Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I received the following comment today from a reader:

Hi Goh,

I admire your sense of nationalism. While malaysian skeptics are are abundant, government optimists (Mahathir's government that is, not the present Pak Lah's, which in my opinion is a weak one and is the cause of our nation's demise on the global map) are few, it is really rare to find a malaysian chinese, despite the claimed injustices of the affirmative action between bumiputra and non-bumiputra, who still believes that malaysia does have its future as a great nation.

It shall be the day as wished by TDM, that the malays can make do without our artificial assistance one day and racial disparity shall blur among us, allowing us to compete on the global front as malaysians. That by preserving our separate cultures with inter-belief respect and tolerance.

That was Vision 2020.

Your point of views make me believe again that racial harmony through rational tolerance still can be achieved.

I concur your views on Proton. The initial intention was noble, although i think we had missed the boat during late 80's when the auto industry was still undominated by the few great manufacturers that we have today.

It was due to our contract obligations to Mitsubishi, but we could have done like the Koreans and be aggressive in our internal RND and expansions.

Alas, Proton was too comfortable in its protective nest and it was only in 1996 that it tried to develop its RND and design its own cars. By then the more established car manufacturers have already a stable of patents and models that flooded the global market.

There is still a chance though, even the US manufacturers are consolidating with the current state of economy.

If our corporate leaders of the auto and oil and gas industry play the card right and take calculated risks, malaysia which is least impacted by the sub-prime recession (thanks to the prudence of Bank Negara, a value inherited from the 1998 era), can emerge as worthy producer of certain high end industries.

I am optimistic as you are for malaysia's future. It comes to reducing the weaknesses that we currently have in our systems, which lies in education and social balance.

wow, i think i'll stop here. I've put you on my RSS. Please don't stop blogging. And I hope to see you on the political front one day, we still have a shot. We'll build a better malaysia for all.

Remember my cyber name, i'll be your ardent supporter.

written by: river


Thank you for the comments. Honestly, comments like this motivate me to continue my passion and love for my country, Malaysia.

At times, reading the newspaper reports and hearing opinions from friends and relatives who condemn Malaysia dampen my spirits not only in blogging but also in my ambitions to turn Malaysia into a place everyone calls HOME.

I have been a blogger for less than 3 years. I will continue on as a blogger and soon, as an Economist in the public sector, and hopefully someday in the future, I will be in the frontline to serve my people and my country.

Any new readers of this blog (given the recent publicity in RTM...haha), my older entries can be accessed from the sidebar of this blog.

Thank you.

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shuey said...

Another ardent supporter for you.
It's good to know that many still believe in Malaysia. =)