Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nizar Jamaluddin - The 100km Story

From Pasir Panjang to Bukit Gantang, the estimated distance is approximately 100 km.

Traditionally, when a candidate runs for election to be an ADUN and MP to serve the people for the same term, the constituency will usually be in the same area.

This time, the people must consider carefully in Bukit Gantang and not let emotions or irrationality poison our minds.

When we elect a representative of the people, we must see what the representative can do for our area, the State and the country.

YB Nizar is already an elected representative of Pasir Panjang. Given that he is no longer in Government executive service, he has plenty of time to serve DUN Pasir Panjang.

However, is Nizar spending his time with the people or is he busy with his politics in Ipoh, the capital of Perak?

It is said that Nizar currently resides in Sungai Rokam, Perak. Where exactly is Sungai Rokam? Sungai Rokam is a small town in between Simpang Pulai and Ipoh.

Now let us test the distance factor if Nizar is elected as MP Bukit Gantang in addition to his current official position as ADUN Pasir Panjang.

I will leave his Menteri Besar post aside because he claimed in Court and in public he is the official and legal MB but when he filled in his nominations form for Bukit Gantang election, he merely declared he is ADUN Pasir Panjang.

So, I interpret it as he is guiding the rakyat to hold their keris and swords to rise as the modern day Hang Jebat for him while he silently and privately hides behind the curtain.

Anyway, back to the distance factor:

Pasir Panjang - Bukit Gantang : approx 100 km
Sungai Rokam - Bukit Gantang : approx 57 km
Sungai Rokam - Pasir Panjang : approx 81 km

So he is currently staying in Sungai Rokam. He is actually an ADUN for Pasir Panjang area. And now he wants Bukit Gantang to vote for him as MP.

Ask yourself this. Why am I casting a vote and whom do I want to vote for? After setting yourself a clear view of the reasons, then tell me.

Do you want him to be your elected representative? Alternative media such as Malaysiakini and pro Pakatan Rakyat bloggers should focus on this question.

Never mind that Nizar is not living in Pasir Panjang to be close to the people whom he promised to serve with excellence and distinction.

Now, he has called Sungai Rokam his home and he wants to be elected as the MP for Bukit Gantang, 100 km away from Pasir Panjang and 57km away from where he stays.

Can such a elected representative serve the people's needs and hear the grouses or suggestions from his constituents if he has 3 different locations attached to his family and job?

I doubt it. I welcome any comments from Perakians, especially Bukit Gantang residents.

Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, I am not sure if you read my open letter (Open letter to Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin).

My advice is simple. Jangan menang sorak kampung tergadai.

A safer and wiser choice for Bukit Gantang people will be to choose a local who can serve the constituency well, hopefully.

Undur LAH, Nizar !

(Credits to TheStar for the pictures. Measurement by GoogleMaps and I stand corrected)


Anonymous said...

Gosh..u r certainly under the spell of Barisan UMNO. Wake up dude!!

Educated rakyat will tell you that by placing MB at the nomination paper could get him expel or nominations UMNO will call for disagreement & whereelse UMNO rule country did not recognise his position & call it void.

Nizar is smart to place it as elected rep.


Wei Liang Goh said...

Well, opinions differ actually. What makes you right to support Pakatan and me on the wrong side if I support Barisan?

That is too much of a sweeping statement.

It is as though Pakatan is a religion where they are so holy and can never go wrong.

Barisan has their mistakes. But mistakes can be corrected.

You must be under a lot of misguided influences from Pakatan Rakyat.

We can share a lot on what I think of Pakatan. Email me if you would like to chat more privately.

I will be glad to have intellectual and academic arguments with you.

How do you explain about Nizar running for elections in Bukit Gantang, some 100km away from where he was elected to serve the people in Pasir Panjang, and 50 km away from his home?

That is a wrong move from Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

I like your latest posting.

Obviously I disagree with some points, but its refreshing. Not the same old same old that BN politicians spew.

Anyway your post got me thinking of BN's Nizar bashing.

In chronological order,

First they said, "Don't vote him! He derhaka!".

Thankfully the rakyat was not buying it especially since they felt there was something fundamentally wrong with the way BN came into power.

Then they said, "He puppet of the cousins! The DAP!". Supposedly because he gave out permanent land titles to poor Perakians which benefited loads of New Village Chinese.

"But hang on", Nizar said. "The permanent land titles was part of PAS and PKR's manifesto. Not DAP!"

"Alamak",said BN. "How now la?"

Then BN unleashed their creativity.

Nizar put his occupation as ADUN in the nomination form.

Gotcha now Nizar!

That didnt work not least because, IF he had put MB in the form, it would have given the perfect reason to disqualify him!

Also, it was too petty for the rakyat to bother.

Anyway, if he had put MB on the form, that would have been stupid. I myself would start campaigning for BN because I wont be able to forgive him!

Then here comes the climax (as of day 5 that is).

"Nizar grabbed the mike from the imam ! He power crazy!"

Whoa! Is that true?

Apparently not. The imam invited Nizar to give a takzirah in the masjid. He passed the mike to Nizar!

Imagine! Imam invites Nizar to speak in front of Zambry, Muhyiddin and others in the masjid! How embarrassing.

BN needs to come with something more substantive that will convince Perakians not to vote Nizar.

Say evidence that Nizar is corrupt or abused his power or incompetency or lapse in moral judgement.

Something like that.

Wei Liang Goh said...

Well, actually if you follow the news closely, Pakatan Perak does not deserve the people's support.

Everyone is saying about democracy, corruption free etc.

In Perak, it was promised that there will be local council elections. Only one constituency area did it, which was run by an ADUN and a MP.

The State Government warned everyone that they will appoint, and not elect.

Whether or not the permanent land titles were in the manifesto of PAS and PKR, you and I cannot confirm.

We must be given the benefit of doubt not to trust him.

Also, do you realise that two ADUNs who were caught red handed for corruption and sexual bribes remain as ADUNs in the State Assembly?

And coincidentally, these two ADUNs were EXCO of Perak until the Pakatan Government tumbled.

Of course you can argue that innocent until proven guilty.

Then what if one day they are proven guilty?

Wont that make the Pakatan Government's decision in Perak corruption tainted?

That's bad.

I heard that there are 3 factions in DAP itself in Perak.

One is a group under Ipoh Barat MP, another under Batu Gajah MP and of course the third and most powerful faction is the Cousins group.

The Cousins in Perak are disgraceful I feel. They almost caused a heavily supported Batu Gajah MP to quit.

It was said that the elder cousin wanted to put the younger cousin to contest there because it is a safe seat for DAP.


There are many more stories about the cousins which you don't know.

Thank you for the comments.

Ahmad Amzar said...

Come on,the event at the mosque was organized by BN. I think it's the Imam who should be blamed in the first place

Ahmad Amzar said...

Come on,the event at the mosque was organized by BN. I think it's the Imam who should be blamed in the first place

Jimmy Tham said...

lol~ it's getting funnier by the day (in term of comments you received friend).

wouldn't it be good if anonymous can just reveal themselves and not just comment behind a veil of invisibility.

I don't know if I'm to agree or not with this post but labelling my friend outright as BN supporter or whatever name you call him is simply too much to stomach.

If BN can appoint some1 who has distance problem as Nizar in the previous KT by election (that dude is a ADUN and if he had had won the KT by election he would be a MP as well) and Najib who is seen as MP of Pekan can function effectively when he has his istana at putrajaya, I don't see why Nizar can't do it.

Nizar bank on the recent power grab of Perak as his manifesto and portray himself as an underdog (hey, who doesn't likes supporting an underdog and sees him come through) while BN tries portray themselves as agent of development so I don't see any wrong in Nizar fishing for vote as a mean of referendom to the Perak fiasco, or in your words, making the sultan lose face.

Well, the people can still spread their vote among the independents to show their displeasure on how BN and PR has been acting lately and as such you can see the pundits and illegal bet takers having a big headache on coming up with the odds this time lol.

This is democracy, it has its flaws and it puts Hitler into power, but I believe it's probably the best choice we have now.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Nice one Bro. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 a.k.a PoorIpohGuy, If you don't like the message, don't shoot the messenger!

About local council elections, its only been 1 year. Relax. Pakatan promised to do it before the next GE. Its been 40 years that BN took it away. Scold them la.

About land titles and manifestos, Nizar claimed as much in an interview with Msiakini. If he lied, IF...., then go research the manifestos and call him a liar. Then BN can win.

About the 2 ADUNs, they are now in cahoots with Zambry and BN! Even Tun Dr.Mahathir was not happy with DS Najib Razak for accepting them. All the more reason to support Nizar now.

About hearing "that there are 3 factions in DAP itself in Perak." and your other allegations,

So what? Dont tell me UMNO,MCA,PKR,PAS etc don't have factions and internal politics?
Normal la.

Ahmad Amzar, event in mosque organised by BN? That means BN was campaigning in a mosque!
Breaking election rules. Haiz, why am I not suprised?

Jimmy, can't reveal coz afraid get charged by police. Special Branch scares the hell out of me. I admit, I'm a little chicken.

Anonymous 2

BREAKING NEWS !!!!!! said...




Jeffry said...




Wei Liang Goh said...

Haha. Tak boleh pandu F1 Nizar ni. Sebab nanti kalo kena saman, dia kata konspirasi pula.

Sudah tentu dia akan kata BN tak bagi dia berjumpa dan berkhidmat untuk rakyat.

Go ahead and use this article bro.

Jimmy Tham said...

lol~ MR anonymous, it's not like SB couldn't get their hand on your IP address and do a backward triangulation through the ISPs in msia =) You might as well just reveal your name altogether.

Breaking News,

All you could show was a picture with a side view of a person or perhaps a back glimpse of a person's back and you claimed it is saifuddin, I don't really know who that waler chia is or if he is really walter chia. If you do have a better pic, show us more. Not that I'm a bias or anything, I don't agree with that nazri smear campaign altogether and I don't think those pictures are real. He would be doing it in a mansion instead of a rundown room like those. lol.

CommonerNinetyNine said...

Dear Wei Liang / Jimmy Tham,

I envy your patient because I don't have such thing anymore :-)

I'm 'surrounded' by people whom like MR anonymous 'up' there. After years of talking to them, I find it pointless to continue because of one major reason, their sincerity in dealing with issues.

There are 3 types of PR supporters that I'm with daily:

Type 1 : hard-core - they express straight that they support PR no matter what;

Type 2 : silencer - they will not let you 'dive' into an issue by letting you show up your points, i.e. when you start, they will go or change topic or do anything interrupting;

Type 3 : under-cover - they will 'agree' with you in anything, but they will periodically and constantly plant 'negative thoughts' about BN without giving concrete proof, not even rough proof;

Although of different types, they have the similarity of "PR is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT and BN is ABSOLUTELY WRONG".

How can you deal issues with people like this? I might as well read your blog :-P

p/s: About Wei Liang's "...I will be glad to have intellectual and academic arguments with you...", I personally don't think they are interested because most of them are 'bankrupt' of ideas, rationale and most of all, sincerity.

CommonerNinetyNine said...

About "...If you don't like the message, don't shoot the messenger...", although no name given, just an "Anonymous", but the PR 'signature' is very clear: NOT WALK THE TALK!

If you don't like Wei Liang's message, don't 'shoot' him. Can you? Of course not! How to become PR supporter like that!

Anonymous said...

Some Parti Keadilan Rakyat Supporters claimed the same old remark "They don't trust the party anymore" when walked out from the party.

When Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim formed PKR, for sure, i knew this guy could not be trusted.Funny enough,it took some times / years for those supporters to know this.

What did he do to the poor Malays in Permatang Pauh ? .I remembered when he first took the post of TPM ; be an Imam for Friday prayer, using bombastic words in his speech; all for the sake of public impression ! . You don't any intellectuality to judge what's PKR agenda for the country-rubbish !

Ex-Pakatan Rakyat supporter said...

After one full year, one can easily conclude the objective of Phakatan Rakyat , expecially those from Keadilan.

They are just power crazy, make sure Anwar Ibrahim to be the PM by hook or crook and at all expense even to renege their promises made during the election.

Look at Penang, remember Lim Guan Eng promise asset declaration, local council election? What happen now? He condemn people who critize him eg the recent Tiger Park scandal, he banned NST ! Press freedom? :) wakakakakak

Nizar has tasted blood, surely he cannot let go all those sweetness he tasted. He initially say he will leave the decsion on dissolution to Sultan Azlan. But when Sultan does not give a favorable response, he ridicule the Sultan!! Is this Islamic?

You disobey the Sultan decision mean you protest and yet dare not admit you derhaka!!!! If this is not power crazy what shall it be? Imam?

Anonymous said...

So what - it's only 100km wat

Nizar is a vely good driver in his Kamry. He can do the distance in 1 or 2 hour lah.

don't be tu lan lah with this silly excuse not to vote just because he is 100km away.

Anyway what has BN done for bukit gantang in 50 years? nothing

what has BN done for batang ai in 50 years? nothing

BN has done nothing for bukits and batangs.

Malaysia is run by mamaks btw.

Encik Batang-Lebar

Anonymous said...

mangkuk nizar ni penipu. open this link and search for "Nizar". you won't find his name registered in the list. as this is the Board of Engineers Malaysia official website....ahh just think!

sorri to be anon. aku mls nk register nk login