Tuesday, January 27, 2009


PKR 'berkampung' pujuk ADUN

"Mereka guna hujah ini untuk pujuk rayu kami, kononnya mahu Melayu yang dominan seterusnya mengimbangi kekuatan DAP di Perak. "Sebenarnya mereka takut kehilangan dua wakil rakyat yang berdepan tuduhan rasuah dan oleh itu mereka berusaha mencari pengganti bagi mengembalikan kekuatan PKR dalam pakatan pembangkang," katanya.

Note: There are no statements from Pakatan Rakyat about the ethics of crossovers. Where are you, the lawyers in DAP? Where are you, the Muslim scholars of PAS? Are you all now Anwar's yes-men?

Khalid warns Khir Toyo of new 'revelations'

“Once the Officials Secrets Act (OSA) tag is removed from documents, the darkest secrets regarding the state opposition chief Dr Khir Mohd Toyo will come to light,” he said. Khalid said that things done by Dr Khir, which were worse, would be revealed in the Selangor State Assembly.

Note: The word 'worse' clearly is a confession from Khalid that he is bad - perhaps abuse of power, corruption, poor leadership - with Khir Toyo having more dirty linen.

Ampun Tuanku, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. Tuanku should summon Khir Toyo and Khalid Ibrahim to the Palace. Both leaders must leave politics gracefully and be open to investigations by MACC and PDRM.

Should we be happy or worried? Or just stay with tidak apa la.

It has a minimalist and modern interior with design cues from the Lotus subsidiary. However, very low quality of materials and fit and finish of interior components seriously hurt the public's perception of the quality of the vehicle at launch. Later models used improved quality materials and assistance from the TUV of Germany to help maintain the quality improvements.

Note: Proton from an engineering perspective. I didn't know Juara was actually a car model from Japan's Mitsubishi Town Box Wide.

(Credits to PhobiaCollaboration, Perak BN, Wikipedia and TheStar for the pictures)

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