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The Unique Malaysians - 2

TheStar - Lorry protest creates a jam

Allow me to quote some parts of this article.

1. “We received information from the public that many roads are damaged due to overloaded lorries,”.

2. Leow urged the Government to increase the vehicle’s load weight by 30% to help ease their burden following a drop in business due to the economic downturn.

This is ridiculous. When the Government tries to improve the system and care for our roads, Malaysians object.

These lorry drivers are telling the Government to allow them to overload. In other words, "Eh the roads get damaged, why would I care? I need to cari makan!".

Then when the General Elections come, we will all say, "What for I vote for you? Look at our roads. All rosak!".

Having said that, we have to note here that the international standards are 11 tonnes, while in Johor the permitted OTR weight is 10 tonnes.

The association must understand that not all of our roads can withstand such weight. If we continue to allow the drivers to damage the roads, that is unacceptable.

Both the industrial sector and the Government must ensure that the roads are of good quality and cared for, and lorry weights follow the regulations set by the Government.

There has to be law and order.

Look at Australia. Heavy vehicles are required by law to past through a weight sensor while driving at highways, motorways and freeways.

Any heavy vehicle that overloads will face the law. Since the weighing station is a detour off the main highway (like a toll rest area style in Malaysia), some have tried to skip it but there are sufficient CCTVs around to ensure everyone follows the law and those who don't will face the music.

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TheStar - Hisham: Ministry in no hurry to make decision

In this article, I quote:

"There is no rush to make a decision on whether the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English should continue or revert to Bahasa Malaysia."

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said any change could only be implemented next year.

Among the organizations fighting for the deregulation of Science and Mathematics in English are GAPENA and Dong Jiao Zong. To GAPENA, please read Tun Dr Mahathir's opinion

I am sure after reading that, GAPENA will understand why the Malay language is not under threat if Science and Mathematics are taught in English.

As for Dong Jiao Zong, the leaders and committee must understand that even China is learning English.

Look at the Chinese students from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They are going out to British, American and Australian universities to gain extensive knowledge.

Thesis, publications and journals in the world are in English, not Chinese. If Dong Jiao Zong cares so much for the Chinese language, why not promote it in other ways and make it attractive?

The old China-men methods of Dong Jiao Zong are not effective anymore. Do some statistics for questions like

  1. How many of the Chinese are drop outs of Chinese schools?
  2. How many of the Chinese school leavers go for a Chinese university of college?
  3. What are the percentage of Malaysian Chinese attending a English based university, a Malay language based university and a Chinese language based university?
If the Chinese language can really change the world of astronomy, geology, engineering and economics, why aren't there more and more students going to China and Taiwan?

There must be something wrong somewhere then because as far as I know, I see a consistent growth of interest among Malaysian Chinese students to further their studies in Malaysian, British, Australian and American universities.

Get your figures.

I am not against the Chinese language. We all still speak and learn the Chinese language.

This is not a case of making the Chinese language in schools illegal or not. The language studies stay on in schools, colleges and universities. This is a matter about progress of the voice of tomorrow.

We can protect and maintain the Chinese language and culture through many other means. But there has to be a limit. Knowledge these days are not acquired through Chinese but English.

The Malays are already opening up their conservative mindsets and get themselves exposed to the English world. Is Dong Jiao Zong bringing us to oblivion? Listening to Namewee's latest video - The ABC Time of Teacher Khoo - is enough said, although a little harsh.

A PIECE OF MY MIND strongly urge Malaysians from all walks of life and the Malaysian Government to ignore the demands of Dong Jiao Zong, GAPENA and the other organizations. Be strong for the future of youths and children of tomorrow.

The leaders of today in these organizations are the voices of today that decide the future of the voice of tomorrow. Can we trust them to make proper inter-generational issues?

The future of the voice of tomorrow is at stake. I cry for you, Malaysia.

Links to read:

  1. Teaching of Science and Maths in English
  2. Seven proposals on teaching Math and Science in English
  3. Malaysia's disastrous showing in TIMSS 2007

Note : According to YB Lim Kit Siang, Malaysia fared terribly in TIMSS 2007 although we achieved outstanding results in 2003. Malaysia's hold on Science and Mathematics globally in English is declining. Are the leaders of today in GAPENA and DJZ trying to make us slide down further?

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