Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Different Perspective

I refer to a blog I came across a few minutes ago. I left a comment and hope that the blogger is impartial and publishes my comments, although not in line with his ideology and perspective.

Please read: Kugan's Death is a Racial Issue!

I do not agree with certain views and I will use APOMM to say a few words, just in case my comment at your blog is not published.

"SK Devamany is trying to cover up Kugan's issue, he is indirectly denying that MIC is not responsible for Kugan's death and previously reported 80 cases as well."

APOMM: Sir, an accusation of YB Devamany trying to cover up the Kugan issue could land you in hot soup. Be responsible with your comments.

I would like to state again that there are 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians although their population not more than 10 %. What else need to prove you that its a racial issue?

APOMM: I do not know where your statistics came from. I wonder if it is accurate. Anyway, no matter what the figures are, it should not be generalised as a racial issue.

Instead, the cause for you to fight for justice should be the brutality of the individual policemen who ILLEGALLY bashed those in custody. It should be justice, not racial politics. It should be a crime case of individuals, not the police as a whole.

The Police do not have blueprints to kill Indians. Keep that in mind.

Pakatan's Indian MPs striving very hard to help Kugan to get justice, but he is good for nothing and only able to blame others. In this case I'm not intend to support any party politics but I would like to praise Pakatan leaders for their sincerity in upholding Malaysians rights and justice.

APOMM: This will be a long one. Pakatan Indian MPs are striving hard to protect Kugan? That is true. So are the MPs from MIC, MCA and UMNO with Pak Lah and Najib giving directives to the Police to be open with their investigations.

I am not a big fan of Samy Vellu, but another side of my mind is wondering how do Indians feel under Pakatan Rakyat MPs, ADUNs and State Governments.

The Malaysian Indians should ask if they are having better quality of life, opportunities, wealth, education and healthcare under the soon to be 1 year old Pakatan led State Governments in Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Kedah, and Selangor?

As far as I gather from the newspapers and blogs, opportunities seem to be siding with the Malaysian Chinese in Perak. Concessions and opportunities are very much accessible by the non Malaysian Indians in the Pakatan led states.

Where are the Malaysian Indians standing then?

Ask Hindraf's Chairperson to bring his fortune home to Malaysia. Tell him to create organizations, scholarships, welfare homes and provide healthcare as well as assistance in any manner required by the Malaysian Indians.

That he should do, instead of touring around the world where leaders from India, United States and Britain will only shake his hand and tell him "Oh, is that so? I see".

MIC, although they have problems in Barisan Nasional and in Maika Holdings, I have to say that they are helping the Indians quite well.

The number of Malaysian Indian graduates, professionals, scholarships and university entrance seats have grown considerably well over the past few years.

AIMST now provide the opportunities for all Malaysians especially the Indian community to further their studies.

The scholarships from various Government agencies and NGOs are also provided for the Malaysian Indians - be it based on quota or meritocracy.

MIC of course needs to rebrand itself at the very top post. Someone must go. Any hanky-panky matters in MIC must also be cleansed and MIC should care more for the people's welfare.

Contributions of MIC should not be wiped off. Jasa patut dikenang. Ambil yang baik, buang yang tidak.

If the welfare and opportunites of the Malaysian Indians are not provided well enough, perhaps the Malaysian leaders should look into this matter - be it Anwar Ibrahim, Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional.

As a personal suggestion, Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat should go to the ground and listen to Malaysians from all walks of life.

Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians who must maintain peace and harmony in a multiracial society.

(Credits to Malaysiakini, AIMST, Bernama, PMO, and PDRM for the photos)

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