Monday, April 06, 2009

1 Malaysia, 1 Dream - Shattered by 1 Man

Dear readers, I am already very tired of punching in some sense into everyone’s head. I am running out of breath in trying to protect the future of my country.

Not many appreciate what Malaysians have achieved.

Have we forgotten
how we always belittle Malaysia’s financial systems and how we compare our finances or reserves with those from developed countries like Singapore, Japan, United States of America and United Kingdom?

To think that Malaysians can march ahead stronger without drowning in the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 when many Asian countries were humbled to their feet, I say,
“What a mighty ant we are!”

To think that we Malaysians are actually riding through the global financial meltdown without much harm while the once idolized Americans are scrambling to shatter the models of free market, I say “Malaysians, we are strong!”

Yes, of course many Malaysians cannot afford to buy
Louis Vuitton or a Prada like those in the West.

Yet, many of those in the middle class have multiple properties and stocks. People who are rich can have yacht, private jets, helicopters and posh properties. The less fortunate, no matter what, make a decent living with a shelter above their heads.

Yes Malaysians, we progress. We dream of being a democratic, liberal, modern and developed country.

Nothing is more important than these essentials that constitute the basic foundations of human life.

But Malaysians, I sound a warning to you. These do not come over night. Those that come rapidly, will slip away from our hands swiftly too.

We need to
take steps to progress and not leaps for the latter will make you slip and fall someday.

Malaysians, I call for your time to ponder.

The time has come for us to decide whether or not we want English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.

Today, we can see that two political forces in our country adopted opposing views on this matter.

tells us that English is an important step forward for the sake of education and development of our country while protecting the history and cultural identity of the many languages in our society.

Another tells us that the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English should not be accepted and we should revert to continue our learning in the respective mother tongue languages of the various races in Malaysia.

Malaysians, let me hear your voice and let this blog post circulate across Malaysia whether or not you agree or disagree with me.

We have an urgent case in front of you and let
1 Malaysia hear you that you place your support for progress and development. [Embrace English, says Najib]

Let the man who sings different tune to different crowds know that he is wrong

The youths of today and my elders, I plead before you not to send my country into oblivion.

Malaysians, we stand a chance today to decide how we want to chart the country which we love dearly and hold close to our hearts, our sweat, our blood and our tears all these while for 52 years.

Show me the force which you showed to the world in your fight for democracy, human rights and justice.

Do not be silent anymore. Progress should not be selective but a blanket that covers all areas.

The country must continue to make progressive changes and not be played by emotions or irrationality. [Pakatan employs' science & maths weapon]

Let us provide the innocent and dear children in our family, our neighbourhood and our country with the best that we can.

We shall handover a country that stands in the eyes of the world to them someday, and not a country destroyed by political clashes and greed for power.

Malaysians, A PIECE OF MY MIND await your voice.

p/s: Past this on to others if you care for our country. Let our voices be heard!

(Credits to Malaysiakini, Destination 360, KUL, Agendadaily, TravellersWorldwide, Telegraph and Screenshots for the photos)


Jimmy Tham said...

I think a lot of them do appreciate but the reason they cite US as a possible model to look at is because they want to strive for more and a better life. That's the can do spirit we should nurtured and not belittle.

Lest we forget how US stand back up after the great depression and for every recession they endured, they came back stronger. Their model might not be perfect but even having this sort of recession that dent their growth rate now, it has served them well in the past and make them what they are today. Even if their GDP contracted by 5% this year while Malaysia contracted by just 1 or 2%, they are still well off than us relatively, of course this is from GDP per capita point of view while one could argue they have higher unemployment rate.

But I very much agree that changes has to come but at an acceptable pace lest we want to experience what had be fall on the Russians when they opened up their economy post cold war.

And a very strong yes, Anwar is just a cock-teaser who plays different script to different crowd. I simply don't agree with that policy. I would prefer Malaysians who are bilingual and capable. But 1 flawed policy doesn't means he's doomed to oblivion or the rest of his policies are the same, we don't chuck the baby away along with the bath water.

Personally, I would prefer Najib than Anwar. At least Najib hasn't show his dumb economic 101 policy like Anwar did. All he could do was harp on Altantuya and doesn't comes up with a credible blueprint for economic transformation. Heck, even Bellusconi has multitude scandals and you could google a youtube of him groping a usher's bum but he doesn't resort to C4 to "take care" of the usher nor he had the aircraft carrier contract passed to his trusted "adviser".

Politicians are there for pesonal gain be it Anwar or Najib. But Mao once said, be it a black or white cat, as long as it catches the mouse it is a good cat. Go fucking deliver and people will vote for you.

Cucu Tok Selampit said...

I am with you my dear friend.

Khairul Rizal Osman.

Jeffry said...


Jimmy Tham said...

having a real headache now and it doesn't seems to be getting better any soon. am gonna head to bed soon. damn the pizza. cibai.

apparently the opposition has got themselves the 2 bukit, which i always refer to as the boobs and BN, they retained their manhood too so I see it as a win win situation.

Just curious, when oppositions claimed to have caught on so many buses ferrying these phantom voters (whom they claimed are ordinary UMNO members ferried form other states to vote for BN), why hasn't anyone from those "phantom voters" come out and reveal anything? surely if it has been happening for a long time like what they PR claimed, someone would have leaked out some undeniable proof or sort.

CommonerNinetyNine said...

The political mindsets of the current generation of voters, especially the younger voters, are very different from those generation of pre-2004 era.

Voters in the past tend to weight more on the performance of BN. So when there were unsatisfactory policies or personalities, changes or adjustments to the cause of the problems would normally retain the support of the voters.

The current generation of voters are different, when they say they want change, they are not talking about changes or adjustments to unsatisfactory policies or personalities, they are talking about changing the ruling of BN. They do not care how much changes or adjustments are being done, or planned to be done, they just want a change of the ruling political parties. They are banking on the idea of the opposition parties have never been given chances to rule before, how can we judge them! And they think 50+ years for BN is too enough, and they say BN has failed them, it is time to change! So what I personally see is that they want change, for the sake of change!

After having opportunities to mix with people of this current generation of voters, I personally think that talking about political policies to this kind of mindsets does not help at all because they are mostly having the perception of BN is absolutely wrong and PR is absolutely right. Even a slight mentioning of certain BN policies are good will straight away turn eyes and will get labelled traitor, and a slight doubting of certain PR policies will get labelled political spy!

Is there any other possible strategies in dealing with this kind of voters? There will be another 6 millions new voters in the coming GE and I personally believe most of them are of this kind. Should we surrendar? Or till the last ‘blood’!

Wei Liang Goh said...

At times when I read other blogs that are not in line with my ideologies, I find them very offensive as those sites are always filled with foul languages or profanities.

Very sad indeed that Malaysians were supposed to be an e-community bubt we have evolved into a intellectually impaired society.

Anyway, my concern now is the education of the youths.

As a youth myself, I have been through the education system of Malaysia. I have learnt even the Chinese language in primary, been through A Levels and STPM (both of which I didn't quite like) and finally got a scholarship to do South Australian Matriculation.

I have studied in UiTM (yes the Mara University) for my preparatory overseas scholarship under JPA. And I have been in Australia for the past 3 years.

I am worried when I read the way Pakatan will adopt the education policies. The leaders seem to be heading towards the mother tongue system. When Barisan leaders talk about these, they get crucified.

When Pakatan does that, their blogs and alternative media silenced them.

So now, I hope there are more and more people who can show to the public the videos and comments of the leaders that they support.

Especially this link.

If people, you all care, send this blog link to all. Your family, children, your colleagues or your loved ones.

Show them what a 23 year old youth is thinking and what the politicians of today have to offer.

I thank you in advance. said...


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Jimmy Tham said...

=) wei liang, you might wanna ask mister for commission if he gets a client through your blog.

I agree with hin thou. PR and political marketing is the way to go like what other developed countries are experiencing. Politicians might be good with playing politics and throwing tantrum in parliament, but seriously, they need to buck up on their damage control. Rumours are, Anwar has help from external forces ie campaign manager and political consultant from the states, these are just unconfirmed rumours though.

I wonder how credible this guy is going to be and what are his charges like. Any1 familiar with the story of first qin dynasty? how a businessman are rewarded with the position of prime minister shall his client succeeded in wresting control of the throne and went on to become the 1st emperor of china?

But I doubt his service will be needed when BN has the like of Abdul Razak Baginda.

Has BN went back to drawing board and restrategise? I don't think so. All they did was just trying to attack the personality of Anwar and his credibility. It would be wiser for BN to pick their battle and force Anwar to play game BN's way. When Anwar criticised the second stimulus plan, invite him for open debate and force him to name his shadow finance minister and unveil the PR's brand of stimulus plan. Tear his credibility through the smart way and show the people who knows Economic 101 better. I don't charge for this advice like what the consultant in previous post did. =)