elizabeth Wong to work on 16th April 2009.

The break which she took was approximately 58 days, one of the longest holiday a serving Executive member has ever taken.

The public must remember that Hilmi Malek has broken the law and the Police must be pressured to bring Hilmi back to Malaysia.

If investigations show that Hilmi is guilty, he can be charged not only in the civil Court but also the Syariah Court for un-Islamic relationship and pictures.

I am not sure if Malaysia has extradiction powers in Indonesia or not. If they do, Hilmi Malek can be arrested by the Indonesian police and handed over to Malaysia for further investigations and charges.

When the case first broke out, MPs like R Sivarasa, Nuridah Mohd Salleh and Anwar Ibrahim slammed and accused Barisan Nasional for playing gutter politics and tarnishing the images of Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

After investigations revealed that the "camera man" was from within PKR and a former aide of a PKR MP, the media was warned not to report about Elizabeth Wong's case anymore by Tian Chua.

Till today, no formal apology has been provided after Pakatan Rakyat leaders orchestrated a wave of attacks on Barisan Nasional with conspiracy theories over the nude pix scandal.

Instead of putting orders to arrest Hilmi Malek at all checkpoints, why aren't we considering an extradiction against Hilmi Malek just like how we thought about using this for Namewee?

Bring Hilmi Malek back on international arrest warrant !

UPDATED 11.09pm
There is a website PahangDaily that wrote about Hilmi Malek. A lot of stories written HERE but I don't know how many percent of it is true.

According to this website, Hilmi Malek is in his house now in Ampang and he wasn't even arrested at the airport. Perhaps the Police should either investigate the claim or check out the Pahang Daily blogger.

This is the same blog which is in a defamation lawsuit though. So, be warned about the facts there.

(Credits to BBC, , AFP, NST, The Star and Malaysiakini for the photos)


Anonymous said...

I do not think PKR wants Hilmi to come back.PKR knows fully well that the police is going to beat this guy up and he will confess to all other unknown to public stories about him and Eli and about Eli with others.

All this talk of wanting Hilmi to come back is only sandiwara Anwar the legend and the best sandiwara politician malaysian ever had.Second best is RPK of course.

PKR,pray Hilmi never come back!

genesispassion said...


Anonymous said...

If case goes to court,all of Eli's secrets will come out.That is why Helmi is being hidden .

Anonymous said...

I am not opposition supporter nor am I a BN supporter. But you did right in pointing out that PKR people were too quick to pin the blame on BN.

Maybe it was just a simple case of gf-bf thing.

Same thing with the ruckus abt the Indon model and the royal. Understandable if Indons went on Msia-bashing spree. But here, we have our own bloggers linking it to Najib ("Najib, where's Manohara?") C4ed?? "Satu lagi episod yg memalukan"... and so on.
We don't even know head or tail of this and there they go condemning.
And the lady has emerged at a football match and a wedding. So how now?
We talk so much for freedom of speech, but it must come with responsibilty.